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These are radios sold in the past year that were reported sold either the day they were published for sale or the next day.
They are displayed in random order. Click on any of these "One-Day Wonders" to see what you missed.....

Zenith Royal 675Zenith 6-D-525 (1941)Emerson 148 (1937)Zenith G723 AM/FM (1951)Mickey Mouse ConsoleCrosley 11-102U "Dynamic Bullseye" (1951)Coronado 588 (1947)Packard-Bell 46G (1939)Coronado 43-8160 "Jewel" (1947)Realtone TR-801
Zenith Y-723 AM/FM (1956)Philco D-661 Portable (1954)Zenith 6-D-311 (1939)Crosley 10-138 (1950)Emerson 838 HybridMarshall Radio (1938)Motorola 49L13Q Portable (1949)Motorola X21W Midget Pocket Radio (1960)Sony STR-6065 AM/FM Stereo Receiver (1971-74)Zenith 6-D-029 (1946)
Zenith 715 TombstoneJewel 5100 (1953)Zenith 5-S-127 (1937)Coronado 43-8160 "Jewel" (1947)Westinghouse 501 (1948)Northern Electric 5000 "Rainbow" (1946)Audition 1069Truetone D-724 AM/SW (1938)Philco 38-10 "Bullet" (1938)Zenith 6-D-525 (1941)
Emerson Patriot CatalinFirestone 7405-2/R-1651AS (1936)Sony 2R-30Arvin Rhythm Queen (1936)Silvertone 212Zenith 6-S-321 "Stars & Stripes" AM/SW (1939)Airline 62-346 (1939)Philco PT-69 (1939)RCA 5T Tombstone (1936)Admiral 4202-B6 Beetle (1941)
Crosley E-15 "Buick Front" (1953)Motorola 55L3U Portable (1956)Zenith Royal 50 (1960)Zenith 6-J-322 "Stars & Stripes" (1939)Columbia 400Crosley E-15 "Buick Front" (1953)Climax CV-316 "Emerald" (1938)Stromberg-Carlson 340-H (1937)Emerson 744 Series B (1954)Zenith 6-D-525 (1941)
RCA 2-C-514 Clock Radio (1952)Sony ICF-9640W AM/FM (1968)Motorola 57CS-2A Clock Radio (1957)G&F Sales "Searchlight" (1936)Firestone R-1661-A AM/SW (1936)Zenith 5-R-317 "World's Fair Special" (1939)Emerson 616-A w/Ingraham Cabinet (1949)McMurdo Silver 139 (1937)Emerson 659B AM/FM (1951)Zenith 7-S-529 (1941)
Crosley 11-124U (1951)Crosley D25CEBendix 526MC Catalin (1946)Realistic MTA-11 AM/FM (1981)Crosley 11-101U "Dynamic Bullseye" (1951)Firestone R-1661-A AM/SW (1936)General Electric 7-4100JA  (1932 repro)Emerson 888 PioneerZenith M-403 "Zenette" Portable (1954)Zenith 5-D-011 (1946)
Zenith 6-D-628 (1942)Sony ICF-9650W AM/FM (1978)RCA 45X11 (1940)Zenith 4-W-31 Tombstone (1936)Motorola AT31BG (1965)National Panasonic T-50 (Matsushita)Zenith 6-D-410 (1939)Silvertone 6050 (1946)Philco 41-22CL Clock Radio (1941)General Electric C2418A "Mickey" Clock Radio (1960)
Crosley 10-137 (1950)Airline 62-424B (1939)Detrola 148E AM/SW (1937)Zenith 5-S-127 AM/SW Tombstone (1937)Atwater Kent 337 Tombstone (1935)Packard-Bell 46 (1936)Philco 118 (1935)DeWald Little Giant (1931)Crosley 11-119U "Serenader" (1951)Philco PT-43 (1939)
Crosley D-25-MN Clock Radio (1953)Remler 21-3 "Minuette" Cathedral AM/PB (1932)Panasonic RF-2200 Multi-Band Portable (1977)Philco 21 Cathedral with StandPhilco PT-43 (1939)Magnavox 0FM018 (1958)Aetna 451 AM/SW (1937)Westinghouse WR-28 Tombstone (1934)Lafayette HA-600A (1970-75)Westinghouse WR-212 AM/SW (1936)
Emerson EC366 (1940)Emerson AM-169 w/Ingraham Cabinet (1937)Westinghouse H-598P4 Portable (1956)Grunow 460 "Living Tone" (1934)Bendix 55L3U (1949)Bendix 526C (1946)Motorola 53H (1954)Truetone D-2611 (1946)RCA 115 (1933)Realistic 12-742 "Astronaut" Portable (1969)
Zenith 6-D-525 (1941)Aetna 30A67W AM/SW (1935)Zenith R511F (1956)Zenith Royal 500E-1Emerson 118 (1936)Detrola 134A AM/SW (1939)Firestone 4-A-78 (1950)Zenith G516F Clock Radio (1950)Emerson 107 "Duotone" w/Ingraham Cabinet (1936)Atwater Kent 735 (1934)
Motorola 53H (1954)Zenith 6-S-229 Tombstone (1938)Zenith 6-D-526 "Waterfall" (1941)Clinton TRF "Baby Blue" (1938)General Electric C-2418A "Mickey Mouse" Clock Radio (1960)Garod 5A2 (1946)Bulova 730Pla-Pal World's Fair Radio Bar (1932)Zenith Royal 500DOlympic 861
Jewel 505 "Pin-Up" Clock Radio (1947)CBS T-200Zenith 7H822ZEmerson 169 (1937)Stewart-Warner R-180-A (1938)Crosley CR-37 "Bluebird" Replica (2010)Philco 40-125 AM/SW (1939)Westinghouse H327T6U (1951)Truetone D-724Motorola 53H (1954)
Magnavox AM-22Silvertone 6177-A (1939)Silvertone 4403 AM/SW (1937)Zenith 6-D-510 (1941)Emerson DB-347 w/Ingraham Cabinet (1941)Silvertone 101.585 (1946?)Crosley 66TC AM/SW (1946)Zenith K-725 AM-FM (1952)
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