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Radios sold at the Radio Attic in 2020

Here are the 348 radios sold in 2020 at the Radio Attic!

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Stewart-Warner 03-5R4 AM/SW (1939)Detrola 178 (1938)Motorola XP19Motorola XP19DLDanube G-607Toshiba 8TM-300SZenith H723Z1 (1952)Emerson 747 Tube PortableAtwater Kent 84 Cathedral (1931)Sparton 410 "Jr." Cathedral (1930)
Crosley 66TA "American Overseas" (1946)General Electric P672 PortableZenith Royal 800 (1956)Delco R-1238General Electric J-54WMotorola X19AHighwave 12FM-110Matsushita T-30 (by Panasonic)Motorola X11RWestinghouse H-733P7
Electro Brand 993General Electric P1706ATelefunken Concertino 8 (1958)Windsor 8 TransistorMotorola X11GRealtone TR-1069Channel Master 6506Motorola X-11GTrav-Ler 7033 Portable Record Player (Mid 1950s)Denon DRR-680 Stereo Cassette Deck (1991)
Studebaker "Hard Rock" Portable Hallicrafters S-40A Communications Receiver (1946-47)Zenith 5D011Z Consoltone (1946)Sun Ready AM-FM Cooler RadioMars Two-Transistor BoyGlobal GFM-931 AM/FMLloydSony ICR-120LloydKing ST-6L
Panasonic R-1330HiSonic Six TransistorGulbranson 7L (1938)Prosonic HiFi 10Emerson 418 (1941)Zenith 809Garod 6AU1 "Commander" (1946)FADA 652 "Temple" (1946)Zenith S-829 "Chrome Front" Tombstone (1935)Crosley 167 Cathedral (1934)
Stromberg-Carlson 231-R Chairside (1937)Stewart-Warner R-1691-A AM/SW (1936)Ford (1955) Thunderbird RadioO.M.G.S. "The Princess"Zenith AH "Zenette" (1931)Ross Triumph DeLuxeToshiba 6TP-31ADetrola 134A (1937)Emerson 511 (1947)Zenith X323 AM/FM (1959)
RCA 3X532 (1954)Airline 62-158 Tombstone (1935)SABA-Freiburg Vollautomatic 14 Stereo (1963-64)American Bosch 808PSetchell-Carlson 427 "Frog Eyes" (1947)Emerson 511 Beetle "Moderne" (1947)Zenith H500 Trans-Oceanic (1951-53)Philco 118 (1935)Zenith Royal 300Zenith Royal 500H
Sony TR-1814Star-Lite Deluxe 9 TransistorGeneral Electric P791AChannel Master 6514 AM/Marine (1959)Silvertone 4789 (1938)FADA 370T (1937)Channel Master 6509 (1960)Philips L1X75T/81REmerson 30-AW (1933)Zenith Royal Ten (1968)
Zenith Royal 500E (1959)Musette 51 Tombstone (1932)Channel Master 6514 AM/Marine (1959)Emerson 911Air King 511-512 (1947)Zenith Royal 59Delco R-1229 (1947)Crosley D-25-BE Clock Radio (1953)Monarch TombstoneGeneral Electric H530 Micro Tombstone (1938)
Pacific "Best 20C5" AM/SW (1937)Simplex "D" AM/SW (1936)Philco 49-501 "Boomerang" (1949)Zenith 7H822Z AM/FM "Triumph" (1949)Sonora WAU-243 (1939)Arvin 61R13,23 (1962)Sparton 1268 "Selectronne" Console (1937/1938)Emerson AM169Global GR-711 (1959)Philco 48-464 (1948)
Admiral 5S32N (1955)Emerson DR343 (1940)Admiral 7T10M-N (1947)Radiola 76ZX11 (1947-48)Silvertone 1650 Console (1932)Philco 46-420Crosley 10-139DeWald 518 AM/PB (1937)FADA 605 (1947)Mitsubishi 7X-164
Coronado 623 (1938)Koyo KTR-1031Stewart-Warner R-1262A "The Stuart" Tombstone (1936)Zenith 7-S-433 "Zephyr" (1940)Silvertone 4565 (1937)Crosley 54 "Buddy Boy" (1930)Zenith 715 Tombstone (1933)Lyric Junior "The Rudolph" (1932)Trav-Ler TR-287-B "Power Mite" (1958)Zenith Royal 400 Pocket Radio (1961)
Zenith XD50G "Consoltone" (1961)Windsor JB-380 AM/FM "Jukebox"Halson 100M "Bullet" (1936)RCA 1-TP-2Hallicrafters 8R40 (1952)Windsor Deluxe 15066 Boy's RadioFirestone 4-C-29 HybridAirline 64WG-1804B (1947)Bulova 750Westinghouse H-795P6
Vista Transistor SixElectra Clock RadioContinental TR-200Bulova NT-730Majestic 75 Tombstone (1937)Olympic 770General Electric P-730Olympic 861Toshiba 6TP-314Heathkit TCR-1 "Your Cue" Clock Radio
Philco T5-124 "500"Zenith C724 (1959)Grebe M-1 Cathedral (1930)Silvertone 4465 Tombstone (1937)General Electric P-711CRCA 1-BT-48Chase Boy's RadioYashica YT-100Cawang RL4249MK3Northland 37 (1931)
Deluxe Boy's RadioEmerson 561-B (1947)Silvertone 1217 "700"Motorola X15A-1Panasonic RF-506Arvin 65R69Mitsubishi 6X-145Sony TR-620Gumby Radio (1985)Silvertone Cowboy Radio (1950)
Arvin 441T "Hopalong Cassidy" (1951)Sony TR-84Zephyr 696-6MSentinel 248 (1941)Motorola 68X-11Q (1949)RCA 5X (1936)Silvertone 4660 (1938)American Bosch 515Zenith G730 AM/FM (1960)Zenith G730 (1961)
Silvertone 4764 (1938)RCA 66X8 Catalin (1946)Atwater Kent 447 (1934)Philco 70 "Baby Grand" Cathedral (1931)Zenith 808 Tombstone (1935)Zenith Royal 500Stewart-Warner 62TC16 (1946)Regal L-46 "Ultradyne" (1946)Philco 42-321T (1942)Megatone R-43 Pocket Radio (1960s)
American Bosch 305 Ingraham Clock Radio (1932)Zenith H511 (1951)Sony ICF-9740W AM/FM (1978)Dow Radio (by Gilfillan)Emerson 157 "Clockette"Bearcat BC300 Scanner (1980)RCA 3-RF-91 AM/FM (1953)Zenith A733 (1953)Microphone Promotional Radio (1954)Zenith 808 Tombstone (1935)
Emerson AX-212 w/Ingraham Cabinet (1938)Zenith Royal 500H Gift Set (1962)Emerson 888 PioneerEmerson 555Zenith Royal 500HSentinel 137U (1939)Bendix 75P6U (1949)Philco 90 (1931)Stromberg-Carlson 61-T TombstoneRCA 6T (1936)
Rambler ST-620Detrola 302 "Teardrop" (1939)RCA 9TX33 (1939)Gilfillan 56C (1946)Truetone D714 (1939)Standard SR-D210RCA X552 (1951)Prosonic PQR-131 (1980s)Philco 610T "Big Bullet" (1936)General Electric T-127E (1963)
RCA 66X11 (1947)RCA R71 (1932)Trav-Ler A502 (1938)General Electric 356 (1948)Majestic 5A410 (1946)Silvertone 9001 (1949)General Electric K-80 (1934) TombstoneMagnavox IR-1206Alaron B-1066Viscount 833
Benida 1878Crown TRF-1500RNational AB-210Garod 6AU1 CatalinRCA X-551 (1951)Pacific Transistor-6Selsi BoyTruetone D2017 "Boomerang" (1950)Oceanic "Surcouf" (1954)Lloyd
Detrola 109 (1935)Spica ST711Joni TRN-6JCommodore Super Hi-FiRCA 96T5 (1939)Philco 39-30 (1939)RCA 66X1 (1946)Zenith 6-S-229 Tombstone (1938)Zenith 5-S-228 Black Dial Tombstone (1938)Magnavox 2FM42 (1964)
Kowa KT-91Truetone D2211 (1942)Motorola 65X11A (1946)General Electric GD-60 (1938)Mellow-Tone BoyCrosley D-25-CE "Dashboard" (1953)Ross TriumphEmerson CR274 (1939)Truetone D-727 (1938)Philco 60B (1935)
Zenith 6-D-629 (1942)Zenith X323 (1959)Sentinel 284NI CatalinCandle PTR-23Pilot 193 (1935)Crosley 57TK (1947)Airline 64WG-1804A (1946)RCA M-45 (1945)General Electric 202 (1948)Silvertone 6165 (1939)
Silvertone 6403 Firestone Radio (1939)Philco 38-62 (1938)Admiral 4204-WC (1941)Zenith Royal 500EZenith Royal 500Zenith 5-S-319 "Racetrack" (1939)Zenith Royal 40 (1962)Zenith Royal 300 (1957)Admiral 802 (1959)
Zenith Royal 500 (1957)Zenith Royal 500 Hand Wired (1956)Zenith Royal 50L (1962)Zenith Royal 50L (1962)Coke Vending Machine Radio (1970s)Philco Jr. 80 Cathedral (1932)Stewart-Warner R1711 AM/SW (1936)Emerson 543 (1947)Zenith 6-D-615 (1942)Zenith 10-S-155 Console (1937)
Philco 40-130T (1939-1940)RCA 4RA15 (1963)Pilot T601 "Pilotuner"Lexington (General Television) 524General Electric F-70 AM-SW (1937)Philco T-8J21Majestic 463 by Grigsby-Grunow (1933)Emerson EC-347 w/Ingraham Cabinet (1941)Stromberg-Carlson 61-H (1936)Deluxe Masterpiece (1934)
Westinghouse H-435T5 (1955)Zenith 4-B-131 (1937)Vision Deluxe TR-102 BoyMotorola 6X28NZenith Royal 500 (Hand-Wired)Mellowtone TR-604Sylvania TR-25Motorola 58A (1948)Emerson 642-A (1949)Silvertone 2015 (1956)
Jewel T.S.-10Sears 7216Omegas 8 DeLuxeRCA 110 Cathedral (1933)Standard Micronic Ruby SR-G430Star-Lite TR-24 Boy's RadioPhilco 59S (1935)Emerson DP-332 w/Ingraham CabinetEmerson 778General Electric K-80 Tombstone (1934)
Zenith 6-S-321 "Stars and Stripes" (1939)Zenith H-615Philco 48-200 (1948)Juliette WX-405 w/Box (about 1960)Channel Master 6515A Boxed Set (1960s)Zenith Royal 250 (1959)Garod M-66 (1935)RCA 1-RG-34Westinghouse RadioFarnsworth GT-051 (1947)
Liko OTR-6ASilvertone 6023 AM/SW (1938)Channel Master 6239Windsor Boy's RadioToshiba TR-60Zephyr ZR-620Commodore TW-60 SuperlativePhilco 42KR3 (1942)Crosley 516 (1936)TEST AD - IGNORE ME
Minerva L702 (1947)Pilot "Junior" Cathedral (1931)Megatone 642 DeLuxe (1960s)Marvel T23 BoyEmerson 578A (1946)Arvin 62R23 (1961)Airline GEN-1127A (1962)Silvertone 4209Stromberg-Carlson 1400 (1948)Stromberg-Carlson 1400H (1948)
General Electric P-917DEmerson 868 "Miracle Wand" Portable (1957)Sonora RZLU-222Crosley E-15 BE "Buick Front" (1953)Detrola 3101 (1940)Zenith 9-S-232 "Walton" Tombstone (1938)Sonora RZU -222 (1947)Philco 41-90 (1942)Zenith 5-R-236 Chairside (1937)
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