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Radios sold at the Radio Attic in 2011

Here are the 1,345 radios sold in 2011 at the Radio Attic!

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Silvertone 4663 (1938)Emerson 117-LW Tombstone (1936)Silvertone 4429 Tombstone (1938)Air Castle 6510 (1937)Trav-Ler 730 (1937)Airline 62-325 (1939)Stewart-Warner 91-62 "Zephyr" (1938)International Kadette 56X (1937)Zenith 5-S-228 Tall Cube (1938)General Electric 62 Clock Radio (1948)
Philco 610 Tombstone (1936)Arborphone by Consolidated Radio Co. (1923)Zenith G723 (1950)Sonora RadioEmerson 507 (1946)Zenith 12-S-265 Robot Dial Console (1938)General Electric K-53M (1932)Westinghouse H-435T-5 (1955)General Electric J-71 (1941)FADA 740 (1947)
Zenith 705 (1934)Farnsworth GT-050 (1948)Monarch RE5-1-1 "Hi Fi Master"Zenith Zenette "LH" Cathedral (1931-1932)Hallicrafters S-41W "Skyrider Jr" (1945-46)Zenith 6-S-229 Replica by ThomasArvin 356T (1953)Crosley F5-TWE "Musical Chef" (1954)Westinghouse 556 (1938)General Electric "Blue Light Special" Radio
Westinghouse H540T4 Clock Radio (1955)Sentinel 332 (1949)Sylvania 540HA "Tune-Riser" Clock Radio (1951)Zenith 5D011W "ConsolTone" (1946)Crosley 10-136E "Dashboard" (1950)Stewart-Warner "Senior Varsity" (1939) (will paint your colors!)Philco KR5Clarion 100 (1946)Zenith 6-D-116 (1937)Sonora RQU-222 (about 1941)
Admiral 5F-31N Clock Radio (1952)Arvin 461T (1950)Unknown Tombstone Radio (1935)Zenith 12-S-453 Chairside (1940)Detrola CM3302 (1937)Midland Transistor Set 10-020M (early 70s)General Electric P1757 Pocket Transistor (1968)Western Air Patrol 487Philco PT-41 Transitone (1940)Arkay S5E (1947)
Bendix 110Silvertone 6550 (1946)RCA 1-BX79 Portable (1958)General Electric F-74 (1938)WACO Caribbean Cruiser Transistor (early 70s)Philco B711 Transitone Clock Radio (1953)General Electric M-62 Tombstone (1934)RCA 6-T2 Tombstone (1937)RCA X551 (1951)Airline 94BR-1525A (1949)
Silvertone 57K4619 Tombstone (1938)Zenith 8-S-129 Tombstone (1938)Stewart-Warner 1118 "Library" (1934)Hitachi TH-831 Pocket Transistor (1968)Coca-Cola Soda Box by Randix (1994)Zenith 5-S-29 Tombstone (1936)RCA 66X2 (1946)Silvertone 7179 (1937)Automatic 660Crosley 10-135 (1950)
Westinghouse WR12X8Bendix 0526E "Waterfall" (1946)Lifelong "Turntable" AM/FM RadioStewart-Warner 9001D (1946)Zenith 847 Console (1935)Grunow World Cruiser Tombstone (1934)Majestic 421 Battery Portable (1939-40)Arvin 540T (1951)G.I. Joe Transistor by Hasbro (1982)Emerson 108 Tombstone (1936)
RCA 66X11 (1947)Firestone 4-A-20 (1947)Crosley 66TC (1946)Emerson 439 (1942)Emerson RadioZenith 12-S-471 Console (1940)Crosley CR-9 Diner Juke Box RadioPhilco 40-130 (1940)Zenith T-723 AM/FM (1956)Philco 40-145 (1940)
Northern Electric 832 (1938)Philco 84 CathedralAtwater Kent 20C (1924)Bendix 0526E (1946)Airline Wood Table Radio (late 1940s)Belmont BRC-571 (1940)FADA 652 "Temple" Catalin (1946)Zenith 6-D-628 (1942)Truetone D-2211 (1942)Westinghouse RLA1082A Travel Clock/Radio
Silvertone 6230 (1939)Echophone S-4 CathedralUnited States Radio & TV 24 Cathedral (1931)Motorola 52X (1952)Streamliner ReplicaEmerson 779-B (1955)Marksman Tower Desk SetEmerson 547A Translucent (1947)Atwater Kent 545 Tombstone (1935)Telefunken Gavotte 1253 (1962)
Philco 84 Cathedral (1934)Zenith S-43497 (1959)Delco R1125 (1937)Tele-Tone 109 (1947)Zenith K731 Danish Modern (1963)Firestone 7398-1 (1941)Sylvania "Catalina" Portable (1953)Zenith 10-S-452 ChairsideZenith 5-S-218 "Cube" (1938)Federal 1040-TB (1947)
Motorola C15-JKSilvertone 4764 (1940)Pet Milk Novelty PC-1Packard-Bell 5R1 (1957)Zenith H511W (1951)Siemens Schatulle H-42 (1955)Philco T500-124 Pocket Transistor (1957)Silvertone 212 Pocket Transistor (1959)Sony TR-630 Pocket Transistor (1963)Emerson 729, Series B
Arvin 2584 (1959)RCA 65X2 (1946)Airline 14WG-158Emerson 522WCandle PTR83 Transistor (1963)Toshiba 7TP30 Transistor w/Case (1962)Americana ST-6Z Transistor w/Case (1962)Westinghouse H598P4 Portable (1957)Motorola 52L2A Portable (1953)Viking 599 (1926)
Admiral 5R11-NAlco Radio with BoxRegal Radio (1947)Philco 90 Cathedral (1931)Emerson Radio (1940s?)Zenith 5-D-627 (1942)Emerson 833Emerson 511 Plaskon (1947)Crosley 11-101U "Dynamic Bullseye" (1951)RCA Victor 46X12 (1940)
Westinghouse WR102-A (1936)Zenith Royal 50L Transistor (1962)Sony TFM-850WEmerson 570 "Momento" (1949)Airline 04WG673B (1940)Crosley 1-H "The Playboy" CathedralSentinel 343Zenith C845 AM/FM (1963)General Electric 402 (1950)Sentinel 1U352 (1956)
FADA 1000 Catalin (1946)Stanbrooke Tape Recorder (1960?)Zenith R511-F "Broadway" (1954)Emerson Radio with AX 212 Chassis (1938)Silvertone 3311 "Candy Cane" (1940)Knight Kit RadioPhilco Cathedral 60B (1936)General Electric 220 (1946)Sonora WJU-252 (1947)Super Jet Fighter F-125
Stewart-Warner A51T3 "Air Pal" (1947)Westinghouse H-598P4 Portable (1957)RCA Victor 5-T TombstoneStellarsonic Little John Radio (1970)Electone by Northeastern Ent.Telefunken Opus 6, US Version (1956)Westinghouse RC Regenerative Receiver & AmplifierDetrola 134-B (1939)Stromberg-Carlson 225H (1936)Truetone Radio
Majestic "Charlie McCarthy" Model 1 Novelty (1939)Truetone D-2815 (1948)RCA 9-BX56 Portable (1949)Emerson CV-295, Ingraham Cabinet (1939)Emerson EP-381 (1941)Coke Vending Machine AM/FM RadioZenith Royal 300 (1957)Atwater Kent H Horn SpeakerZenith Royal 900 (1959)Detrola 146 (1937)
Telefunken Gavotte 7 (1957)Motorola 50X1 (1940)Silvertone 1955 Tombstone (1936)Majestic 2621 Tombstone (1935)Zenith A-600L Leather Trans-Oceanic (1958)Crosley E-15SL "Buick Front" (1953)Zenith R511-R "Broadway" (1954)Zenith 6-D-612 (1942)Crosley 11-103U "Dynamic Bullseye" (1951)Zenith RB42C Transistor
Crosley E-30GN AM/FM (1953)Emerson EP406 "Patriot" (1942)General Electric 201 (1946)Commander TombstoneEmerson 343Thomas BD-110 ReproductionMotorola 68L11 Portable (1948)Joni 6J Pocket Transistor (Early 60s)Zenith 6-S-439 (1940)RCA X-551 (1951)
Atwater Kent 447 Tombstone (1933)Grundig-Majestic 2028 (1959)Pilot X-65 Tombstone (1935)Telechron 8H59 Clock Radio (1950-52)RCA R-70 Cathedral (1932)Crosley 56TX (1946)Motorola 68X-11Q (1949)Motorola 68X12Q (1949)Zenith 6-D-615 (1942)Emerson AX-238 "Jewel Box" (1938)
RCA T7-5 Tombstone (1935)Emerson BF405 Patriot Chest (1942)Gulbransen (Wells-Gardner) 7L Tombstone (1938)Stewart-Warner R-1252 "The Berkley" Tombstone (1933)Zenith K-412W "Crest" (1953)Crosley "New Fiver" Tombstone (1935)Emerson 34 Tombstone w/Ingraham Cabinet (1935)Zenith 6-D-512 "Beehive" (1941)Zenith 4G903 (1949)Zenith M660A AM/Shortwave Receiver
RCA 75X17 "Oriental" (1948)RCA 3-X-521 (1954)Westinghouse H-474T5 Clock Radio (1955)Motorola C19P Clock RadioFirestone Air Chief S-7403-4Packard-Bell 46D (1938)Zenith Royal D7000Y (1973)General Television 534 "Grand Piano" Novelty (1939)Zenith 6-D-311 (1939)Zenith 9-S-262 Console (1938)
Juliette NA7021Zenith 6-D-311 (1938)Atwater Kent 545 Tombstone (1935)Balkeit M Cathedral (1934)Hallicrafters S-38B ReceiverEmerson R167 with Ingraham Cabinet (1938)Westinghouse 551 (Canada, late 1940s-early 1950s)Rensie 777 Travel Radio/Alarm (1960s)Zenith 6-S-128 Tombstone (1936)Emerson 888 "Pioneer" Pocket Transistor (1958)
Crosley 516 TombstoneRCA 61-3Firestone 4-A-41Korting 1007Guild 484 "Spice Chest" (1956)FADA SpeakerTruetone D-2616 (1946)Belmont 121General Electric 115Majestic 381 "Treasure Chest" (1933)
Sanyo GTX747A Stereo AM/FM Radio, Cassette, and TurntableSony CF-550A AM/FM/CassetteEmerson 179 (1937)Sparton 508 (1936)Detrola 147E (1938)Steinite Crystal Set, with Headset (1926)Howard H-1680 (1938)Air Castle 14-136 by Detrola (1937)Skyhawk Mini CathedralWestinghouse WR-212 (1937)
International Kadette 35 (1936)Westinghouse H397-T5 (1954)FADA 790 (1948)Motorola 5X11U (1950)Crosley 66TW (1946)Echophone EC-113 (1946)Philco 48-460 (1948)Zenith 3000 Trans-Oceanic (1963)General Electric L633, Ingraham Cabinet (1946)Channel Master 6511 (1960)
Peerless SpeakerZenith 5-S-319 "Racetrack" (1939)Philco T-51 Pocket Transistor (1961)Zenith Royal 16 (1965)Crosley 181 Tombstone (1934)Stewart-Warner 1801 (1938)Blaupunkt Verona 20103 (1960)Delco R1212 (1942)Hallicrafters SW-500 (1961)Philco Transitone PT-2 (1941)
Philco T69WHG Pocket Transistor (1964)Master Craft HT-515 "XKE Jaguar" RadioPhilco 40-170CS Chairside (1940)Zenith Royal 500B with Raytheon Chassis (1957)Zenith Royal 500 with Hand-Wired Chassis (1956)Cunningham 550 TombstoneEmerson 282 Ingraham (1939)Grundig FR-200 (1997)Zenith 6D015ZY (1946)Esso Pump Radio (1989)
Radiola 20 (1925)Atwater Kent 228 Cathedral (1933)Motorola 65X11 (1946)Philco 90 Cathedral (1932)Airline 84BR-1517A (1948)Emerson EP-381 (1941)Emerson 565 (1949)General Electric L621 (1941)Crosley 1N "Littlefella" Cathedral (1932)Airline 64WG-1511 (1947)
Sonora RBU-176 (1946) Radiola 18Silvertone 6050RCA X-11 "Bookshelf" Radio (1948)Philco TP-12 (1939)Zenith 6-D-520 (1941)Sonora RBU-175 (1946)Panasonic R-47A "Cube"Atwater Kent 55 with F-4-A SpeakerRCA 45X1 (1940)
Detrola 139E (1937)Majestic 5A410 (1946)Stewart-Warner 9160 (1952)Airline 04BR-512A (1940)General Electric HP561 (1940)Stewart-Warner R-104A Cathedral (1932)Sentinel 314W (1947)Zenith A615R (1955)Puritan S97 Streamliner (1947)Magnavox M4-A Horn Speaker (1925)
Amplex De Xer (1925)Philco 29X Console, Late Version (1935)Universal Cathedral (1933?)Grundig-Majestic 2035 (US version, 1955)Zenith K412G Portable (1953)Pilot G674Sansui Seven ReceiverAdmiral 7T10E-N (1940s)Philco 48-208 (1948)Philco 46-200 (1946)
Philco 46-200 (1946)RCA Victor 7B-X-8J "Globe Trotter" Portable (1957)J.C. Penney 629-1654Goodyear Wings PortableGilfillan 56-CBZenith Work Cloth General Motors 110MS "Little General" Cathedral (1932)Crosley 689 (1939)Guild TK-1577 "Teakettle" Novelty Radio (1957)Guild 380T "Town Crier"
Automatic (1940s)Stromberg-Carlson 561 (1941, 1945)Mantola G44-J5 (1946)Sparton 516 (1935)Grundig 3299 (1960)Admiral Y2009 Pocket Transistor (1960)Sony 3F-61W AM/FM Pocket Transistor (1967)Toshiba 8TM-41 Pocket Transistor (1962)Sparton 67 Tombstone (1935)General Electric 203 (1946)
Atwater Kent 82 Cathedral (1932)Firestone S-7402-1 (1939)DeWald D519 (1950)Arvin 544 (1948)Bendix 111W (1949)Coronado 5D-117 (1950s?)Stromberg-Carlson Coca Cola RadioAirline 14BR-7356A (1940)Detrola 134 (1937)Emerson 5152 Tombstone w/Ingraham Cabinet (1936)
Gilfillan 402T Mini CathedralArvin 55R58 Clock RadioPhilco PT-25 Transitone (1942)Stewart-Warner 9160K (1952?)Emerson 811-B (1950s-1960s)Standard Table RadioZenith 6G-601M Portable (1942)Musicaire 6TD27 (1938)Motorola 53X (1953/54)Emerson 414 (1941)
Airline 93BR-420B (1940)Zenith Royal 400 Pocket Transistor (1962)Zenith Royal 500H DeLuxe (1961)Zenith 12-U-158 Console (1937)Zenith Royal 50H (1961)Delco Radio (1940s)Westinghouse WR-12X3 (mid-1940s?)Lafayette T-99 (1940)Philco 84B Cathedral (1934)General Electric 115W (1948)
Airline Radio (unknown model)Siemens H-42 Schatulle (1955)Zenith 6-D-525 (1941)General Electric 508 Clock Radio (1950?)RCA T-62 (1940)Delco 1106 Tombstone (1936)Kadette Jewel 96 (1936)Westinghouse H-311T5 (1950s)Jackson-Bell 62 "Peacock" (1931)Emerson 540A "Midget" (1947)
Emerson 250 (1933)Airline GEN-6265A StereoAirline 14BR-375 (1941)Setchell-Carlson 416 "Frog Eye" (1946)Philco TH-4 Transitone (1939)Victrola Music BoxAirline 62-601 (1939)Midwest 98 (1949)Zenith 5-S-29 Tombstone (1936)Emerson FL414 (1942)
Stewart-Warner R-1262 "The Stuart" Tombstone (1933)Zenith 6-S-128 Tombstone (1936)Arvin 517 "Rhythm Junior" Tombstone (1938)Crosley Radio Explorer 1Baldwin 50 Tombstone (1930)Grundig 960 50th Anniversary ModelStewart-Warner B61T1 "Streamliner" (1950)Crosley JT3Firestone S-7426-6 Air Chief (1939)RCA 6EY-3A 45rpm Record Player (1956)
Philco 37-62 (1937)Silvertone 8 (c1960)Philco 116B Tombstone (1933)Day-Fan 5 (1925)Remler 43 "Esquire" (1936)Truetone D2610 (1946)Westinghouse H-124 "Little Jewel" (1945)Packard-Bell 5R1 (1956)Silvertone 4763 (1937)Emerson 504 (1946)
Trav-Ler 5015 (1948)Arvin 467 "Rhythm Maiden" (1937)Magnavox AM80 Pocket Transistor (1961)Airline 84BR-1507B (1948)Grundig 2440-U (1964-65)Firestone S-7398-2Radiola UZ1320 Loud Speaker (1924)Sony ICF-SW11 Multiband PortableAirline BR513B (1940)RCA RC507 (1939)
Delco 1107 Tombstone (1935)EMUD T-7 (1957)Lyric "J" Junior Cathedral (1932)General Motors 110MA "Little General" Cathedral (1932)Atwater Kent 165 Cathedral (1933)General Electric K-80X Tombstone (1934)Stewart-Warner 1107 R-110A Tombstone (1934)Case 710 Tombstone (1936)Zenith 6-D-510 (1941)Airline 62-365 Teledial (1938)
Packard-Bell 531 (1954)Charlie Tuna RadioSheritone AM/FM/MPX Pocket TransistorPanashiba FX-10AG Pocket TransistorSears 5212 Pocket TransistorAdmiral Y2082 (1961)Pla-Pal RadioMotorola 5A7A Portable (1947)Packard-Bell Transistor (1960s)Emerson ED354 (1941)
Philco 39-70 Tombstone (1939)Daiton HD-1600 Clock Radio (1970)Setchell-Carlson 416 (1946)Sentinel 314W (1948)Heritage Armillary Sphere RadioPhilco 90 Cathedral (1932)Panasonic R-12 TransistorGeneral Electric 515 Clock Radio (mid-1950s)Stewart-Warner "Berkeley" Tombstone (1933)Crosley 6V2 Tombstone (1934)
Atwater Kent 80 Cathedral (1932)Philco 39-7 (1939)Atwater Kent 944 Cathedral (1934)Stewart-Warner R-1231-A CathedralPhilco 53-566 (1953)Fairbanks-Morse 51 tombstone (1935)Emerson 652-D (1951)Emerson 587-B (1949)Airline 676-372 (1937)Crosley E-15CE "Buick Front" (1953)
Capehart Clock Radio (1950s)Motorola 51C Clock Radio (1950?)Emerson 547A (1947)Bendix 55P3 (1949)Silvertone 4665 Tombstone (1937)Emerson 28 Tombstone (1934)Zenith 5-J-217 "Cube"Coronado Table Radio (mid-1940s)Setchell-Carlson 416 "Frog Eye" (1946)Silvertone 4610 (1937)
Emerson Radio w/Ingraham Cabinet (1941)Emerson 28 Tombstone (1934)Zenith 4-B-314 (1939)Zenith 6-S-330 Tombstone (1936)Stewart-Warner 51T46 (1946)Emerson BD-197 "Mae West"General Electric 7-2001A AM/FM Pocket TransistorAfco Hi-Fi Pocket TransistorRCA 9X561 (1949)Airline 14WG-625 (1941)
Westinghouse H791P6 Transistor (1962)Afco A7122Airline GEN-1219A Portable TransistorGeneral Electric P2760Arvin 442 (1948)Delmonico Giant (1955)Zenith 6-D-525 (1941)General Electric H-510 "Turbine" (1939)Zenith 6-D-512 "Beehive" (1941)Philco 41-226 "Sled"
Philco 116B Tombstone (1936)Zenith R512-R (1955)Philco B956 AM-FM (1953)Crosley 181 (1934)Sparton GAM-26ABelmont 6D111 Replica by CrosleySilvertone 1904 Tombstone (1935)Detrola 3047 (1937)Crosley 11-104U (1951)Zenith 5-S-29 Tombstone (1936)
Atwater Kent 246 (1933)Nordmende Tannhauser Spezial (1964/65)Grundig-Majestic 2440U (1964)Silver 146 (1937)Arvin 444A (1946)Emerson EC-353 by Ingraham (1938)Sparton 61-62 (1934)Westinghouse H380T5Grunow 550 (1937)Emerson Leather-Covered Radio (1940?)
Hallicrafters 5R32Co-Radio Coin Operated RadioPhilco L790 Clock RadioRCA Victor 4-X-555 (1955)Philco PT-69 "Transitone" Clock Radio (1939)Zenith 805 Cathedral (1934)Stromberg-Carlson 335-L ConsoleEmerson 652 Series BClapp-Eastham Radak R-4 (1924)Zenith 5-S-29 Tombstone (1936)
RCA 9T Tombstone (1935)Spirit of St. Louis Field Phone MK IVGeneral Electric GD63 (1938)Philco 90 Cathedral (1931)Bulova M-601 (1932)Stromberg-Carlson AWP-8 Multi-Band Portable (1956)Newcomb EDT20B PhonographRCA Victor 68R3 AM-FM (1946)Wells-Gardner 7D Tombstone (1936)Monarch 6-Transistor Pocket Radio (1963)
Encore Super Deluxe Hi-Fi Pocket Transistor (early 60s)Stewart-Warner 9000-BAirline 62-131 Tombstone (1935)Arvin 818 (1937)Colonial 658 (1935)Westinghouse H525T4Zenith 50 with Converta Speaker BoxLoewe Opta 2454T (1955-56)General Electric 201 (1946)Sparton 5140 (Canadian) (1939)
Grundig 80U (1956)Graetz Polka 1113-E (1962)Nordmende CarmenPackard-Bell 46B (1939)Arvin 664 (1947)Philco SB06212 (1957)Philco 71 (1932)Majestic 20 Grandfather Clock RadioCrayola Tune Time Clock RadioZenith N731
Crosley CR-2 Fada Bullet ReplicaZenith 808 Tombstone (1935)Zenith Royal 500B with Raytheon Chassis (1957)Hitachi ES90H Speaker Box (1959)Sony TR650Sony PortableGeneral Electric M63 Tombstone (1933)Atwater Kent 145 tombstone (1933)Philco 46-420 (1946)Crosley 11-104U "Dynamic Bullseye" (1951)
Motorola 52L2A Portable (1952)Silvertone S-54B (1954)Capitol 919 Portable Phono (1960)Zenith 805 CathedralPhilco 37-670B Tombstone (1937)Stromberg-Carlson 130-U Tombstone (1936)Detrola 5D1 Tombstone (1936)Zenith 6-S-229 Tombstone (1938)Emerson 543 (1947)Bulova 120 Clock Radio (1957)
Motorola 59X (1950)Emerson BF204 (1938)Belmont BMR-571 (1939)General Electric J-54W (1941)Emerson Radio (1940)Detrola 134 (1939)Warwick C-104 (1947?)Sentinel 218-T (1941)Zenith "Zenette" A Cathedral (1931)Motorola 53H (1954)
Zenith 6-D-612 (1942)Zenith Clock RadioRCA RadioEmerson 511 "Moderne" (1947)Garod 6AU-1 Commander (1945)Westinghouse H-125 "Little Jewel" Fridge (1945)Stewart-Warner R180A (1935)Arvin 751-TM (1951)Sampson ST-12 (1960)Silvertone 4764 (1937)
Philco Cathedral ReplicaJackson-Bell 82 "Tulip Grille" Cathedral (1932)Jason Transistor (1960)Philco 38-15 (1938)Crosley 13 (1940)Motorola 56-X-11Addison R5A4 Chassis (1943)Packard-Bell Radio (late 1930s?)RCA Victor 1X56 (1952)RCA Victor 95T (1938)
Packard-Bell 36 (1938)Motorola 57-R-2 (1952)Atwater Kent 165 CathedralRaleigh 805 Pocket Transistor (1963)Garod CC-98 Tombstone (1938)Setchell-Carlson 416 (1946)Magnavox FM-90 AM-FM Transistor Portable (1961)Silvertone 2016 (1956)RCA 56X3 (1946)Philco 48-225
Renown 1032N Ten Transistor (Late 60s)Emerson 540A "Emersonette" (1947)Silvertone 1589 Cathedral (1933)Philco 42-KR5Motorola 55X15Knight 83-275 (1946)Clinton 147 (1937)FADA 51 Cathedral (1931)Howard 275 Tombstone (1938)Meck Trailblazer (1946)
E.H. Scott Philharmonic (1936)Emerson 179 (1937)Air King 4705 (early 1950s)Sentinel 331-R (1950)Sentinel 338 (early 1950s)Admiral 5K-1 (early 1950s)Unknown Wood RadioHoward 901A (1946)Chelsea RadioZenith 6-D-510W (1941)
Zenith 8H034 AM+2FM (1946)Philco 52-542 (1952)Rola Re-Creator Horn Speaker 3 (1924)Realistic 12-203 "Flavoradio" Pocket Transistor (1970s)Motorola XP36GU Concept 90 Transistor Portable (1970)General Electric P-2790 Pocket Transistor (mid-60s)Stromberg-Carlson 1101H (1947)Emerson 745 "Town and Country" Portable (1954)Motorola 5T14GW (1958)Delco Unknown Model
Radiola 61-2Howard 901A (1946)Silvertone 7079 Portable (1941)American Bosch 200A "Treasure Chest" (1932)Crosley CR-2 "Bullet" ReplicaSentinel 284I (1946)Zenith 5-S-228 (1937)Temple G-513Westinghouse H-540T4A Clock Radio Sparton 360 (late 1950s?)
Motorola C-23P Clock RadioRemler 5560Bulova 100 Clock Radio (1957)Knight 10800 Series (1939)Philco 41-221 (1941)RCA Victor PX600 Portable (1952)Arvin 540TPhilco 40-120 (1940)Rola 10 Cone Speaker (1926)Air Castle 5000 (1937)
Apex 46 Console (1929)Admiral 7T10 (1947)Monarch Radio by Detrola (1937)Silvertone 9001 (1949)Zenith Trans-Oceanic A600L (1957)Panasonic T-9Marconi 81 Tombstone (1936)Soundesign 1130 Pocket Transistor (1968)Holiday E-621 Pocket Transistor (late 60s)Sentinel 275T (1941)
Philco G747 Clock Radio Motorola X29B Transistor (1961)Silvertone 1209 "Medalist" (1961)Star Explorer (1977)Ford Philco Mustang PromotionalSony TFM-6100W Portable Transistor (1976)RCA 66BX "Globetrotter" (1946)Abbotwares "Horse" RadioAirline 04BR-511A (1940)Sony TFM-96 AM/FM Pocket Transistor
Norelco-Philips L1W22T/64General Electric J62 (1941)Zenith 6-S-229 Tombstone (1938)Grunow 520 Cube (1938)J.C. Penney 1130 Pocket Transistor (1962)Universal PTR-62B Pocket Transistor (1963)Zenith 7-S-240 Chairside (1938)Westinghouse H842P6 Transistor (1962)Crosley 56TX (1946)Silvertone 4764 (1937)
Sharp Portable QT-5WPhilco 42-PT-96 (1942)Silvertone 15 (1951)Crosley 66TC (1946)RCA 9X-651 (1950)Thomas Emerson ReplicaZenith Royal 64 Portable Transistor (mid-60s)Kenwood R-600 Communications ReceiverZenith Royal 755 Portable TransistorKadette 43 "Jewel" (1934)
Magnavox 39 Pocket Transistor (1970)Alaron B-77 Micro Pocket Transistor (1970s)Motorola XP42EE Pocket Transistor (late 60s)Panasonic R-1070 Pocket Transistor (1965)Philco 66 Cathedral (1935)Zenith 6-S-254 ConsolePhilco 84B Cathedral (1933)Zenith K725C AM-FM (1963)Sparton 616 TombstoneNational Panasonic R-70
Motorola 5P21R Portable (1952)Atwater Kent 60C (1929)Midland International Clock RadioAdmiral 4L-28 (1959)Midland International Clock RadioGeneral Electric 674 Clock Radio (1955)Zenith H615 (1951)Silvertone 6034 Clock RadioTru-Test 572Sonora 623
Emerson 888 "Pioneer" (1958)O.M.G.S. Deluxe Pocket Transistor (1960)Juliette APR256 Pocket Transistor (late 60s)Firestone S-7398-2Philco 16B "Baby Grand" (1933) Victor RE45 Console (1929)Admiral PR277 Pocket Transistor (late 60s)Panasonic R1070 Pocket TransistorNordmende Kadett "C"Stewart-Warner R-1801-A (1938)
General Electric 73-D-221206 TelevisionMotorola 65X14-A (1938)Zenith 288 Tombstone (1933)Zenith 5-D-811 (1949)Realistic 12-632A Pocket TransistorSony 3F-61W AM/FM Pocket Transistor (1967)Realistic 12-649 "Diplomat" Pocket TransistorMotorola 56A4 (1955)General Electric L-660 (1941)Marconi Clock Radio
Olympic 7-537W AM/FM (1948)Motorola "Lazy Boy" S-10 Speaker & ControlTruetone D276-5Q (1939)RCA 45X1 Midget (1940)Philco 90 Cathedral (1932)Atwater Kent 627 Cathedral (1932)Philips Philetta 273U (1958)Motorola 5R16 (1951)Emerson 425 (1941)Arvin 553T (1951)
RCA 8X53 (1948)Zenith 6-D-525 (1941)Zenith 12-S-232 "Walton" Tombstone (1938)All-American Mohawk "Lyric" and Speaker (1928)Firestone S-7403-4 (1940)Airline Radio (unknown model)Fisher MC-2500 Stereo ReceiverCrosley D25-TN (1951)Trav-Ler 5300 Portable (1953)Firestone 4-C-30 Portable (1957)
Emerson EP-406 "Patriot" (1941)Philco 40-120 (1940)Bendix RadioSonora LWU-181 (1942)Coronado 953A (1939?)Stewart-Warner 300 (1925)Zenith 9-S-30 Tombstone (1936)Zenith 5-S-29 Tombstone (1936)Crosley 649 (1940)Emerson 706B (1952)
Grundig-Majestic 4090 (1956)Silvertone 3026 Clock Radio (1954)Hi-Mood Radio (Japan)Kensington MidgetNorthern Electric 55 (1934)Sears & Roebuck 1660 CathedralZenith H-615Replica RadioZenith 6-D-510W (1941)Arvin 502 Metal (1939)
Heathkit HR-1680 Kit Radio (1978)Grundig-Majestic 2065 (1956)Blaupunkt Granada 2330 3D (1958)Shelton RadioAustin J Cathedral (ca1932)General Electric P1760 Pocket Transistor (1966)Radio Products of Chicago (RPC) Tombstone (1935)Unknown RadioSoundesign 1130 Pocket Transistor (1968)Zenith 6-D-312 (1938)
Zenith 6-D-526 "Waterfall" (1941)RCA Victor 5Q55 (1938)RCA 66X13 (1948)Crosley 58 "Buddy Boy"Sentinel 309 (1947)Jewel 5057U "WakeMaster" Clock Radio (1950?)RCA 46X13 (1940)Zenith 5-D-610 (1942)Delco R-1231A "Ribbon Grille" (1948)Arvin 152T (RE233 Chassis) (1948)
Crosley 10-127-1 AM/FM (1950)Philco TP-15 (1939)General Electric J-54 (1941)Zenith Royal 50 Pocket Transistor (1960)Emerson P3300 Pocket Transistor (1976)Truetone D-941 (1939)Truetone D-941 (1939)Belmont 6D111 "Rabbit" (1946)Silvertone 4470 (1937)Continental 1600 Clock Radio (1948)
Westinghouse H-127 "Little Jewel" H-127 (1945)Crosley 11-102U "Dynamic Bullseye" (1951)Mariners Baseball RadioAtlas Goldanaire II Steel Tire RadioAtlas Premium Power Battery RadioFaux RCA MickeyLloyd's 6K98D Pocket Transistor (1965)Admiral 5S35N Clock Radio (1955)Sparton 239 (1953)Philco-Ford R514-WA (1967)
Tele-Tone AM/FM (1951)Philco 42-345 (1942)Wells-Gardner RadioSetchell-Carlson 416 (1946)Zenith K412-R "Owl Eyes" Portable (1953)Panasonic R-1038 Pocket Transistor(1968)Zenith 9-S-232 "Walton" Tombstone (1938)Electra R1200 Pocket TransistorRealistic 12-166 "Flavor Radio"Zenith 6-D-525 (1941)
Zenith T2519L1 Clock Radio (Early 1970s)General Electric RadioPhilco 602 (1936)Grunow 750 "World Cruiser" Tombstone (1934)Philco 630 Tombstone (1936)Majestic 194 Cathedral (1933)Motorola A17B3 (1962)Airline 62-318 Movie Dial (1938)Essex EK29B-63A Pocket Transistor (late 60s)Philco 38-15 (1938)
General Electric P-2710 Pocket Transistor (1961)General Electric P1701A Pocket Transistor (1965)Soundesign 1177 Pocket Transistor (1970)Motorola XP34GN Pocket Transistor (1960s)Fairbanks-Morse 8A (1939)Airline GEN-1703ABalkeit 68 "Round the World" Tombstone (1934)Detrola 134 (1937)Jackson-Bell CathedralCrosley 56PA Portable (1946)
Setchell-Carlson "Frog-Eye" RadioZenith Royal 500E (1960/61)Beach Boy Replica Pocket Transistor (1990s)Rising FM500 Multi-Band PortableRCA 8-X-541 (1949)Zenith G510Y (1950)General Electric P1711C Pocket Transistor (1966)Zenith Royal 11 Pocket Transistor (mid-60s)General Electric GD-41 TRF (1938)Masters Art "Telephone" Radio
Telefunken Opus 7Emerson 106 w/Ingraham Cabinet (1936)Westinghouse H742T4 (1956)Philco 70 Cathedral (1931)Bendix Aviation 636C (1946)Mickey Mouse RadioMickey Mouse RadioAtwater Kent 20 Long (c. 1925)Crosley E-15SL (1953)Detrola 740 (1937)
Majestic 195 Cathedral (1933)Silvertone 4664 (1937)RCA Victor 6-XD-5 (1956)Emerson Clock Radio (1960s?)Philco 37-602 (1937)Racing Car Radios (1975)Zenith M403 "Zenette" Portable (1954)Zenith R511W (1954)Emerson 511 "Moderne" (1947)Zenith 6-D-525 (1941)
Motorola 59T-2Westinghouse H-127Philco T-7-126Stromberg-Carlson 125H (1936)Panasonic RF-900Arvin 417 "Rhythm Baby" Mini-Tombstone (1936)Stewart-Warner R-140A Tombstone (1934)Zenith H-615Z (1951)Trav-Ler 5019 Portable (1947)Stromberg-Carlson 1204 (1948)
Zenith 7-H-822 AM/FM (1949)Motorola 53H-1 (1954)Atwater Kent 20 (1924)Atwater Kent 20 (1924)General Electric P-880AAirline 5V-181? (post-War)Setchell-Carlson 416 (1948)Firestone 4-A-2C (late 1940s)Bendix 55L-2 (1948?)Bendix 526C Catalin (1946)
Porto-Server Baradio (Stewart-Warner, 1942)General Electric 100 (1946)Garod 5A2 (1946)Motorola 65X11-A (1946)Motorola 5X11U (1950)Radiola 100 Loud Speaker (c.1925)Truetone RadioMotorola AT25BN (1963)Zenith 5-S-218 (1938)Philco 41-230 (1941)
Truetone D-723 (1937)Zenith 5-S-56 Petite Console (1936)Musicale Radio Music BoxGramophone Music BoxCoronado RA48-815BATrav-Ler A502 TRF (c1937)Zenith H-615 (1951)Arvin 450-TL (1950)Silvertone 4763 (1937)Zenith 6-D-116 (1937)
Crosley 11-101U "Dynamic Bullseye" (1951)Philco 42-340Zenith 52 Console (1929)Emerson 185Arborphone 27Emerson 367 (1941)Eico ST97 TunerBell Carillon AmpWestinghouse RC ReceiverMotorola 52B8 (1952)
Tele-Tone 135 (1947)Motorola 65T21Airline (Wells-Gardner) 62-372 (1938)Majestic 5A410Silvertone 6166 (1939)Toshiba 7TH425 (1961)Aquatron (Brother) VX33 (1970)Bulova 120 Clock Radio (1958)RCA 46X12 (1940)Kennedy 435 Receiver
Minerva Tropic Master (1946)Airline 62-138 Tombstone (1935)Philco PT-12 (1941)Silvertone 7037 (1941)Philco 60 Cathedral (1934)Toshiba Speaker Box (1959)Toshiba 7TP-303 (1959)Philco 84-B Cathedral (1934)Zenith 6-D-312 (1938)Pilot T-511 (1946)
Philco 39-7 (1939)Philco 80B (Jr.) Mini Cathedral (1933)Hallicrafters S-118Zenith K-731 (Alternate Style Cabinet)Zenith K-731General Electric C-400 (Canada, 1946)Philco 40-120Zenith RadioRCA 15XAPhilco 40-115 (1940)
RCA Advertising LightOlympic 6-501W (1946)Zenith 6-D-526 "Waterfall" (1941)Emerson 702-B (1950?)Phonola 1U51-P-1 (1941?)Zenith H-511 "Racetrack" (1951)Howe Crystal SetSparton 508 (1938)Sparton 5141 (1939?)Belmont 6D-111 (1946)
Gilfillan 56-AZenith Unknown ModelMayfair Portable PhonographGarod 5A1 "Ensign"Hayes Radio ReceiverMajestic 2D60 (1938)Zenith 3000 Trans-Oceanic (1963)Philco 116B Tombstone (1934)Siemens H42 "Schatulle"Philco 45C "Butterfly"
Setchell-Carlson 407Zenith Royal 500E Gift Set (1960)Zenith Royal 500N Set (1965)Early Regenerative Receiver (1918)Midwest HH-7-37 Tombstone (1937)Setchell-Carlson 588 (1939)Horn SpeakerAirline 04BR-514B (1940)Philco 90 CathedralMajestic Loudspeaker (1920s)
Philco 52-641Crosley CR11 Juke Box ReplicaPhilco D655 Portable (1956)US Radio 3072 Cathedral (1931)Philco 41-KR (1942)Farnsworth ET-060 (1947)General Electric 428 (1955)Silvertone 6230 (1939)Kennedy 110 & 525 AmpKennedy 525 Amplifier
Wynford Hall TCM-5500 (1970s)Crosley 10-135 (1950)Admiral 4R12 Portable (1950)Majestic 5LA5 "Zephyr" (1951)Westinghouse 501 (1948)Sony TC-905A Reel to Reel (1960s)Zenith 12-H-670 "Newport" ConsoleDetrola 148 (1937)RCA RadioSilvertone 6177 "Bullet"
General Motors 110MA "Little General" CathedralTelefunken Concertino 53, Anniversary Model (1953)Emerson BF-204 (1938)Encore 518 PortableWalton Wal-ToneArvin 12R23 (1963)RCA 66X11 (1947)Coronado 43-8160 "Jewel" (1947)Rogers 12-60 (1937)Emerson 25 (1932)
Sony 7F82W PortableClinton 147 (1937)Motorola 53X (1954)RCA X-551 (1951)G&F Sales "Searchlight" (1938)Westinghouse H-126 "Refrigerator" (1945)Airline 62-367 (1936)Airline 74WG-1509 (1947)Climax "Cunningham" (1936)RCA Victor 16-X-13 (1940?)
Sentinel 1U246 Clock Radio (1950s)Packard-Bell 100A (1940s?)RCA 4-X-551 (1954)General Electric C-404 (1950s)Trav-Ler Bakelite (late 1940s?)Bendix 526A (1948)Stewart-Warner 205GA (1942?)General Electric H600 series (1939)Stewart-Warner 07-5R6 (1940)RCA/Graetz 4QR64X (1955)
Crosley 52TD (1941)Century (Simplex) NTE-5 Tombstone (1939)DeWald 521 (1937)Zenith 6-D-311 (1938)Zenith Trans-Oceanic 3000-1 (1963)Bush ETR-82 (1959)Motorola 55L2U (1956)Emerson 569 (1948)Airline 04WG-611 (1941)Philmore Supertone Crystal Set w/Box
Philco F974 1959Zenith 6D-311 (1938)Zenith 6-D-612W (1942)RCA 8X-541 (1949)General Electric 52 (1940s)Silvertone 1954 (1936)Radolek 16721/4 Tombstone (1937)Crosley 11-100UZenith 7-S-433 "Zephyr" Tombstone (1940)Delco 62-587 (1937)
Philco PT-3 (1946)Zenith 5-S-319 (1939)Clipper Radio (1930s)Packard-Bell 35-H (1938)Howard Radio (late 1930s?)Crosley D-10TN (1951)Truetone T2 " Egyptian" (1937)Pathe Model H Cathedral (1930)Zenith 5-S-119 (1937)Zenith 6-D-525 (1941)
Philco 41-225 (1941)Emerson 509 (1946)Crosley 56TD "Duette" (1947)Westinghouse H-124 "Little Jewel" (1945)Silvertone 3001 (1953)Silvertone 4521 Farm Radio (1935-6)Zenith 705 (1933)Silvertone 1808 "Worlds Fair" Tombstone (1935)MIdget Cathedral (1930s)Zenith 6-D-512 (1941)
Airline 94BR-1525ACourier CathedralTelefunken Jubilate 9Zenith Royal 500B (1956)Airline 62-277 (1937)Zenith 9-S-264 Console (1938)Airline 74BR-1514B (1947)Bendix 300 (1949)Sentinel 309 (1947)Silvertone 16 (1951)
Sonora RadioSetchell-Carlson 416 "Frog Eye" (1946)General Electric 521-F Clock Radio (1951)Zenith 6-D-614 (1942)RCA Victor T64 (1940)Zenith 7K01 (1950)Zenith Royal 500H (1961)Motorola 67L11 Portable (1947)Philco 49-902 (1949)Crosley 628-B "Sixer" (1937)
Howard 906 (1940s)Philco 52-542 (1952)Westinghouse H-398T5 Clock/Radio (1954)Zenith 5-S-319 (1939 )Philco 60 Cathedral (1933)Mantola G53-K6 (1940)Silvertone 6407 (1940)Packard-Bell 48-B? (1930s)RCA Victor Clock Radio (1960s)Detrola 139 (1937)
Lyric/Wurlitzer J5 (Junior) Tombstone (1931)Airline 62-256 (1937)Western Auto "Truetone" Radio (1936)Westinghouse N-202 (1940s)Arvin 444 Metal (1949)Zenith 6-D-413 (1940)Zenith Royal 755 Portable (1959)RCA R-7 "Superette" Tombstone (1931)Philco 19 Cathedral (1933)General Television Radio
E.L. 2701 (1946)Zenith 6-D-612 (1942)Electro Portable RadioZenith Y723 (1950)Atwater Kent 185A Tombstone (1934)Philco 42-350Atwater Kent 46 with Matching F-2 SpeakerPhilco 40-135RCA Victor 8X53Silvertone 9001 (1949)
Philco 48-145Silvertone 16 (1951)Silvertone 3451Blaupunkt VeronaDelco R-1128Radiola 17Zenith 7-S-363 ConsoleZenith 6-V-27 "Wincharger" TombstoneDelco R-1212 (1942)Aetna M-253 (1935)
Ivalek and Dulci Crystal SetsRCA X-551 (1951)Philco 38-12 (1938)Emerson BA-199 ReplicaPhilco Jr. 81 Cathedral (1931)RCA 45-YE-3Radio Craftsmen "Kitchenaire"Meck EF-730 (1950) Motorola 56B1 Portable (1956)Gramy-Phone 8
Apex 32 Cathedral (United States Radio & TV)General Electric P-821A (1963)Knight "Pickwick" (1938)Zenith 6-S-128 Tombstone (1937)Zenith 6-S-55Zenith 6-S-152 Console (1937)Emerson 544 (1947)Philco 42-322 (1942)Majestic 149 (1934)Zenith 7-H-822 AM/FM (1949)
Firestone S-7402-4 "The Reporter" (1940)General Electric CL500 (1940)Zenith 6-D-615 (1942)Coronado 648 (1938)Atwater Kent 20General Electric 410 (1951)Atwater Kent 82 Cathedral (1932)General Electric 50 Clock Radio (1948)General Electric RadioStewart-Warner C51T2 (post-War)
Emerson 333 (?) (1940)Sonora RadioStewart-Warner R-1262 "The Stuart" Tombstone (1933)Delco R-1231A "Ribbon Candy" (1948)Stromberg-Carlson 130U Tombstone (1936)Grundig 3028Detrola 3234 Tombstone (1938)Emerson DM1-331 with Ingraham Cabinet (1940)Zenith 6-D-312 "Stack of Records" (1938)Emerson 707B (1952)
Silvertone 7000 (1941)Arkay Radio (1940)Delco R-1231A (1948)Pepsi Cola RadioPepsi Cola RadioTrav-Ler 5054 (1948)Benrus 10B01 Clock Radio (1955)Federal 61 ReceiverFederal Junior Crystal RadioSplendid De Luxe Regenerative Receiver
Airline 62-177 Tombstone (1935)Jackson-Bell 84 "Peter Pan" Cathedral (1931)Philips 868797 (1956)Michael Jackson Juke BoxJuke Box AM/FM RadioGuild TK-1577 "Teakettle" Novelty Radio (1957)Zenith 6-S-330 TombstoneExcel XL-45 PortablePanasonic R-72Antique Gramophone
Telefunken Concertino 9U (USA Version)Mitchell LullabyZenith Y615RGeneral Electric Mickey Mouse Alarm Clock RadioZenith 142RZenith 6G501 (1941)RCA 55X (1942)Motorola B6NCrosley 517 "Fiver" (1938)Emerson 511 (1948)
Emerson 595-A (1948)Emerson 695-B Clock Radio (1950s)General Electric Wooden Table RadioEmerson 541 (1948)Coronado 587Atwater Kent 557 Cathedral (1932)General Electric L-500 (1941)Philco 37-604 (1937)Philco 38-12Emerson Clock Radio
General Electric 860 (1951)Eveready 21 (1928)FADA 1000 Catalin (1946)Silvertone 5Telechron 18H59 "Musalarm" Clock RadioZenith 6-S-128 Tombstone (1937)Zenith L403 Portable with Leather Case (1953)Airline (Mongomery ward) 62-288Emerson AM137?Detrola 3041 (1939)
Hallicrafters S-118 Mark II ReceiverGraetz Fantasia (1960)Zenith TransOceanic 7000-1 (1971)Spark Era TunerKennedy 281 Regenerative RecieverPhilco 20 "Baby Grand" CathedralCrosley 739 (1937)Jackson-Bell 556 (1936)Philco 60 Cathedral (1934)Crosley 2-C-1 "Sampler" (1935)
National Union G-615 (1946)Bendix Aviation 55L3U (1949)Guild TK-1577 "Teakettle" Novelty Radio (1957)General Electric 913D Clock Radio (1957)Trav-Ler T-202 (1959)Motorola 55X-11A (1946)Zenith 6-S-27 Tombstone (1936)Zenith H-615ZEmerson 108 "U5A" Tombstone 1935Silvertone 13 (1951)
Silvertone 303 (1950s)Radiola 100 Loud Speaker (1926)RCA 45X1 (1940)Olympic 6A-50 (1948)Zenith 7-S-633Philco 51-537 Clock Radio (1950)Crosley E-15CE (1953)Motorola 53H (1954)RCA 1-F-1 FM Only (1960)Crosley 146 Cathedral
Zenith 6-D-516 "Beehive" (1941)Motorola 56X1 (1941)Hitachi TH-666 (1957)General Electric H-501 "Turbine" (1939)Bulova 620 "Comet" (1957)Zenith Royal 500E (1960)Detrola 568 Chrome (1947)Hoffman RP-706 Solar Radio (1959)Trav-Ler Clock Radio (1955)RCA 96T4 (1939)
Arvin 160T (1948)RCA 5-X-560 (1954)Motorola C4S-146 Clock Radio (early 1960's)Westinghouse H-122 (1946)RCA 40X57 Golden Gate Exposition Radio (1939)Crosley Pup (1925)Motorola 7XM22 (1948)FADA 115XA Catalin (1940)Motorola 56XA1 (1940)Teletone 113
Stewart-Warner Lowboy (1930s)Porto-Server Baradio (Stewart-Warner 9008-B, 1947)Stewart-Warner 07-5R4Un-Cola (7-Up) Can RadioEmerson 587Emerson 544Philips 834C Cathedral (1933/34)Silvertone 4763 (1938)Teletone 101(?) (1945-46)General Electric 218 (1951)
Motorola 65-X14-B (1946?)FADA 605 (1946)Zenith 12-S-265 Console (1938)Lafayette MC10B (1947)Zenith 7-S-364 Console (1939)SABA Villingen De Luxe (1966-67)General Electric H-500 "Turbine" (1939)Motorola 57-A2 (1957)General Electric C-400 (1946)Emerson 296 (1940)
Zenith 6-S-128 Tombstone (1936)RCA 128 Tombstone (1934)Crosley 716 Tombstone (1936)Philco 52-941 (1952)Emerson 265 "Stradivarius" (1939)Trav-Ler 5029 (1948)Pickwick Radio (1930s)Zenith 5-S-29 Tombstone (1936)Atwater Kent E3 Speaker (1926)Westinghouse H-459T6
Airline 62-425 (1936)RCA Victor 8X541 (1949)Lyric 546T (1946)Belmont 6D111 (1946)Airline Radio (circa 1947)RCA Victor X711 (1951)Unknown Plant A Radio (1937)Fairbanks-Morse Unknown Model (1938)Motorola 62X13U (1954)Westinghouse H-126 "Little Jewel" (1945)
Zenith Royal 500
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