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Radios sold at the Radio Attic in 2024

Here are the 326 radios sold in 2024 at the Radio Attic!
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Crosley 63-TJ "Victory" (1946)Detrola 149E (1938)Motorola 53H (1954)Bendix 636CZenith 5-R-216 "Cube" (1938)Mantola R401 (1937)RCA 45EY-26 "Alice in Wonderland" 45rpm Phonograph (1951)Airline 04WG-731B (1940)Grunow 501 (1934)Zenith 9-S-232
Philco 16B (1935)Detrola 109 (1935)Zenith 10-S-130 (1937)Midland M6B (1946)Emerson 988 "Rambler" (1960)Brownie Six-Transistor (1960s)Sony TFM-825Kadette 66 (1936)DeWald H-533 (1954)Silver-Marshall T-694 (1935)
Zenith Royal D7000Y Trans-Oceanic (1976)Crosley 11-120 "Buick Front" (1951)Packard-Bell 35A (1934)Trav-Ler 502A (1936)Zenith 6-D-510 (1941)Philco 46-350 (1946)Stewart-Warner A51T3 (1947)RCA Q521 (1953)RCA 54B3 (1950)Philco 41-255T with Original Instruction Booklet (1941)
General Electric F-74 (1938)Wilcox-Gay A52 (1938)Farnsworth ET066 (1946)Airline 62-288 "Miracle" (1938)Zenith R-520/URR Military Trans-Oceanic (1953)Zenith Royal D7000Y Trans-Oceanic (1978)Wells-Gardner 7J (1934)Motorola 56CC-1 (1957)General Electric E-52 (1937)General Television/Climax "Emerald 1st Version" (1937)
RCA 4X551 (1954)Westinghouse H-422P4 (1957)Tele-Tone Radio (1947)Sylvania 1107 (1959)RCA 56X3 (1946)Zenith Royal 3000-1 Trans-Oceanic (1963-65)Mirror-Tone 804 (1947)Mirror-Tone 850 (1947)Zenith 6-S-229 (1936)RCA 8X-681 (1948)
Philco 37-600 (1937)Detrola Jr. "Pee-Wee" 216 (1939)SABA Sabine-M (1959)Emerson 977 Boxed Set (1960)Hallicrafters 5R10A (1951-1954)Emerson 540A "Emersonette" (1947)Delco R1140 (1938)Emerson 440 (1942)Detrola 208 (1939)Zenith 7-S-633R (1942)
Zenith Royal 250 (1959)Zenith 808Unknown RadioZenith 5-S-218 (1938)Zenith T-600 Trans-Oceanic (1954-55)Stanley "Powerlock" Tape Measure RadioAtwater Kent 82 (1933)Philco A52CK (1940)Philco PT-33 "Transitone" (1940)Philco TH-16 "Transitone" (1940)
Zenith 4G903 (1949)General Electric K-40-A (1933)Coronado 43-8305 (1948)Globe Four-StarPhilco 46-427 (1946)Zenith R-7000-2 Trans-Oceanic (1981)Detrola 114 (1938)Philco 90 (late -- 1932)Emerson AX-211 "Little Miracle" (1939)Zenith 9-S-232 "Walton" (1939)
Admiral 7T10C (1947)Air Castle BP6502 (1939)Atwater Kent 82 (1933)Raytheon CR-43 (1950)Silvertone R81 (1940/1941)Zenith 6-D-525 (1941)Emerson 520 (1946)Kennedy 63-A (1931)Emerson DX-356 (1941)Philco 41-230
General Electric L-572 (1941)Silvertone 4764 (1938)Atwater Kent 555 Music Box (1933)Motorola A4W (1956)Philco 51-532 (1951)Philco 45C "Butterfly" (1934)Zenith Royal D7000Y Trans-Oceanic (1978)Philco 90 (1933)Zenith Royal 3000-1 Trans-Oceanic (1965)Emerson 851B (1957)
General Electric 102 (1948)Atwater Kent 856 (1935)RCA 9-X-641 (1950)Zenith 5-G-2617 "Boomerang" (1942)RCA 1T4-H (1958)Zenith Royal D7000Y Trans-Oceanic (1976)Zenith H-845 (1964)General Electric T142A w/Original Box (1960)General Electric J-614 (1941)Trav-Ler 549 (1937)
Zenith 4-V-31 "Farm Radio" (1935)Jackson-Bell 84 "Peter Pan" (1931)Climax 381 (1934)Zenith 8G005YT Trans-Oceanic (1947)RCA 85T (1937)Zenith 5-S-119 (1937)Grebe M-1 (1931)RCA 56X3 (1946)Sony TR-620 (1960s)Silvertone 4463 (1936)
Admiral L51-K6 (1939)General Electric H-204 (1948)RCA 3-BX-671 Strato-World (1953/54)Zenith Royal D7000Y Trans-Oceanic (1978)Zenith Royal 7000 Trans-Oceanic (1969)Graymark 521 One-Tube Radio KitHoffman BP-709XPhilco 40-125 (1940)Atwater Kent 155 (1933)Sonora RCU-208 (1946)
Admiral 47-J55 (1940)Philco 70 (1933)Emerson AX-217 (1938)Zenith X519 (1955)Atwater Kent 46Grunow 670 (1934)RCA 56X10 (1945)Zenith Royal 7000 Trans-Oceanic (1969)Philco 41-255 (1941)Info-Spot AM Transmitter
Plata 9FM-64Zenith 9-S-232 "Walton" (1939)RCA 75X11 (1948)Crosley 5M3 (1934)Zenith L723 (1964)Zenith R-7000-2 Trans-Oceanic (1981)Zenith Royal D7000Y Trans-Oceanic (1976)Climax UE-64 (1938)Farnsworth AT-22 (1939)Philco 39-7 (1939)
Zenith Royal 51 (1966)Toshiba 10L-429FGeneral Electric 676 (1955)Atwater Kent 82 (1932)RCA 9TX-1 "Little Nipper" (1939)Federal 1024TB (1946)Zenith Royal 7000 Trans-Oceanic (1969)General Electric 411 (1950)Philco D-734 (1955)Sony ICF-P26
Silvertone 6421 (1939)Philco 90 (1931)RRS Super 500-501 (by Clinton, 1934)Arvin 664A (1946)RCA 2X61 (1953)Crosley 10-136E (1950)Spica ST-600Airline 62-702 (1939)Westinghouse H-127 (1945)Atwater Kent 49 (1928)
Zenith Deluxe Royal 500 (1961)Emerson 350AW (1933)Panasonic RE-7273 (1972)Zenith Royal 3000-1 Trans-Oceanic (1965)Crosley 167 "Dual Fiver" (1934)Zenith 6-S-527 (1941)Philco 41-231T (1941)Stewart-Warner 13-5U3 (1939)RCA 8X-681 (1948)Zenith Royal 500 (1958)
Walker Multi-Unit (1929-30)Lafayette 60 (1934)Halson 25 (1937)Steepletone NR-625Majestic 44 (1933)Atwater Kent 725 (1936)Airline 62-702 (1939)Emerson DP-332 (1939)Stromberg-Carlson 140H (1936)Sentinel 293W (1946)
Firestone S-7403-5 (1939)General Electric L-633 (1942)Air King - Premier (1935)Crosley 179 "Dual Seventy" (1934)Channel Master 6510 (1960s)Zenith Royal 16L Boxed Set (1965)Zenith Royal 16Y (1965)FADA 605W (1946)Crosley 63-TJ "Victory" (1946)Grundig 941W
Zenith M730 (1963 or 64)General Electric K-80 (1934)Zenith R-7000-2 Trans-Oceanic (1981)Emerson AR173 (1938)Admiral 167- 5D "Streamliner" (1939)Zenith Royal 280 (1965)Philco 40-120 (1940)Detrola 3042 (1939)Emerson AR-176 (1938)Silver 149 (1937)
DuMont RA-346 (1956)Micro Bottle Radio "7"Delco R-1229 (1947)Climax "LaSalle" (1937)Zenith 7-S-433 "Zephyr" (1940)Fairbanks-Morse 5C-T3 (1937)RCA 1X (1940)Zenith 10-S-130 (1937)Zenith 9-S-324 (1939)Westinghouse WR-100 "The Juke" (1935)
Pepsi-Cola Vendor Radio (1980s)Mantola R654-PM (1946)Zenith C725L (1963 or 64)Philco 48-200 Transitone (1948)Emerson 541 (1947)Belmont 638 "Rabbit" (1940)Zenith Royal 500H (1961)Zenith Royal 275 (1959/1960)Tom Thumb 950 (by Automatic Radio, 1938)Majestic 194 (1933)
HoneyTone Tape Recorder (early 1960s)Zenith Royal D7000Y Trans-Oceanic (1978)Airline 62-370Sentinel 163UL (1939)Sampson RadioFirestone S-7398-3 "Cosmopolitan" (1942)Zenith M730 (1963 or 64)Channel Master 6515 (1965)Belmont 5DA1 (1942)Zenith H845 (1964)
Emerson 587BZenith Royal 16 (NIB, 1970)Crosley D-25-MN (1953)Setchell-Carlson 417 (1947)Mirror-Tone 830 (1947)Silvertone 4565 (1937)Emerson AM-131 (1937)Philco 38-620T "Big Bullet" (1937)Detrola 208A (1938)Arvin 664A (1946)
Stewart-Warner 9251-C (1950)Majestic 2C60AP (1939)Unknown Tombstone (1935?)Zenith A-600L Leather Trans-Oceanic (1958)Zenith 6-D-312Colonial 342EL (1936)Airline 14WG-518 (1942)Philco 52-940 (1952)Emerson 36 (1934)RCA 143 (1934)
Airline 35GSE-1556C (1952)Hallicrafters S-38ECrosley 56TN (1946)Zenith C725L (1963 or 64)Sony SRF45WZenith Royal 700 (1957)ECA 132Hammarlund HQ-180 (1966)RCA X510 (Canada, 1954)Garod 6AU1 "Commander" (1945)
Detrola 319 (1940)Silvertone 6052 (1946)General Electric E-81 (1936)Westinghouse H806L5 (1961)FADA 740 (1947)Zenith 4-B-132 (1936)Corona 229 (1937)RCA 96T4 (1939)Crosley 11-102U "Bullseye" (1951)Zenith E430W (1971)
Philco 49-900 "Black Hippo" (1949)Echophone S-5 (1932)American Bosch 430T (1934)American Bosch 430-T (1937)General Electric S-22 (1931)Realtone TR-1088Westinghouse H-104A (1946)Zenith G516-W (1950)Packard-Bell 5F (1941)Zenith 7-D-229 (1937)
Zenith 7-S-363 (1938)Philco 40-125 (1940)Zenith G730 (1960)Trav-Ler T502 (1947)RCA 55X (1941)Crosley E90-BK (1953)RCA RGA12Y (1965)Crosley 11-101U "Dynamic Bullseye" (1951)Zenith 7000-1 Trans-Oceanic (1971)Crosley E-20-GY (1953)
Crosley E-15BE "Buick Front" (1953)Emerson BF207 (1938)Delco R-1157 "Playboy" (1939)Philco 39-6 (1939)General Electric 400 "Dial Beam" (1950)Templetone E-514 (1946)Westinghouse WR-186 (1940)Sentinel 314-I (1947)Mitchell 1274 "Bel Aire" (1954)Philco 41-120 (1941)
Stewart-Warner R-1881 (1938)Emerson 547-A (1947)Stewart-Warner R-1262A "The Stuart" (1936)Zenith 6-S-632 (1942)Stewart-Warner 9160 (1952)Zenith 6-D-029 "Boomerang" (1946)Silvertone 7243 (1939)Crosley 66-TW "American Overseas" (1946)Silvertone 4662 (1938)Philco 41-221 (1941)
Delco R1128 (1937)Motorola 65T21 (1946)General Electric 414F (1950)Zenith 723 (1955)Zenith C724 (1959)Crosley D-10 (1952)
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