the Radio Attic

Radios sold at the Radio Attic in 2012

Here are the 1,295 radios sold in 2012 at the Radio Attic!

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CBS 5155Trav-Ler T-201Mickey Mouse NoveltyPanasonic R72 "Toot-a-Loop"Silvertone 4764 (1938)Crosley 24AU Tombstone (1941)Silvertone 1942 Tombstone (1936)Motorola 6T (1936)Philco 116B Tombstone (1936)Silvertone 4769 (1939)
Zenith Royal 750 Leather Portable (1957)Zenith Royal 760 "Navigator" Portable (1958)Zenith Royal 850 Clock Radio (1958)Zenith Royal 400 (1961)Zenith Royal 50 Pocket Transistor (1960)Zenith 9-S-232 "Walton" Tombstone (1938)RCA 4T Cathedral (1935)General Electric 424 (1954)Guild 6610 "Old Timer" AM/FM (1958)Zenith B508R (1959)
Zenith Royal Deluxe 755 (1959)French Telephone Novelty RadioTruetone D2615 (1946)Zenith 5-S-119 (1937)KLH 20 Speaker PairFarnsworth P-860Hitachi TH-666 Pocket Transistor (1957)Atwater Kent 44 (1928)RCA 87T2 (1937)Bulova 204 "Companion" Portable (1955)
Califone 1455K PhonographLloyd's TM-838A (1960)Motorola C2B3 Clock Radio (1959)Sparton 420 Tombstone (1931)Packard-Bell 501 (1949)Olympic 6A-501 (1946)Detrola F-58 (1938)Motorola 6T26M (1947)Coronado MCP619 (Ca 1946)Philco 46-350 Portable (1946)
Atwater Kent 145 Tombstone (1934)Holiday De Luxe "Hi Fi" Transistor (Japan)Stromberg-Carlson 1101HW (1947)Global GR-711 Pocket Transistor (1959)Blue Pooch RadioAtwater Kent 82 Cathedral (1932)Stewart-Warner 142 (1936)Silvertone 4564 Tombstone (1936)Silvertone 132-818-1 (1940s?)Philco 49-504 (1949)
Sharp PF-116 "Pagoda" RadioGrundig 305 Portable (1955)Nordmende "Transista" Portable (1971)Soviet "Gramophone" (1937)Echophone 40 "Echoette" Mini-Cathedral (1932)Stewart-Warner 123-1 "Troubador" Mini-Cathedral (1933)Stewart-Warner 123-5 "Aristocrat" Tombstone (1933)Sparton 6-66A (1948)Monarch Radio (Ca 1935)Motorola 68X12A (1948)
Zenith 5-S-127 Tombstone (1937)Hoffman 300 (1946)Hoffman Radio TV and Stereo Display SignAtwater Kent 10 Breadboard, No. 4340Oscar the GrouchSilvertone 8010 Clock Radio (1948)Delco R-1234 (1946)General Electric 107 (1948)General Electric 150 Portable (1949)Silver 146 (1937)
Emerson EH-342 (1941)Motorola 61L11 PortableTruetone D-2615 Stratoscope (1946)Zenith 6-S-321 (1939)Emerson DR1-343 w/Ingraham Cabinet (1941)Philco 84B Cathedral (1934)Batman Novelty AM/FMClimax CathedralZenith 807 Tombstone (1935)Setchell-Carlson ER331
Howard 260 (1937)Addison 5 CatalinAddison 5 CatalinZenith 808 Tombstone (1935)Zenith 807 Tombstone (1935)Emerson CL246 (1939)Atwater Kent 735 Tombstone (1934)Emerson RadioDelco R-1231 (1948)Zenith 6-D-525 (1941)
Pilot 40174 Cathedral (1931-32)Silvertone 6356 (1939-40)Automatic 613X (1946)Admiral 5E23-AN (1950)Stewart-Warner 07-511H (1939)Male Chauvinist Pig RadioPhilips CM23L (1949)Champion SPR-1010H Spark Plug RadioPhilco 41-226Zenith 6-D-525 "The Toaster" (1941)
Detrola 319Philco H765 "Predicta" Clock Radio (1958)Philco C579 (1940)Zenith 808 Tombstone (1935)Jewel 955 (1949)Emerson DL1-330 (1939)RCA 9-TX (1939)General Electric H-620Trav-Ler 5060 (1950)Sentinel 332 (1949)
Setchell-Carlson 416 (1946)Sonora RCU-208 (1946)Emerson DB-315 w/Ingraham Cabinet (1939)Addison R5A4 (1943)Westinghouse H-398T5 Clock Radio (1953)Emerson 659 AM/FM (1949)Silvertone 4565 (1936-37)Silver-Marshall 62A (1934)St. Regis 3734 (1937)Emerson 367 (1940)
Crosley 127 (1931)Westinghouse H629T4ARCA 45X4 (1940)Silver-Marshall "All World Five" (1935)General Electric P-1750 Pocket Transistor (mid-60s)Victor VV-IV PhonographPhilco 42-PT92 (1942)Knight Portable RadioEmerson 724DStromberg-Carlson 1400H (1949)
Silvertone 3026 Clock RadioBlabber Mouse Radio by Radio Shack (1985)Detrola 836 (1936)Zenith K731 (1963)Truetone D-727 (1938)General Electric K-43 Cathedral (1933)Philco PT-28Sylvania 614 (1954)Zenith 8-S-137 Zephyr Export Model (1937)Silvertone 4566
Olympic 7-421W (1949)Airline 93BR-508 (1940)Zenith 6-D-628 (1942)Philco 80 Jr (80B) Cathedral (1932)Zenith 6-D-520 (1941)Philco 60 Cathedral (1933)Arvin 753T (1953)Mormel L-850 De-Luxe Pocket TransistorPhilco 70 Cathedral (1931)Automatic 613X "Compass Dial" (1946)
Bulova 701(1933)Zenith H500 Trans-Oceanic (1951)Philco 37-610B Tombstone (1937)Sonora 179 (1942)Bendix 110W (1947)Blaupunkt Verona 22103Crosley Reproduction Wooden Table RadioArtic RadioRCA 45X-1 (1940)Zenith 908 Tombstone (1935)
Olympic 6A-501 (late 1940s)Zenith L600 Trans-Oceanic (1954)Zenith Y723 (1956)Philco 53-653Emerson CR-262 w/Ingraham Cabinet (1939)Silvertone 4565 (1936)Philco 45 (1934)Philco TH-1 (1939)Silvertone 6012 (1947)Truetone D-1011 (1939)
Emerson Radio (1933)Zenith 6-S-527 (1941)Porto-Server Baradio (Stewart-Warner 9008B, 1946)DeWald B-504 Portable (1948)General Electric A-53 Tombstone (1935)Zenith H500 Trans-Oceanic (1951)Stromberg-Carlson 952-H (1938)Midland M6B Coin Operated Radio (1946)Motorola 56H (1956)RCA 8X53 (1948)
Philco 49-501 (1949)Addison 5 (1940)Jewel 910 Clock Radio (1950)Mickey and Scooby Novelty Radios (1972)Motorola 6X11U (1952)Motorola C33WK Clock RadioZenith 4-K-310 "Pancake" RadioSpace Shuttle RadioRadiola UZ1320 Horn SpeakerStewart-Warner 9162-C Clock Radio (1952)
Crosley 689 "Sextette" (1939)Emerson 511 "Moderne" (1946/47)Arvin 243T (Red)Crosley 11-102U "Bullseye"Motorola 57X (1947)Crosley Super Trirdyn Regular (1925)Zenith 6-S-527 (1941)Zenith 5-R-316 (1938)Motorola 56R (1953)Crosley E-15TN "Buick Front" (1953)
Motorola 56H "Torpedo" (1956)Jesse French and Sons Model Junior (1932)Howard J-3 "Compact" (1933)Philco 49-905 (1949)Grebe 307 (1938)Victor Victrola 55-9 IX (1920s)General Electric 676 (1956)Emerson 547A (1947)Air Castle V-1030 (1938)Sony ICF-510MK2 AM/FM Pocket Transistor
RCA 8X541 (1949)Zenith Y723 AM/FM (1956)Motorola 67C Clock RadioWestern Royal 279 (circa 1940)Atlas Car Battery Radio w/BoxArvin 243T (Leaf Green)General Electric C421A Clock Radio (1958)Arvin 450TL (1950)FADA 790 Series B AM/FM (1948)General Electric 201 Plaskon (1946)
Crosley 10-137 (1950)Zenith X337W AM/FM (1967)Heinz Ketchup Bottle RadioGulden's Mustard Jar RadioCoca-Cola Transistor RadioFADA LA60 (1939)Zenith 8-S-434 (1940)Kennedy Coronet 42 (1931)Stromberg-Carlson 130-U Tombstone (1936)Lionel Radio (1936)
Philco E-814-124 (1958)Zenith Royal 500HRCA Creighton 6-X-8 (1955)Motorola 53H (1954)Guild 556 "Country Bell" (1956)RCA RGA1046E Pocket Transistor (late 1960s)Crosley 54G "Buddy Boy" (1931)Emerson BA-201 (1938)Zenith Royal 1000 Trans-Oceanic (1958)Philco 16B Cathedral
Arvin 441T "Hopalong Cassidy"Grunow 1291 "Teledial" ConsoleGeneral Electric H601 (1939)Marsco Pocket TransistorZenith Royal 16 R-16L1 Pocket Transistor (1960s)Zenith Royal 16 R-16J Transistor (late 60s)Magnavox AM-811 Pocket Transistor Emerson 300 Jewel Chest (1933)Hemisphere 655 Pocket Transistor (late 60s)Harlie R-1400 Pocket Transistor (late 60s)
RCA 16X1 (1941)Motorola 58X11 (1949)Telefunken Caprice 5451WPhilco 52-940Suitcase Style Portable Clock RadioGeneral Electric 218 AM/FM (1950)Airline 5V-181Sentinel Radio (1960s?)General Electric C751 Midget (late 1950s?)Motorola 5R1 (1951?)
Arlington Radio (post-War)Philco T7-126( 1956)Zenith Royal 500 Pocket Transistor (1956)Encore Hi-Fi 10 Pocket TransistorCrosley 9-122 (1948)Brandes (Federal) AM/SW (1946)Silvertone 9000 (1949)Emerson 511 (1946)Philco 41-22CL Clock Radio (1941)Apple of My Eye Radio
RCA 40X-54 "Nautical"Airline AM/FM Radio (1948)General Electric A70 Tombstone (1935)Clapp-Eastham Radak Type R-4Zenith Royal 16 R16P3 Transistor (late 60s)Utah 16 SpeakerTeletone RadioZenith 807 Tombstone (1935)Telechron 8H59 "MusAlarm" Clock Radio (1949)Deck of Cards Radio
RCA X551 (1949)Westinghouse H-322T5 (Ca 1950)Emerson 106 (1935)Zenith 5-S-29 Tombstone (1936)Admiral 5T32N (1956)General Electric E-81 Tombstone (Canada, 1938)Music Master Mini Cathedral (circa 1932)Crosley E-15WE (1953)SPAD French Fighter Plane RadioBulova 672 Pocket Transistor (1962)
Motorola Radio (1940)RCA 45X2 (1940)Atwater Kent 70 (1930) LowboyCorgitronics 1006 TransistorSupersonic Jet F-125 RadioKingsonic D6577A Football Radio Zenith 8-H-832 AM/FM (1948)Channel Master 6505 (1962)Emerson 988 (1960)Sanyo RP5050 AM/FM Pocket Transistor
Bulova 2YC-23 AM/FM TransistorCoronado 43-8160 "Jewel" (1947)Super Jet Fighter F-125 Transistor (60s-70s)Stromberg-Carlson 124-H (1936)Coca-Cola Transistor Radio (1970s)Seven-Up Transistor Radio (1970s)RCA XF-4 (1959)Stellarsonic Cathedral ReplicaCheeseburger RadioMotorola 57CS Clock Radio (1957)
Pilot AA-920 Mono Amplifier (1950s)Radiola 76ZX11 (1948)Arvin 2581 (1959)Philco 40-190 Console (1940)Stromberg-Carlson 225H (1936)Echophone S-4 Cathedral (1931)General Electric 7-2705 Pocket Transistor (1971)Bulova 620 "Comet" (1957)Crosley 506 (1937)Midwest "The Moderne" Tombstone (1937)
Regal Unknown ModelToshiba 7TH425 (1961)Bulova 672 Pocket Transistor (1962)Bulova 660 "Hercules" Pocket Transistor (1959)Stromberg-Carlson 761General Electric L-604 (1941)Grundig "Mini World" 100-PEZenith Trans-Oceanic A-600 (1958)Philco 49-900Airline 93BR-431B (1939)
Admiral 7T10 (1947)Sentinel 293W (1946)RCA 3-BX-672 Strato-WorldStewart-Warner A72T4 (1947)Philco 40-120CI (1940)DeWald 501 "Harp" Catalin (1946)Sonora WAU-243 (1939)Crosley "Sextet" Tombstone (1932)Emerson EP-367 (1937)Emerson GS-317 (1939)
Gilfillan A6E (1937)Zenith Royal 50WK Gift Set (1961)Belmont 6D-111Crosley "The Super Three"Realistic "DX-400" 20-207 Multi-Band PortableEmerson AX217 "Little Miracle" w/Original Box (1938)RCA 2X61 (1953)Emerson 509 (1946)Candle PTR-63 Pocket TransistorZenith Converta 50 Speaker Box (1962)
Vanguard Six Transistor Pocket RadioContinental TR622 Pocket Transistor (1962)Emerson 888 "Explorer" (1960)Philco 70 Cathedral (1931)Zenith Royal 950 Clock Radio (1958)Packard-Bell 532 Clock Radio (1954)Philco 46-420St. Regis Gothic Cathedral (1934)Zenith 12-S-232 "Walton" Tombstone (1938)Jackson-Bell 62 "Swan" Cathedral (1931)
Olympic Opta Bella Type 5700W (1958)Zenith 6-D-525 (1941)Philco 50-522 TransitoneZenith Royal 500E Pocket Transistor (1959)Universal PTR-62B Pocket Transistor (1962)General Electric P780H "Long Range" Portable (1965)Zenith 12-S-374 Console (1938/39)Arvin 441T "Hopalong Cassidy"Zenith 8G005 Trans-Oceanic (1947)FADA 790 Series B AM/FM (1948)
Westinghouse WR-28 Tombstone (1934)RCA 75X17 (1948)Westinghouse RC Regenerative ReceiverAtwater Kent 20 (1924)Crosley "Fiver" Deluxe (1938)Radiola 103 Tapestry SpeakerNorthern Electric 5000 "Rainbow" (1947)Trav-Ler 5356 (1939)Firestone R-313A/S-7426-3 (1939)Microphone Radio
Truetone D-1118 (1942)RCA 1-T-1DJ Pocket Transistor (1960)Sharp Suntone TR-202Motorola A8R-60 (1959)Motorola A1R-24 (1959)Philco 90 CathedralPhilco 49-506 "Flying Wedge" (1949)Sentinel 284 CatalinZenith 6-D-525 (1941)Zenith 6-D-516 "Beehive" (1941)
Jackson-Bell 84 "Peter Pan" Mini Cathedral (1931)Emerson 50B1 PlaskonPhilco 90 Cathedral (1932)General Electric MusaphonicZenith R-511R "Broadway" (1954)Zenith 9-S-232 "Walton" Tombstone (1938)Stromberg-Carlson 1151 (Canada-1948)Motorola 57CF Clock RadioMotorola X31N-1 (1962)Motorola X48N
Motorola X23E (1961)Motorola X21 (1961)Zenith R519V (1955)General Electric 556 (1954)Westinghouse Radio (unknown model)Crosley D-10RD "Dynamic Bullseye" (1951)Motorola 55X11-A (1946)Zenith R-519R Clock Radio (1954)Aiwa AR-865 Transistor (1965)Philco 37-600 (1937)
Emerson 213 w/Ingraham Cabinet (1938)Setchell-Carlson 58A-375 "The Jet" (1949)Simplex Zephyr (1939)Philco 49-503 (1949)Marconi 180 (1940)Admiral Pocket Transistor Y701R (1968)Packard-Bell 46H (1939)Philco 90 Cathedral (1932)General Electric J-82 Cathedral (1933)Atlas Radio
Crosley E-15WE (1953)Remler 10-3 Tombstone (1932)Hamilton Beach 400 AM/FM/WB Auto Can Opener St. Regis 661 Tombstone by International Kadette (1935)Zenith 9-S-232A "Walton" TombstoneGuild 484 "Spice Chest" (1956)Wells-Gardner 5FJack Russell Coke Machine AM/FM Transistor (1970s)Heathkit 07223 "Blue Velvet" Clock Radio (1958)Motorola 56R (1953)
Panasonic R-1027 Pocket Transistor (1970)Guild 484 Spice Chest (1956)Emerson 713 Series A (1952)Silvertone 6425 (1939)Ross RE-1915-N (1970s)Westinghouse H577T4Emerson 540 (1947)American AceGeneral Electric 3-5244 AM/FM/Cassette PortableZenith 12-S-245 Chairside (1938)
Admiral 371-5R "Bullet" (1940)Zenith 6-D-030 (1946)Eico HFT-90 FM TunerSilvertone 7054Emerson DY-349 w/Ingraham Cabinet (1941)Kadette 36 (1935)Garod EAZenith 5-R-216 Cube (1938)RCA 36X (1941)Crosley 11-116U "Serenader" (1951)
Norelco L2X97T Portable Clock Radio (1960)Continental 5CU (1939)Arvin 602A (1939)Zenith 6-S-220 (1938)Toshiba 10TL-429F AM/FM (1961)Motorola 59X (1950)Philco 42-321 (1942)Philco 48-460Westinghouse H-126 "Little Jewel" (1945)Universal Electronics 1440M Transistor (1965)
General Electric 202 (1947)Philco 118X Console (1935)Zenith 5-S-119 (1937)Telefunken Rondo 55 (1955)Stewart-Warner "The Aristocrat" Tombstone (1933)Zenith 7-J-232 "Walton" Tombstone (1938)Emerson Tombstone (1938)Sparton 350 (1953)Philco 90A Cathedral (1932)Airline 32-317 (1937)
Crosley 11-115U "Serenader" (1951)Zenith 6-D-311 (1939)Zenith Royal 500D (1958)Zenith Royal 500Zenith Royal 500 (translucent case)Commodore 202 Novelty AM RadioColonial 36AC Cathedral (1930)Silvertone 132.4301 Clock Radio (1970s)Trav-Ler 5028-A "Picnic Portable" (1947)Motorola B6W
Airline 93BR-715 (1939)Zenith A-600 Trans-Oceanic (1958)Motorola X23E (1962)Viscount Pocket TransistorTruetone Pocket TransistorWilco ST-88 Pocket TransistorAdmiral YK201GPCoronado 43-8160 "Jewel" (1947)Montgomery Ward "Ultra Coat" Paint Can RadioHoliday 4141 Transistor
General Electric Pocket TransistorGeneral Electric 200 (1946)Crosley 10-4138Zenith 705Zenith L622 Clock RadioAdmiral 7T10 (1947)FADA 1000 "Streamliner" Catalin (1946)Federal DX-58Trimm Concert Model Horn SpeakerStreamliner Radio
Estee Lauder TransistorRadiola 61-3Motorola 56H "Torpedo" (1956)General Electric C-430 Clock Radio (1960)Philco 610 TombstonePhilco 48-200 (1948)Motorola 56CS Clock Radio (1956)Crosley D-25-CE Clock Radio (1953)Silvertone 4500-A "Election" (1936)Admiral PR-277 Pocket Transistor
Truetone D2610 (1946)Atwater Kent 435 TombstoneRealistic 12-719 AM/FM Pocket Transistor (late 70s)RCA 9TX21 (1939)Guild 638A "Buccaneer" (1965)Gilfillan 711T (1937)Rite-Aid "1934" ReplicaZenith R-511-V "Broadway" (1954)FADA 855 (1949)Zenith 5-S-319 with "Racetrack" Dial (1939)
Bendix 301 (1948)American Bosch 420 (1935)Zenith Y723 AM/FM (1956)Silvertone 6120 (1939)Emersonette 540 MidgetStromberg-Carlson 900-HAirline 04BR-513A (1941)Mantola 283 (1938)Silvertone 4763 (1938)Belmont (Freshman-Masterpiece) 401 Tombstone (1935)
General Electric GD-60 (1939)Hallicrafters 51C2 Clock RadioZenith 6-D-2615 "Boomerang"Motorola 51X (1939)Silvertone 1 (1950)Emerson 375LW (1934)Meck "Trailblazer" (1948)Airline 93BR-508A (1939)Silvertone 2015 (1954)Radiola 61-8 (1947)
General Electric C1400 Clock RadioPhilco 38-15 (1938)RCA 66X11 (1947)Zenith 6-D-311 (1939)Philco 70 Cathedral (1932)Stromberg-Carlson C-1 Clock Radio (1951)Philco 48-200 (1948)Capitol Record Player (1950s)Zenith R511-F "Broadway" (1954)Crosley 11-119U "Left-Hand Bullseye" (1951)
Airline 04BR-513A (1940)Grunow 501 Chrome Front (1933)Crosley 58 "Buddy Boy" Repwood (1931)Emerson 520 Catalin (1946)Zenith 6-D-525 (1941)Zenith A513A (1956)Zenith 6-S-527 (1941)Gilfillan 5-B-9 (1941)General Electric GD-60 (1938)Westinghouse H-125 "Little Jewel" (1945)
Bendix 526A (1946)Coronado 43-8351 (1947)Stromberg-Carlson 1500-H (1946)Emerson 544 (1947)Zenith A515V Clock Radio (1958)Westinghouse H669TS Clock Radio (1958)Philco G755-124 Clock Radio (1959)Motorola 5H13U (1950)Delco R-1125 (1937)Arvin 59 (1958)
Zenith 5-S-220 Cube (1938)Crosley D-10BE "Dynamic Bullseye" (1951)Zenith J615W (1952)Zenith M510W (1954)Zenith 6-D-512 "Beehive" (1941)Zenith M-531-G (1955)Zenith 5-S-218 "Cube" (1938)Philco 182 (Canada - 1955)Crosley D-25-BE Clock Radio (1953)Motorola 53H (1954)
Airline 14BR521A (1946)DeWald Midget (1939)Majestic 651 Bakelite (1937)Coca-Cola MC194 Mini Cooler w/BoxViscount 6TP-102 Pocket TransistorSilvertone 6400 Midget (1939)Gilfillan 56B (1946)Gran Prix A100 Pocket TransistorPanasonic R-1014 Pocket TransistorSanyo RP1250 Pocket Transistor
RCA 3-RF-91 AM/FMGeneral Electric 466 (1955)Emerson 31T66 (1955)DeWald H528 Clock Radio (1954)Emerson 108 (U5A) Mini Tombstone (1936)Detrola 148E (1938)Zenith 5-S-218 Cube (1938)Sparton 059K (1938/39)Crosley E-10 WEGeneral Electric 451A Clock Radio (1959)
Coca-Cola Vending Machine RadioKnight 5015Emerson 810-B (1955)RCA 40-X1 "Treasure Chest" (1939)Unknown Big Dial Table RadioEmerson 811 Series D (1955)General Television & Radio 534 "Piano" (1939)Zenith 3000-1 Trans-Oceanic Portable (1965)Zenith M403 Portable (1953)Crosley CR-3 (1988)
Crosley CR-1 (1988)Electra Pocket TransistorMajestic IS-49 "Melody Cruiser" (1941)Jackson-Bell 96 Cathedral (1933)Universal Publicizers Novelty Mike Radio (1955)Emerson CY-288 "Big Strad" (Ingraham) (1939)Belmont 5D128 (1946)General Electric 1710A (1965)Airline 84BR-1816 (1948)Motorola 56R (1953)
RCA 46X12 (1940)Belmont 6D111 ReplicaMitchell 1260 "Lumitone" Radio-Lamp (1941)Panasonic RE-7487 AM/FM (1969)Delco R-1401 Portable (1939)Zenith T521F Clock Radio (1956)RCA 4X551 (1955)Northern Electric 5000 "Baby Champ" (1946)Emerson 602A (1955)Northern Electric 5408 Midge "Bullet"
Stromberg-Carlson 1101HZenith 6-D-516 (1941)RCA 121 Cathedral (1933)Pacifica Radio (1937)Telefunken Allegro (1961)Emerson AE-163 (1937)FADA 270T (1938)RK Radio Labs "Keg Radio" (1933)Silvertone 2015 (1954)Zenith 5-S-29 Tombstone (1936)
Grantline Radio (1950s)Majestic 5LA7 (1951)Stromberg-Carlson 130H "Stop Sign" Dial (1936)Columbia Windup PhonographEmerson RadioCoronado 43-8160 "Jewel" (1947)RCA T8-14 Tombstone (1936)Truetone D-914Zenith C-268W Clock Radio (1990)Sonora WAU-243 (1939)
Northern Electric 5000 "Baby Champ" (1946)Crosley 11-115U Serenader (1951)RCA 66X8 CatalinArvin Rhythm Queen Console (1936)General Electric C403D Clock Radio (1964?)Howard 68-4115 (1937)Fairbanks-Morse 72 (1938)Truetone D-727 or T-3 (1938)Emerson 157 "Clockette" (1937)Wilco Deluxe ST-88 Pocket Transistor (1963)
Sanyo RP-5050 AM/FM Pocket Transistor (late 70s)Silvertone 6025 Clock Radio (1956)Bulova 100 Clock Radio (1957)Stromberg-Carlson 1100 (1948)Philco 51-532 (1951)Zenith Royal 500RB (1956)Majestic 5A410 (1946)Photo Frame TV-shaped AM/FM RadioAmericana AM Cube RadioCollectors Edition AV-801 Replica (1987)
Atwater Kent 44 (1928)Crosley Emerson Patriot / Aristocrat ReplicaPanasonic R-1076 Pocket Transistor (1965)General Television 623 (1934)Motorola Radio (early 1940s)Panasonic R-1019 Pocket Transistor (1970)Firestone Air Chief S-76403-4 (1940)Majestic 44A (1933)RCA 46X23 (1940)Emerson FC-400 "Aristocrat" Catalin (1940)
Detrola 100 (1938)Detrola 1114 (1936)Philco 40-81 (1940)Zenith 6-S-222 Cube (1938)Tonex AM/FM Radio (1960s)Crosley 11-104U Bullseye (1951)Arvin 618 (1938)Stromberg-Carlson 240H (1938)General Television 920 "Clipper Ship" (1948)Atwater Kent 708 Cathedral (1933)
Philco 49-900 "Hippo" (1949)Motorola 53HWoolaroc 3-1A (1946)Stewart-Warner 0-1-6G1 (1939)General Electric C3600A Clock RadioSentinel 309-W (1947)General Electric 410 (1951)Philco 140-40 (1940)Mitchell 1268B "Tone Alarm" Clock Radio (1951)Arvin 2573 (1958)
Belmont 6D-111 "Rabbit" (1946)Stewart-Warner 07-511 "Campus" (1939)Silvertone 10 Clock Radio (1951)Motorola 5X1Belmont 6D-111Stromberg-Carlson 1101 (1946)General Electric P-975E 1969Coronado RA48-8158A (1949)Westinghouse WR-173 (1940) Zenith X509Y
Silvertone 3006 (1954)Beauty B-632 (1989)Crosley CR249 KeepsakeE.H. Scott Allwave 12 with Coils & CabinetAirline 93WG-602B (1939)Philco 49-501 "Boomerang"Stewart-Warner "Varsity" (1939)General Electric J62 "Treasure Chest" (1941)Sparton 6128 "The Lobster" (1939)Emerson 104 Tombstone (1935)
Zenith Z615R (1957)Majestic 511 (1934)Arvin 8561 (1956?)Zenith 9-S-232 "Walton" Tombstone (1938)Motorola S-10 Lazy Boy Remote (1934)Sylvania 543 Clock Radio (1953)Zenith 8H023 (1946)Allied Radio (Unknown Model)Zenith Tombstone (1935)RCA Clock and Sign
General Electric C417C Clock Radio (1958)Philco 90 Cathedral (1932)Motorola Sapphire PortableEmerson AP185 w/Ingraham CabinetEmerson 148 (1937)General Electric GD60 (1938)Zenith 5-S-228 (1938)Motorola X64E Transistor (mid-60s)General Electric P-808E Portable Transistor (1962)Westinghouse H-382T5 (1953)
Norwood Radio (Japan)Sentinel 314 (1947)Setchell-Carlson 58A-375 "The Jet" (1949)Stewart-Warner "Campus" (1940)Lang 562 (1952)Sparton 617 TombstoneVista Globe RadioRadio Keg (1933)Pepsi Bottle RadioZenith 5-R-216 Cube (1937)
Arvin 243T Metal Midget (1948)Airline 177 Tombstone (1936)Airline 93WG-604A (1940)RCA 45X11 (1940)Setchell-Carlson 427 "Frog Eye" (1947)Emerson L557 (1933)Philco 53-566 (1953)Zenith 6-D-311 (1939)Detrola T-3 "Egyptian" (1939)Panasonic R-70 "Panapet" (1970)
Sparton 671 (1937)General Electric 107 (1940)General Electric JK-30 (early 1940s)Philco 38-12 (1938)Stromberg-Carlson 61H (1935)Motorola A2P (1960)Pilot Cathedral (1931)Zenith 4-V-31 Tombstone (1936) (converted for AC)Emerson 724 Series D Clock Radio (1953)General Electric 226 (1950)
Clinton 147 (1938)General Electric C-5308 Clock Radio (1955)Wilcox-Gay A-15 (1936)Spica ST-600 Pocket Transistor (1965)Trav-Ler T-202 (1959)RCA RFC19W AM/FM (1963)Philco 46-420 "Hippo"Channel Master 6514 Portable (1960)Emerson 296 (1940)RCA 7-BX-6L Portable (1956)
Crosley "Empire" Replica with CassetteGeneral Electric RadioRemler 64Zenith 6-D-614 (1942)Philco PT-89 Portable (1941)Zenith 8G005 Trans-Oceanic (1946)EMUD Rekord 60 (1959)General Electric 500 "Turbine" (1939)RCA 8BX5 Portable (1948)Philips B2D18-U Philetta Special (1961)
Yaou "General" 6G620 (1962)Westinghouse H312P4 AC/DC Portable (1950)Channel Master 6511 (1960)Arvin 451-TL (1950)Emerson 811 (1955)RCA 9X-6 (1939)Zenith 6-D-311 (1939)Zenith 6-S-254 Console (1938)Goldtone Deluxe Pocket Transistor (1960)Detrola 283(?) (1939)
Grunow 501 Mantel Radio (1934)Belmont 6D111 (1946)Arvin 544A (1946)Firestone R-311 "Worlds Fair" (1939)Detrola 4F (1934)Radiola 61-1 (1947)Motorola 57CS-2A Clock Radio (1957)Nordmende Elektra CFreed-Eisemann NR-12 (1924)Thompson Neutrodyne
Phonola 9B-51P (1938)Sanyo RP5050 AM/FM Pocket TransistorHy-Lite E164 Pocket TransistorZenith 5-R-316 (1938)Atlas Battery RadioJackson-Bell 68 "Tulip" Cathedral (1931)Philco 48-200 (1948)Coronado 25-RA33-43 "Chatterbox" (post-War)Mirror Tone Radio (1950s)Zenith Z519-V Clock Radio (1955)
Philco 70 Cathedral (1932)Zenith 6-D-525 (1941)Panasonic RF-2200 Multi-Band PortableEmerson 60 (1935)Zenith 4-B-106 Boat and Trailer Radio (1937)RCA Radiola 24 Portable (1923)Continental TR682 Pocket Transistor (1962)Channel Master 6509 Portable (1960)Crosley E15BE "Buick Grille" (1954)Westinghouse H126 "Refrigerator" (1947)
Philco 42-KR5 (1942)Tandberg TP-41 Multi-Band Portable (1970)Trav-Ler 5028A (1948)Nobility 6 Transistor (1961)Nordmende Boheme (1962-63)Crosley D-25CE "Dashboard" (1953)Radiola 500 (1940)General Electric GD-41Crosley D-25-W Clock Radio (1953)Emerson "Bookcase/Library" (1947)
Ballantines Scotch Bottle Radio (1956)RCA 8X522 (1948)Guild 785 "Grafonola" (1959)Motorola 59R12 (1950)Majestic 75 Tombstone (1937)Sylvania NU-1104 (1958)Sonora B-22 (1938)K-Mart TransistorGrundig RF-115U (1963)Admiral 20-A6 "Bullet" (1939)
Motorola 56R (1953)RCA Victor 40X-55 (1939)Philco PT-42-93 Transitone (1941- 1942)Bremer-Tully Speaker (1927)Firestone S-7403-6 (1939)Philco Ford RadioStromberg-Carlson Console (1930)Philco 41-226 "Sled"Zenith 525 (1941)Silvertone "600" Model 3219 Portable (1962)
Capehart C-14 Clock Radio (1954)RCA 26X3 (1941)Sonora RCU-208Olympic Opta Bella Luxus Type 5711WFADA 260 (1936)RCA 8X53 (1948)Detrola 190EA (1937)Truetone D-723 "Tulip Grille" (1937)Champion Spark Plug RadioKadette 60 Cathedral
Jackson-Bell 25 "Peter Pan" (1933)Air Castle Tombstone (Model Unknown)Emerson 636A (1949)Crosley 50 DC ReceiverZenith 6-S-632Soundesign 1164 Pocket Transistor (1970s)Quam Drum SpeakerMitchell 1260 "Lumitone"Table Lamp Radio (1941)RCA 8-X-541Zenith T521R Clock Radio (1956)
Silvertone 4764Belmont 633 (1939)RCA R-73 (1933)General Electric M-63 Tombstone (1934)Channel Master 6524 Portable (1960)Airline 62-290 "Miracle" (1937)Detrola 148E (1937)Jackson-Bell 82 "Tulip Grille" Cathedral (1932)Crosley D-25-TN Clock Radio (1951)Admiral ABT (1948)
Atwater Kent 40 (1928)RCA International (1960)Motorola BT16BH AM/FMZenith 5-S-127 Tombstone (1937)Megatone MT-10 "Little John Radio"Airline 62-475 "Teledial" (1938)Everplay Rechargeable Transistor (1963)AITC Solid State 8 Pocket TransistorZenith X733 AM/FM Clock Radio (1955)Bendix 75P6U (1949)
Zenith H725 (1951)Aiwa RadioTruetone D2611 (1946)Fleetwood Globe Transistor 6Emerson DA-287 w/Ingraham Cabinet (1939)Sonora KB-73 Portable (1939)Coronet C2 (1946)General Electric FE-112 (1938)Motorola 56H "Torpedo" (1956)Peerless Reproducer/Speaker 7-A
Motorola 5C23GW Clock Radio (1958)International Kadette "Clockette" (1937)Silvertone 6160 "Bullet" (1939)Philco 41-226 "Sled" (1941)DeWald D-G-519 (1947)Mike Radio (1960s)Zenith 6-D-410 (1939)Continental TR801 Transistor (1961)Macy "Supre-Macy" Pocket TransistorPhilco 42-327 (1942)
General Electric T-142AEmerson 567Admiral RadioAtlas RadioFirestone S-7402-7 "Mercury" (1941)Zenith 6-S-223 (1938)Arkay Radio (1938-1946?)Zenith Deluxe Royal 755Trav-Ler 5061 (1950)Westinghouse 555(?) (1947?)
Atwater Kent 4700 Speaker (1928)Zenith AM/FM RadioRCA 100 SpeakerCoca-Cola Cooler Radio (1949)Sonora RDAU-209 (1946)Philco 16B Tombstone (1935)Silvertone 4660 (1937)Philco 95 Console (1929)Philco 37-602 (1937)Olympic 441 (1955)
Zenith K-622 Clock Radio (1953)Zenith C520V (1960s?)Microphone Radio (early 1960s)Zenith Royal 500H Gift Set (1961)Zenith Royal 500H (1961)Zenith Royal 500D (1957)Zenith Royal 950 "Golden Triangle" Clock Radio (1959)Emerson 729B (1955)Emerson 708 B Series (1952)Philco 40-115 (1940)
Toshiba RP-12Hitachi TH-100 "Love Medallion"Farnsworth ET-061 (1946)Motorola 57CS-4A 1957Philco 46-200 (1946)Tele-Tone 195 (1949)Arvin 451-T (1950)Radiola X (1924)Philco RadioBar (1937)Airline Movie Dial Radio (1936)
Setchell-Carlson 485 (1948)Crosley 13 (1940)General Electric L-660 (1941)Emerson BL-214 (1938)Westinghouse Aeriola Sr. and Aeriola Sr. Amplifier (1921)Zenith 7-H-822 AM/FM (1950)RCA 95T5 (1938)Kadette T-25 "Topper"Zenith 5-S-126 (1937)General Electric 607 Portable (1952)
Zenith 8G005TZ1Y Trans-Oceanic (1948)Stromberg-Carlson 1110J (1941)Pilot 423 (1935)Acratone 134 Tombstone (1935)Zenith 6-D-612 (1942)Pink Panther Novelty FigurineGilfillan 5G8 (1937)Grunow 450 Tombstone (1934)General Electric CL-500 (1950s)Philco 89 Cathedral
Arvin 5561 Clock Radio (1957)Detrola 343 (1940)Daiton Digital Clock AM/FM RadioThomas Cathedral 1932 (Replica)Pepsi Cola Bottle Radio (early 1950s)Zenith 6-S-527 (1941)Crosley 516 (1936)Zenith C724G (1959)Martin Copeland "MARCO" Powered SpeakerHomebrew 3-Tube Regen Receiver
General Electric 203Philco 39-40 ConsoleJewel 956 (1950)Sentinel 1U346 Clock Radio (1950s?)Clarion Radio (1950?)Olympic 440 (1950?)Zenith 6-D-525 (1941)Philco PT-6 Transitone (1940)Northern Electric 5110 "Rainbow" (1947)Philco 42-323 (1942)
Airline 62-350 (1937)Majestic 5A430 (1946) Zenith B508R (1950s)Splitdorf RV-395 (1926)RCA 65X1 (1948)Jackson-Bell 5 Cathedral (1931)General Electric 7-2500 AM/FM with BoxHoliday 15-207 with BoxCrosley D-25W2 Clock Radio (1953)Silvertone 7032A (1941)
Crosley 11-103U "Bullseye" (1951)Philco 37-610 "Big Bullet" (1937)Sony TR-911 Three-Band PortableBulova 620 "Comet" (1957)Bulova 660 (1959)Stromberg-Carlson 61T Tombstone (1935)Crosley 516 (1936)Truetone D-727 (1938)Philco 80 Cathedral (1932)Admiral Y3703
Mantola RPC-257 Console (1938)Emerson CV-295 (1939)General Electric 114 (1946)General Electric 400American Bosch 205Motorola C-23P Clock RadioCrosley 635 "Buccaneer" Tombstone (1936)Emerson AM-169 with Ingraham Cabinet (1937)Sonora RBU-176 (1946)Silvertone 1809A "Skyscraper" (1934)
Automatic Tom Thumb Tombstone (1937)Coronado 636UltraDyne Radio (late 1930s)Zenith 5-S-216 "Cube" (1937)Emerson 811 Series D (1955)Packard-Bell 46D (1939)General Electric M-61 Tombstone (1934)Airline 62-455 (1938)Zenith 4-K-422 (1940)Echophone Commercial (1945)
Emerson 868 "Miracle Wand" Portable (1957)Zenith R-623-G Clock Radio (1955)Korting/Delmonico Stereomatic (1963)Elvis Presley AM Radio CX130Freshman Clock RadioRCA 66X11 (1947)Zenith 4-T-26 Tombstone (1935)Grundig 94U (1967)Bulova 680 Pocket Transistor (1959)Philco 37-610 Tombstone (1937)
Zenith 705 (1934)Belmont 665Zenith L520 Clock Radio (1953)Motorola 57C Clock RadioSetchell-Carlson 416 "Frog Eye" (1946)Zenith Royal 3000 Trans-Oceanic (1962)Zenith R84 AM/FM/PSB (1970s)Zenith Royal 50K (1962)Yaou Shirt Pocket Transistor (1959)Motorola 57CS Clock Radio
Emerson AE-163 (1937)Delco 1231A (1948)Packard-Bell 35 Late Model (1938)Coronado Radio (1947)Sonora WDU-233 (1947)Zenith 15-U-269 Console (1938)General Electric 425 (1954)DeWald D-G-519 (1947)FADA 855 (1949)Philco "Hippo" (late 1940s)
General Electric 115 (1948)Atwater Kent 82 Cathedral (1932)Philco 41-841 Portable (1941)Zenith H-615Z (1951)American Bosch 440 "Globe Trotter" (1935)RCA 3X521 (1954)Packard-Bell 5R1 (1956)Philco Ford Stereo Phono (1960s)Telechron 8H59 Musalarm Clock Radio (1948)Admiral 47-J55 (1940)
Zenith 6-D-2615 (1942)Panasonic RS-836APhilco 41-226General Electric 423 (1951)Emerson 729B (1955)Majestic 200 Cathedral (1932)Stromberg-Carlson 60T Tombstone (1934)Silvertone 1620 (1938)Stewart-Warner 136 (1936)Philco 70 Cathedral (1932)
Philco PT-69 Transitone (1939)Monarch RadioAdmiral 5E22 (1950)RCA 66X13Crosley F-5-TWE Musical Chef (1954)Zenith 6-R-631 (1941)Westinghouse H-397T5 Clock Radio (1954)Silvertone 1808A "Worlds Fair" Tombstone (1935)Hallicrafters S-38E 1957Silvertone 6160
FADA 740 Midget (1947)Emerson 149Silvertone 4500 (1936)Emerson DP332 (1939)Zenith A-600L Leather Trans-Oceanic (1958)General Electric 136 (1950)Crosley 11-102UGeneral Electric P830 (1960)Motorola 57R (1957)General Electric E-50 (1937)
RCA 75X-17 OrientalTruetone RadioRegency TR-5 (1956)Zenith X514W (1955)Zenith G500 Trans-Oceanic (1950)Westinghouse H124 "Refrigerator" (1945)Admiral 15-D5 (1940)Airline 94BR-1526 (1949)Motorola 5C14PW Clock Radio (1959)Telefunken Opus 6, US Version (1956)
General Electric X861 (1955)Crosley 5M3 "Fiver" (1934)Airline 62-256 (1937)Minivox RR-34B Clock RadioFarnsworth ET-064 (1946)Panasonic RE-710 (1960s)Sonora RCU-208 (1946)Kadette 649X Chairside (1938)Zenith 5-S-319 "Racetrack Dial" (1939)General Electric H-610
Crosley F-5TWE "Musical Chef" (1959)RCA 4-X-551 (1954)Columbia C-1201 PhonographGeneral Electric C-421A Clock RadioAirline 14WG-625 (1941)Federal 200 ReceiverZenith Royal 16 Set (mid-60s)Silvertone 8003 (1949)Philco 84B Cathedral (1934)Zenith 6-D-525 (1941)
Motorola 68X (1949)Crosley FiverNora Menuett AM/FMMotorola A18W?3WArkay Radio (1938-1946?)Radiola Radio (late 1930s)Radio-Chron C2 Cathedral (1932)Silvertone 4500-1 (1936)Zenith 5-R-216 "Cube" (1937)General Electric H610U (1939)
Zenith 4G800ZY "Zenette" Portable (1948)Continental 1600NL Clock Radio (1948)Stromberg-Carlson 228-H (1937)Silvertone TransistorMotorola 60X1 (1940)Aria (Detrola) 171 (1938)Zenith 6-D-612W (1942)Zenith 6-S-27 Tombstone (1936)RCA T8-14 TombstoneZenith 7-S-433 (1940)
Sparton 517 Cube (1937)Sparton 325C Clock Radio (1954)Brewster 9-1084 (1946)General Electric A70 Tombstone (1935)Northern Electric 5400 Baby Champ (1950)Motorola 58GI (circa 1950)Sonora 348 Clock Radio (1950s)Arvin 242T (1949)Northern Electric 5400 (1948)Trav-Ler 5091A (1954).
Grunow 501 (1933)Zenith A-510Y (1950s)Philco 80 Cathedral (1932)Zenith Royal 500B (1957)Zenith Royal 500H (1961)American Bosch 450 Tombstone (1936)Silvertone 6407 (1940)Admiral 4202-B6 Beetle (1941)Silvertone 8000 (1948)Philco 40-115
Westinghouse H-384T5 (1953)Majestic 5A410 (1939)Motorola 50X1 "D-Grille" (1939)Philco 49-902 (1949)Zenith 6-D-525 (1941)Zenith 5-R-216 "Cube" (1938)Silvertone T-2 "The Egyptian" (1938)Emerson 724-D Clock Radio (1953)Fairbanks-Morse F6A (1938)Detrola 147-E "Le Chinois" (1938)
Detrola 139E "Ebony" (1937)Philco 40-150T (1940)Hallicrafters S-38 Receiver (1946)International Kadette 77 (1936)RCA 40X55 (1939)Emerson CS-272 Ingraham Cabinet (1939)Stewart-Warner R-1272 "Prado" Tombstone (1933)Truetone D1012 Stratoscope (1941)RCA 810-K (1937) ConsolePhilco 39-25 Code 121 Console (1939)
Zenith R7000-2 Trans-OceanicGeneral Electric L-660 (1941)Silvertone 4663 (1937)Fairbanks-Morse 72 (1936)Crosley 11-114U "Serenader" (1951)Packard-Bell 46D (1939)Minerva 114 (1947)Crosley F5-TWE "Musical Chef" (1954)Geneva 36 Cathedral (1931)Parmak PMB6 (1938)
Philco K783-124 Clock Radio (1961)Motorola Ranger 700Westinghouse WR-28 Tombstone (1934)Grunow 580 Tombstone (1935)Stromberg-Carlson 58T Tombstone (1936)Emerson 888 "Pioneer" Pocket Transistor (1958)Zenith 6-S-229 Tombstone (1938)Emerson EP-159, Ingraham CabinetAirline 406 Teledial (1937)Emerson 540 (1947)
Stromberg-Carlson 225H (1937)Stromberg-Carlson 635-B "Treasure Chest" (1928)Sparton 628 Tombstone (1938)Pathe "M" Cathedral (1932)Westinghouse H-631T4A (1959)Crosley 56TU (1946)Westinghouse H-126 "Refrigerator" (1945)Endura Travel Clock/Radio (mid-60s)Emerson CS272 w/Ingraham Cabinet (1939)Airline 62-455 (1938)
Aristona SA4212 Red ScaleAdmiral 5M (1937)General Electric PE-780 Portable (1960)Emerson 7-BW-179-15Miniature AM/FM Receiver SystemCrosley 167 CathedralGarod Series 50 (1948)RCA 114 (1933)Silvertone 1708/1768 "World's Fair" Cathedral (1933)Zenith 6-D-525 "Toaster" (1941)
Zenith 6-D-2614 (1942)Zenith 12-S-265 Console (1938)Zenith 808 Tombstone (1935)Emerson 138 (1938)Philco 84B ReplicaRadio LampCoradio Coin-Op, circa 1946Airline 62-316 (1938)Motorola 56H "Torpedo"Zenith 6-P-417 (1940)
Zenith 6-D-615 (1942)Zenith 7-S-529 (1941)Federal DX-Type 58ArcherKit 28-4029 (unassembled)Zenith 5-R-337 Chairside (1939)Zenith Royal 500D Gift Set (1958)Zenith Royal 500 Transistor (1956)Zenith Royal 16 Transistor in Box (1968)Emerson 106 (1935)Philco 60 Cathedral (1934)
Atwater Kent 165 CathedralZenith H-511W (1951)Zenith 4T-26 Tombstone (1935)Atwater Kent 944 Cathedral (1934)Crosley 11-114U "Bullseye" (1951)Schaub-Lorenz Olympic Goldy 250 (1960)Zenith Z519V Clock Radio Bendix 526MB (1946)Federal 4DA1 Mantel RadioFirestone S-7398-1 (1941)
RCA Victor 4-X-553 (1955)Stewart-Warner 0-1-6G1Motorola 57RWatterson 478(?) (1947) General Electric 7-2934A AM/FM/TV/WX TransistorCrosley 10-136E (1954)Radio Shack 28-178 Crystal Radio KitPhilco 620 Tombstone (1937)Hallicrafters 5R10A (1952)Emerson 149 (1936)
Emerson AM131 (1937)Motorola 56CS4 Clock Radio (1956)Silvertone 3551 Beetle "Candy Cane" (1940)RCA 8X-542 (1949)Silvertone 7054 (1947)Silvertone 8004 (1949)Arvin 442 (1948)Atwater Kent 145 Tombstone (1934)Tiny Tim MidgetStewart-Warner 1811
Arvin 751T (1954)Echo Midget Radio (Japan)FADA SiestaZenith 6-S-527 (1941)Victor Victrola VV-50 PhonographInternational LA9101Arvin 440T (1950)
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