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Emerson AX-211 "Little Miracle" (1939)


Emerson AX-211 "Little Miracle" (1939)

An Emerson Radio icon from 1939, this is one of their smallest models. Described in advertising as "Emerson, the Aristocrat of All Small Radios. With the Miracle Tone Chamber. Five tubes with seven-tube performance." The simple classic styling has been attributed to the great industrial designer Count Alexis De Sakhnoffsky, who also designed the Emerson "Mae West." This brown Bakelite midget set is in pristine condition. There are no cosmetic issues and still has much of its original showroom shine. Incredible condition for a small radio 80+ years old. It has its original black Bakelite knobs and black sled feet. It has a new cord that replaces its original resistance line, and it plays clearly picking up my local stations with just an antenna wire. A perfect replacement back is on the case. Its original purchase price was $9.95. About 8"W x 5"H x 3"D. Shipping most anywhere in the USA should run between $20-$25. $198.00. (1150899)


Zenith 5-G-2617 "Boomerang" (1942)


Zenith 5-G-2617 "Boomerang" (1942)

Zenith produced a series of "Boomerang" radios in the late 30's and early 40's. These sets were designed by Robert Duval Budlong, one of Zenith's most prolific designers, in wood and Bakelite. The radios were some of the last sets made before wartime production shifted in April of 1942. The Bakelite version model 5G617, is referred to as the "Darth Vader" model. To my knowledge, this wooden "Boomerang" model 5G2617 has never been sold on the Radio Attic before. Both 5G models were easily changed from DC and AC by a switch in the back of the chassis. Since they could be operated on battery, dial lamps were not utilized in the chassis. These models were marketed to people who lived on farms where there was no electricity, and to people in metropolitan areas where electricity was available. This "Boomerang" wooden set is in beautiful original finish condition without any cosmetic issues other than a minor scratch or two. The original butterscotch knobs which are almost always warped and misshapen are new perfect replacements. And a new perfect back is on the radio. On AC, it is playing well, picking up all my local AM stations clearly utilizing just an antenna wire. About 14"W x 9"H x 7"D. Shipping to anywhere in the us should run about $25 to $30. $188.00. (1150898)
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Restoration philosophy

My restoration philosophy is to leave these classic radios in their original condition as much as possible.  I hate refinishing or repainting a set unless it's absolutely necessary.  When this is necessary, I use a professional person for refinishing & repainting.  Over many years, I have attempted to acquire the best original undamaged examples of all models I could find.  They have been restored to playing condition unless noted. Any repairs that have been made, and any cosmetic flaws associated with the radio, are completely disclosed.  Keep in mind that these radios are 60+ years old, and, consequently, are not meant to played all the time.  We all love for these radios to play, but we also recognize that they should not be played all the time.

Warranty information

All radios are tested to make sure they are playing prior to shipping.  A lot of jostling in shipping can make tubes loose and connections become unconnected.  These are some of the unforeseen results associated with shipping.  I have no control over how the shipper treats the package.  If you purchase a radio and it is not working and playing when you receive it, I will offer several suggestions to help it work.  If those suggestions don't solve the problem, you are welcome to ship it back to me for any repairs that are necessary.  The radio will be shipped back to you at my expense, or your purchase price will be completely refunded if the set can't be repaired.

Conditions for return

I want you happy with any radio you purchase from me.  If you're not completely satisfied after receiving the radio, all you have to do is send it back in the same condition as shipped, and I will be happy to return your purchase price.  No sale is complete until you are satisfied.


Anyone who has bought a radio over the past years can relate many horror stories about opening a box, and finding a cracked and busted radio inside.  I have experienced this, and consequently I do everything possible to prevent this from happening to you.  A seller really only has three choices for shipping.  I have had the most success using FedEx Ground.  My packing procedure is to wrap the radio in a foam pad (like a mattress pad), wrap that in large bubble wrap, lay the wrapped set on a thick layer of styro peanuts, and surround the package in the box with thick brown packing paper to make sure it's stabilized in the box.  Then top off with a layer of peanuts.  Another secret to safe shipping is to use a box much larger than the radio so there is plenty of room for protection.  When you cram a radio in a box about the same size as the radio (to save on shipping), you are asking for trouble.  Many people double box radios for shipping. I have found that if a radio is packed properly, single boxing is adequate and very safe.  All radios are insured and tracking information sent to the buyer.

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  • Dave.. radio arrived in Ireland all well and looks great. I am really happy. Thanks for packing it so well. You certainly know how to pack.
  • Another impeccable packaging job David. The radio arrived safely, timely and I like it better in person than I did online!
  • Hi David. The Emerson arrived yesterday. Yours was the best packing job I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot of them!
  • Hi David. Greetings from The Netherlands. The Sparton arrived today. Good packing and exactly in the condition you described.
  • David, thanks for a great set - in beautiful condition and it performs superbly. The lighted thumbwheel dial is spectacular in a dark room.
  • David, the radio was delivered today & was in excellent condition. Great packing job!
  • Received the radio this morning. Excellent packaging, excellent cabinet, and excellent playing!
  • Thanks for a great packing job, David. She's a beaut and looks even better than in her pictures!!
  • Thanks so much. The Crosley radio arrived in the most "damage-proof" packaging known to man! Great job!
  • The best packing job I've ever seen! You should start a business instructing shippers how to properly pack a box! Thanks David for being so easy to work with.
  • I just wanted to let you know Crosley Dashboard arrived safe and sound. The packaging was outstanding. Thanks for the radio. It is beautiful, it is better than expected. Radio is everything you said it was and more.
  • I received the Zenith today and I'm impressed. Everything from dealing with you, the packaging, along with its looks and the way it plays were more than I expected. Thank You.
  • Got the Emerson U5A in great shape. What a beauty! Thank you.
  • David. I received the Bendix today and must say I am very pleased. Thanks much for a speedy and safe delivery.
  • The Motorola radio arrived in good shape yesterday. Thanks again!
  • The radio arrived today in Australia. Super well packed. Looks great and plays nice and clear!
  • Hi David! Just a quick note to say I got the radio this past Saturday and it arrived in perfect condition thanks to your careful packaging. I love the radio!
  • David, the Zenith arrived safe and sound. Looks and works great! Thanks!
  • Hi David - the Crosley got here safe and sound. Unpacked it today - it's so beautiful - thanks so much for taking such good care of it.
  • Received the radio. Well packaged, great Housing, plays great. Thanks.
  • Got the zenith and etching, all is well, no damage and the little gem sounds great, picking up all my local stations with no annoying filter hum. Once again, thanks for your help with my collection.
  • They arrived today, right on time, and powered up and played just fine! Great radios, thank you!
  • The Zenith arrived today in Finland, it's in awesome condition. Like a new one. Thank you again for your perfect packing job. You are still the best!
  • The Philco radio got here today in excellent condition. We unpacked, set the clock and turned it on. We will enjoy this radio for many years! Thank you!
  • Received the Philco clock radio and it is lovely. Thank you very much for your courtesy and cooperation.
  • I got the Zenith yesterday, I opened it today and plugged it in. What a beautiful radio. It couldn't be any more perfect. Thank you very much!
  • Thanks so much! The radio arrived in great shape and looks beautiful.
  • Awesome Crosley. Awesome! Very excited to get a great restore. I will be watching your page for more radios.
  • The Motorola looks beautiful without a scratch on it thanks to your extremely perfected packaging technique. On top of that, it sounds great. Tonight I picked up 14 stations.
  • The Admiral arrived today, it's an amazing radio. Thanks for the excellent packing job, material of the radio looks very fragile.
  • David, The radio arrived yesterday , I love it! You did a Great Job!
  • The FADA arrived safely this morning. It far exceeds my expectations! The photo on Attic does not do it credit. It is lovely. The packing is superb as well.
  • The Philco arrived yesterday in great condition due to your superior packing.  Thank you so much!
  • Radio arrived today in Australia, and I am VERY pleased with my purchase!!! Plugged it in, switched it on and it plays magnificently - very clear and plenty of volume. Also my thanks on the packing - excellent wrapping and packing of the radio.
  • She's a beauty David, playing an oldies station now. Thanks for the great packing job.
  • The restoration is fabulous, and it plays just as well. The packaging is first rate. This is one of the best-packed radios I have ever received.
  • I received the little red RCA today. Thank you for doing such a great job of packing. The radio receives as good as it looks....GREAT! It is playing loud and clear.
  • Hi David, The 2 radios arrived yesterday in good shape. They are beautiful! Thank you very much.
  • The radio arrived today and I love it! it's so cool, and about the way you packaged the radio, very neat and well done! you know what you're doing
  • Hi David. Just to let you know that my FADA has arrived safely in Australia, and is working well. I am listening to it as write this email.
  • Hi, David the radio plays great and we love it here, picks up all the stations, nice tone.  Thanks for selling these!
  • The radio is at home in Spain. It is in PERFECT CONDITION, clearly thanks to the SPECIAL CARE you have taken when packing it, and it is VERY NICE and WORKS VERY WELL.
  • David, just wanted to let you know the radio arrived yesterday... beautiful. Thanks for taking great care in the packaging...arrived with no issues at all.
  • The Philco is beyond expectations.  You were also the best wrapper I have ever met.
  • Just to let you know that the Setchell-Carlson arrived today in Australia without a hitch and in perfect condition. It performs extremely well & clear. Thanks for packing it well & look forward to future trades!
  • Brilliantly packed and man does that radio play like a champ! You are the best vintage radio seller, hands down. Thank you thank you!
  • The radios arrived today, safe and sound - thanks for a super packing job.
  • Just a quick note to let you know that the radios arrived last Friday, and both look great!!
  • The radio arrived in good shape and working fine. I wouldn't hesitate to order another radio from you.
  • I purchase from you because I trust you and you are a man of your word. What you sell is true to what you say it is.
  • The G.E. H-510 came today in great shape!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much, you did a good job restoring this one!!!
  • Prompt shipping, great packaging, excellent housing, and excellent playing radio. Thanks.
  • Just received the radio, what a great addition to our collection.... Thanks!
  • I want to thank you for your great customer care. I wish there was a place I could leave you feedback!
  • The radio arrived today. It looks great and plays well. Thanks for a thorough packing job.
  • The wood Crosley is a beauty! Thank you for the great packing and a fine radio to add to my personal collection.
  • Just a quick note to tell you the radios arrived last week and I got a chance to open the boxes today. I'm delighted with both, and the way they were packed. Thank you! Thank you!
  • Just got the Crosley!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Everything works great!!!!

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