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Melos 6-TransistorMagnavox AM-64Truetone DC3606BAdmiral Y2273GPNGlobal GR-900Admiral Y2223Juliette APR-205Continental TR-622Sanyo 6C-17Skymaster Tube Portable
Trav-Ler TR-620NEC NT-61Alpha M6MContinental TFM-1150/B (by Silver)Toshiba 6TP-314RCA Victor 3-RH10Spica ST-600Magnavox AM-80Fujitone Six TransistorZenith Royal 200
Claricon BoyMatsushita T-13Sony 2R-29Motorola 8X26ESeminole BP-311Heathkit XR-1Sony TR-84Realtone TR-555Geneal Electric P910CFriendship JSXZ-703
Silvertone 9204Norwood HiFi DeluxeJewel T.S.-10Bristol HiFi DeLuxeFancy MTR-61Magnavox 2-AM-80Philco T70-124Olympic 666Magnavox AM-60Sublime TR-808
Channel Master 6527Bulova 620GM Sportsman Transistor 6Linmark PR-100 Miniature Tube PortableCrown TR-610Fox GT-2Philco NT-807Sony TFM-951LHadson Tube PortableGlobal GR-711
Lafayette FS-91Hearever TR220 BoySpica ST-600General Electric P-766Philips L0X95T/62RChannel Master 6514Spica ST-600Magnavox AM-80Westinghouse H-693P8Petite NTR-120
Global GR-900Vision Deluxe TR-102 BoyCommodore Super DeluxeAdmiral Y2067Motorola X15NMotorola X14Motorola X11ERegency TR-7Richjewel 6 TransistorMitsubishi 6X-870
Zenith Royal 280Magnavox 2-AM-802Airline GEN-1218ACoronado RA60-9944ASony TR-620Sony TR-86Global GR-711Hitachi TH-666Zenith Royal 500DRealtone TR-1088 "Comet"
RCA Victor 1-BT-32Admiral Y713RStar-Lite Star-Fire SF-400Motorola X11RMotorola 6X31CMotorola X21Admiral Y2009Acme Boy's RadioZenith Royal 500LRCA 4RH12
RCA 1-TP-2JOldsmobile Trans-PortableZenith Royal 20North American 15 TransistorDeville 6 TransistorMatsushita T-92 (by Panasonic)National Panasonic T-91Zenith Royal 51York TR-62Sony TR-620
Star-Lite 6 TransistorRealtone TR-1820RCA 1-TP-2ETrav-Ler TR-281ASceptre BoyElectro 6Hoffman 719Panasonic T-7Philco NT-802WHGSilvertone 2209,11 "Medalist"
Electrohome TW-6 (Roland Series) Windsor 6T-220Regency TR-1GSony TFM-116A
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