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Zenith Royal 7000 Trans-Oceanic (1969)RCA 3-BX-671 "Stratoworld" (1954)Packard-Bell 5R1 (1956)Simplex Radio (1939?)Stewart-Warner B51T1 (1948)Crosley CR-38 "Sleigh"Motorola 56H (1956)RCA 86T (1937)Zenith R84 (1970)Crosley CR-3 AM/FM
Capehart 88P66NL "International" (1955)Arvin 444 (1946)Realistic DX-160 (1975-80)Crosley Musician Entertainment CenterCrosley Bardstown Entertainment StandGeneral Electric 7-4965A Clock Radio (1970s)Zenith L505 "Meridian" (1953)Gilfillan 86 (1947)Firestone Air Chief R-313-A (1939)Philco 46-421 (1946)
Zenith R-615 (1952)General Electric C2418A "Mickey Mouse" Clock Radio (1960)Crosley CR52 AM/FM Clock RadioZenith G500 Trans-Oceanic (1949)Arvin 243-T (1948)Zenith H500 Trans-Oceanic (1951)Raytheon FR-82 AM/FM (1952)Trav-Ler 5028A (1948)Packard-Bell 531 (1954)Sparton 1167 "Symphony" (1936)
Espey 6514 (1946)Craftsman SL-7702 (1970s)Philco 49-501 (1949) "Boomerang"Zenith G615 (1950)Philco 50-922 (1950)Abbotsware Z477 "Horse Radio" (1947)Emerson 541 (1947)Stromberg-Carlson 1000-H (1948)Hallicrafters 5R10A (1951)Commodore Portable (1960s)
Philco 46-420 (1946)General Electric 508 Clock Radio (1950)Denon DRR-680 Stereo Cassette Deck (1991)Trav-Ler 7033 Portable Record Player (Mid 1950s)Zenith X323 AM/FM (1959)Zenith H500 Trans-Oceanic (1951-53)Delco R-1229 (1947)Abbotsware Horse Clock (1947)Hallicrafters 8R40 (1952)Cawang RL4249MK3
Silvertone 4660 (1938)Zenith H511 (1951)Sony ICF-9740W AM/FM (1978)Prosonic PQR-131 (1980s)Gilfillan 56C (1946)Silvertone 9001 (1949)RCA M-45 (1945)Airline 64WG-1804A (1946)Majestic 463 by Grigsby-Grunow (1933)
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