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These are radios sold in the past year that were reported sold either the day they were published for sale or the next day.
They are displayed in random order. Click on any of these "One-Day Wonders" to see what you missed.....

Silvertone 1908 (1935)Philco T9-126 "Transworld" (1958-1262)General Electric C-2418A "Mickey Mouse" (1960)Hitachi 666 (1958)Olympic 6-501 (1946)Atwater Kent 84 (1932)Grundig Mini World 100PE Boxed Set (1998)Zenith 6-D-510 (1940)RCA 86T1 (1937)Zenith 5-D-610 (1941)
Setchell-Carlson 570 (1948)Trav-Ler 5002 (1946)Philco 48-225 (1948)Emerson 511 "Moderne" (1948)General Television 5A5 (1946)Kadette "Autime" (1938)Zenith 9-S-232 "Walton" (1939)Cavalcade RS1A (1947)Climax CV-316 "Emerald" (1938)Westinghouse H-127 (1945)
Motorola 53H (1953)Setchell-Carlson 416 "Frog Eye" (1946)Zenith Royal 500H (1961)Emerson 570 "Memento" (1949)Sony 2R-21RCA 96X-11 (Vassos designed, 1939)Philco PT-55 "Transitone" (1940)Crosley 517 "Fiver" (1937)Zenith 5-S-319 "Racetrack" (1939)Zenith Royal 500H (1961)
RCA T-10 (1940)Crosley 58TK (1948)Crosley 10-140 "Dashboard" (1950)Crosley 9-118W (1949)Goldentone 3-X (1936)Echophone S-3 (1930)Howard 307-4 (1940)Arvin 602 (1939)Airline GSE1622A (1956)Air Castle 106B "Bullet" (1946)
Marvel 6 YR-10AZenith 5-S-327 "Racetrack" (1939)Trav-Ler 415 (1938)Sony 9650W (early 1960s)FADA 360G (1938)Emerson 564 (1940)Silvertone 6320 (1940)Pilot T-502 "Junior" (1941)Zenith 5-S-29 (1936)General Electric H-500 "Turbine" (1939)
Realistic 12-629A "Patrolman" Boxed Set (1970s)Stewart Warner A-6S "Air Pal" (1939)Crosley 11-102U "Bullseye" (1951)Zenith Royal 50K (1962)General Electric 511 "Bullseye" (1950)Climax AC-65 (1937)RCA 85T (1937)Majestic 15 "Sherwood"  (1932)General Television 5A5 (1946)Crosley D-10 "Dynamic Bullseye" (1951)
Majestic 49-B "Duo Modern" (1933)Admiral 5E23 (1950)Emerson A130 (1936)Crosley 11-102U "Bullseye" (1951)Firestone R-3051A "Air Chief" (1939)Airline WG518 (1941)Western Air Patrol M3T (1935)General Electric H600 (1939)Setchell-Carlson 427 "Frog Eyes" (1946)Philco 46-420 "Hippo" (1946)
Zenith H-511 "Racetrack" (1951)Crosley 517 "Fiver" (1937)Zenith 5-S-319 "Racetrack" (1939)RCA 6T2 (1936)Emerson AU213 (1939)RCA 9T (1939)Air Castle T-618 (1942)Brewster 9-1084 (1946)Sterling Deluxe 1000 (1950)RCA 6BX (1955)
Motorola 51A "Drive-In Speaker" (1939)Zenith 6-D-525 (1941) "Toaster"Zenith 6-D-525 "Toaster" (1941)Detrola 3042 (1939)Hallicrafters 505 TV (1947)Westinghouse H-124 "Little Jewel" (1945)RCA 9-X-571 (1949)Wilcox-Gay 6AC5 (1939)Zenith 6-D-2615 "Boomerang" (1942)Zenith 9-S-244 (1937)
Detrola 148 (1937)Aetna M-253 (1935)Bendix 110W (1948)Silvertone 6179A "Bullet" (1939)Emerson 547-A (1947)Zenith Royal 675 (1962)Emerson 540 "Emersonette" (1947)Emerson 543 (1947)Zephyr L-1 (1955)Firestone S-7398-1 Air Chief "Beaumont" (1941)
Hitachi TH-848Crosley 58TW (1948)Crosley 11-102U "Dynamic Bullseye" (1951)Philco B650 (1954)Sparton 57K (1937)Crosley D-10RD "Dynamic Bullseye" (1951)Emerson 400 "Aristocrat" (1940)Admiral B-225 (1936)Crosley 11-104U "Bullseye" (1951)General Electric 115 (1948)
Crosley D-25-WE (1953)Silvertone 6230 (1939)Majestic No. 1 "Charlie McCarthy" (1938)Trav-Ler 5002 (1946)Silvertone 1954X (1936)Coronado 43-8180 (1946)Philco 48-460 (1948)Sony ICF-SW20 (1989)Packard-Bell 35-L (1937-38?)RCA T6-9 (1935)
Philco PT-35 "Transitone" (1940)Emerson 540 "Emersonette" (1947)Admiral 531Coronado 636 (1940)Arvin 840-T (1954)Philco 42-PT91 (1942)Zenith J733 (1955)Philco 46-420 "Hippo" (1946)Zenith Royal 500D (1959)Emerson CL-256 "Stradivarius" (1939)
FADA 260-V (1936)Zenith 6-D-614 Consol-Tone (1942)Truetone D-712 "Egyptian" (1938)Bendix 65P4 (1949)Zenith 6-D-525 "Toaster" (1941)
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