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Radios sold at the Radio Attic in 2019

Here are the 468 radios sold in 2019 at the Radio Attic!

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Capehart T6-203 (Incomparable Capehart)Benida Transistor SixStratford Radio (1934)Climax ME "Frownie Face" (1937)General Electric T1221 (1966)Philco G-963 (1958)Airline Clock RadioPanasonic BU-730 (1961)Panasonic RE7257 (1968)General Electric P-721B
Airline 62-320 (1939)Silvertone 7020 Clock Radio (1956)General Electric P-725AMotorola 55X11 "Mother's Day" RadioEmerson FC-400 "Aristocrat" (1940)Crosley 817 "Super 8" (1938)Zenith X519 Clock Radio (1955)Airline 62-346 (1938)Grunow 700 "Chrome Front" Tombstone (1934)FADA 1000 Catalin (1946)
Philco 16B Tombstone (1935)Emerson 167 (1938)Majestic 161 (1933)Zenith 5-R-135 (1937)Atwater Kent 185 (1934)Silvertone/Mission Bell 41 "Cube" (1935)Majestic 194 Mini-Cathedral (1933)Hirsch All AmericanTrancel T-11 (1960)Emerson 868 "Miracle Wand" (1957)
Panasonic R72 "Toot-a-Loop" (1972)Panasonic R70 "Panapet" (1970)Grunow 588 "Teledial" (1938)Silvertone 4464 Tombstone (1937)Philco G-963 (1958)Crosley 635 "Buccaneer" Tombstone AM/SW (1936)Silvertone 7054 (1947)Zenith T723 (1955)Philco 81 Cathedral (1933)Silvertone 6050 (1942)
Philco G Series "Twin Speaker" (1961)Zenith Royal 500EEmerson DW330 (1941)Crosley 11-105U (1951)Philco 90 Cathedral (1931)Zenith 6-S-527 AM/SW (1941)Crosley E85CE Clock Radio (1953)Emerson 104 Tombstone w/Ingraham Cabinet (1937)Zenith 5-S-126 "Cube" (1937)Zenith 7000-1 Trans-Oceanic (1971)
RCA 6-XD-5 (1954)Truetone D-2018 (1950)General Electric 551 Clock Radio (1953)Crosley 517 "Fiver" (1938)General Electric 871 "Musaphonic" (1956)Philco M939-124Spirit of St. Louis Replica TombstoneZenith 6-D-525 (1941)Automatic "Tom Thumb" Portable (1947)Yaesu 70DR/DE VHF/UHF Handheld Transceiver
Hoffman A-200 (1946)Zenith Royal 185Magnavox 2-AM-70Windsor 15066 Boy's RadioContinental TR716 (NIB)Majestic 651 (1937)Stromberg-Carlson 1110-HW (1947)Emerson CS-320 (1940)Zenith H615 (1951)Zenith 6-S-527 AM/SW (1941)
Crosley 167 Cathedral (1934)Channel Master 6512 (1959)Seminole TR-221 (Japan)Stewart ST501 Solid StatePilot T601 FM Tuner (1947)Toshiba IC-700 (1973)Crown TR-670 (1959)Western Air Patrol 59Philco 53-566 (1953)Detrola 319 (1940)
Zenith 12-S-232 "Walton" Tombstone (1938)Silvertone 6120A (1939)Gloritone Apex 27Federal 1030 (1946)Sparton 518 Tombstone (1936)Zenith Royal 3000-1 Trans-Oceanic (1963)Zenith 6-D-015-ZW "Consoltone" (1946)St. Regis 661 Tombstone (1935)Bulova 204 PortablePanasonic RF-1006MD
Nobility 8 HiFiHitachi TH-627RMerc HTR-666S (New)Candle 6ATR-80AMonacor RE-612General Electric Clock RadioRainbow 6 TransistorFour Star CapriGeneral Electric P-745AGeneral Electric P1730B
Otake AM-23Hitachi TH-862RRivera RV62Coronado 43-9914Peerless 625General Electric "Circus" Clock RadioCapehart Clock RadioDelmonico 6Thomas AM/FM 1934 ReplicaSony TFM-850W
Detrola 175E (1937)Pilot T-1252 (1938)RCA Victor 8-BT-8FEMotorola 57X11 (1947)Zenith 5-S-119 (1937)Crosley 655 "Olympia" (1936)Motorola 53H (1954)Airline 14WG-628A (1941)FADA 605 (1947)Zenith Royal 400
FADA 605 (1946)Packard-Bell ShirtpocketMotorola 6X28PZenith Royal 2000 "Trans-Symphony" (1960)Bendix 526MB (1947)General Electric Eight-TransistorCrosley 158 "Septet" Cathedral (1932)Grundig Classic 960 "50th Anniversary Edition" (1996-2000)RCA Victor 4RA45 (1963)Atwater Kent 558 Cathedral (1932)
RCA 66X2 (1946)Admiral YG551 (early 1960s)Philco 48-200 (1948)Airline 62-425 (1947)Sentinel 1U346 (1953)Meissner 8C FM Tuner (1951)Bulova 110 (1957)General Electric C510 (1961)Gilfillan 510 (1934)Zenith 8G005YT Trans-Oceanic (1946/47)
RCA 66X2 (1946)Zenith Royal 50LMotorola 5C27W Clock Radio (1957)Airline GSE 1622A (1956)Arvin 664 (1947)RCA 66X1 (1946)General Electric H610U (1939)RCA 66X2 (1946)Silvertone 4764 (1937)Zenith T350 (1968)
Arvin 441T "Hop-along Cassidy" (1950)Emerson 610A (1950)Sparton 6A66 (1948)Standard Micronic Ruby SR-Q460FRCA 5X (1935)Hitachi TH-660Kadette 150Kadette JewelHinode T-801s Boy's RadioPhilco T70-124
Toshiba 6TP-394General Electric 516 Clock Radio (1951)Zenith T600 Leather Trans-Oceanic (1955)Aquatron VX-33Truetone D-727 (1937)General Electric C497B Clock Radio (1962)Crosley 637 "Super Six" (1938)Zenith Royal 250Emerson 561 "Moderne" (1949)RCA 66X2 (1949)
Motorola 56W (1955)Stromberg-Carlson 1101-H (1947)Philco 70 Cathedral (1933)Setchell-Carlson 416 (1946)Emerson 38 (1935)Audiotronics 326 Classroom Record PlayerFADA 795 FM Tuner (1948)General Electric F-81 Tombstone (1938)Belmont 6D111 (1946)Zenith H519 (1961)
General Electric 675Sharp TR-182 (1958)Channel Master 6503Columbia Pocket Radio (W. Germany)Trans Comet 459 (Japan, 1959)Emerson DY-349 (1941)Sentinel 284Zenith K731 (1963)Zenith 5-G-442 Tombstone (1940)General Electric 423 (1951)
Telefunken Match (1963)Artone R1046U (1948)Philco 42-PT-96 "Transitone" (1942)Zenith 12-S-265 Console (1938)Westinghouse H798P7Seminole 900Gemini Solid State 14General Electric P-831EStromberg-Carlson 430-H (1937)General Electric J-72 cathedral (1933)
Philco 71B Cathedral (1932)Zenith 5-J-217 "Cube" (1937)Silvertone 4563 (1936)Emerson 888 "Pioneer" (1958)Crosley 171 Cathedral (1934)Supreme WO-2 Portable Record Player (1950s)Zenith 5-S-319 "Racetrack" (1939)Packard-Bell 5DA (1947)Crosley 168 Cathedral (1933)Silvertone 4465 (1937)
National Panasonic RE-744 (1960)Emerson AX21J w/Ingraham CabinetAirline 04BR-514 (1939)Philco 46-421RCA 66X1 (1946)Philco 48-460 (1948)Philco 551 "Colonial" Mantle Clock/Radio (1932)Sony TR-610 (1958)Panasonic RE-7367 (1968)RCA 66X2 (1946)
General Electric 871 Musaphonic (1956)Sylvania 510 (1950)Early One Tube Home Built Battery RadioSilvertone 2015 (1955)Stromberg-Carlson 1500-H (1946)Zenith 6-D-526 "Waterfall" (1941)Sony TR-725RCA 66X13 (1947)Silvertone 2015 (1955)RCA 66X2 (1946)
Crosley D-25-GN Clock Radio (1953)RCA 15X (1940)Atwater Kent 735 Cathedral (1934)Firestone "Air Chief" 4-A-1 (1947)Philco G-963 (1958)Sylvania 598 (1956)Silvertone 2015 (1955)Packard-Bell 6RT2Arvin 958T Clock Radio (1956)Bulova 620
Marvel 6YR-15ARCA Victor 8-BT-9EMarvel 6YR-05Jason 6YR-05Marvel 6YR-15AToshiba 8TM-300SB (1959)Motorola 45P3 "Pixie"DeWald H-533 (1954)Silvertone 9029 Clock Radio (1959)Electronic Laboratories Ortho Sonic Radio (1947)
Zenith B-508 (1957)General Electric P780Musicaire OLT-6Westinghouse H-903P8GPFarnsworth ATL-51 (1940)Encore TFN-1003Silvertone 1201Admiral Y2013Toshiba 6TP-219Zenith 705 (1934)
Emerson 581A (1949)RCA T6-7 (1936) TombstoneAmerican Bosch 640 (1936)Airline 94HA-1527 (1949)Airline 84BR-1508 (1939)Crestline 6T-180 (Japan)Zenith 6-D-311 (1939)Silvertone 4212 Sub-Miniature Tube Radio (1954)Trancel TR-80 (Japan, 1960)Crestline 6T-220 (1960)
Zenith 6-D-525 (1941)Jewel TR-1 Portable (1956)Bendix 526MC Catalin (1946)Motorola 5J2U "Jewel Box" Portable (1951)Arvin 65RO3-1 Pocket Transistor (1967)Emerson 888 Vanguard (1958)Yaesu VX-5R Handheld Digital Ham Transceiver (2003)Zenith 6-D-2615 (1942)Zenith B-508R (1957)Zenith 6-S-128 Tombstone (1936)
Zenith Royal R59W (1960s)Zenith K-412-R "Owl Eyes" Portable (1953)Channel Master 6516 (1959/1960)Channel Master 6516 AM Transistor Boxed Set (1960)Sony TR-725Telechron 8H67 Clock Radio (1948)Zenith 5-S-319 "Racetrack" (1939)Panasonic R-1147Silvertone 3972 (1938)RCA Victor 40X-59 (1940)
Sparton 6125 (1938)Silvertone 6011 (1947)Magnavox AM-508 Magna-Mate Mini Transistor (1966)Zenith 6-D-644 (1942)Silvertone 4565 (1936)Zenith A510-Y (1956)Philco PT-69 (1940)Zenith 6-S-128 Tombstone (1937)Fairbanks-Morse 5BT2 (1937)Arvin 555 (1947)
Panasonic R-1052Zenith A723F (1958)Philmore TR-101Zenith 4-B-106 (1937)Delco R-1231A "Ribbon Candy"Zenith 5-D-625 (1941)General Electric H-510 "Turbine" (1939)RCA 66X9 Catalin (1946)Sonora RCU-208 (1946)Stewart-Warner 9160
Detrola 147 (1937)Silvertone 2015 (1954)Continental TR-683General Electric P716BPilot X-47 (1940)Crosley 517 "Fiver" (1937)Emerson 518 (1946)Zenith 5-D-611W (1942)Emerson 509 (1945/46)Silvertone 8206
Silvertone 9205Maguire Model 6L (1946)Zenith 6-S-128 Tombstone (1937)Zenith 410 Console (1933)Emerson 108 (U5A) Tombstone (1936)L-Tatro Tombstone (1964)Zenith Royal 790Howard D15 Tombstone (1935)Sony TFM-1000WSony TFM-121 AM/FM Portable
Viscount V.I.P. 802Zenith Royal 97Candle AM/FMMotorola 6TEmerson 572 Series A "Clockette"RCA RGM-19ECoronado 43-3712 (1954)Emerson 215 w/Ingraham Cabinet (1938)Silvertone 8052 (1949)Westinghouse 501 (1948)
Hallicrafters 5R10A (1951)Zenith 6-D-510 (1941)Trav-Ler 5091A (1954)Rocket Radio Crystal SetWestinghouse H-901P7GPZenith Royal 16Zenith 6-S-321 (1939)Packard-Bell 501 (1954)Triangle Industries 500 "Imperial" Tombstone (1934)Admiral Y3554 Clock Radio (1964)
Top-Flight Boy's RadioStromberg-Carlson 1101-H (1947)RCA 9X561 (1950)Emerson 465 (1941)Silvertone 6122 (1939)Grunow 451 TombstoneTroy 67SWHitachi KH-915General Electric 50 Clock Radio (1948)Philco 41-230 (1941)
Philco H984 (1959/1960)General Electric J-82 Cathedral (1932)Zenith Royal 500D (1958)Triangle Industries 6P "Imperial" Tombstone (1936)Emerson Vanguard 888 (1958)American Bosch 585Y Tombstone (1936)Grunow 750 "the Commander" Tombstone (1934)General Electric 7-4100JA (1988)Silvertone 4566 (1937)Zenith Royal 40
Zenith 712 "Challenger" Tombstone (1934)Hitachi WH-822HEmerson AM-131 (1937)General Electric 7-4501 Clock Radio (1975)Zenith 5-R-226 "Child's Console" (1937)Philco 39-8TZenith 6-S-532 (1941)Panasonic RE-787 AM/FM Stereo (1967)General Television 534 Piano RadioPhilco 20 Cathedral (1930)
Philip Morris Radio (RCA International CD2 - 1959)General Electric 202 (1947)Zenith 5-R-312 "Beehive" (1939)Majestic Melody Cruiser (1940)Emerson AT-170 (1937)Emerson 578 w/Ingraham Cabinet (1946)Zenith 6-D-014-W (1942)RCA 66X7 Catalin (1946)Silvertone 2015 (1952)Sentinel 338 (1951)
Perdio PC-16Emerson 540 (1947)Jewel T.S.-10Philco TP-12 (1939)Zenith 6-D-525 (1941)Zenith Royal 3000-1Airline GTM-1200AAtwater Kent 225 Tombstone (1936)Emerson BD-197 "Mae West" (1938)Clarion Jr. AC-60 Cathedral (1931)
Goodyear Wings 741 (1937)General Electric J-80 Cathedral (1932)Zenith 12-U-158 Console (1937)Zenith X334 AM/FM (1959)Airline 05GCB-1541 (1950)Westinghouse H698P7Channel Master 6502General Electric P-806ATonecrest TS-10Channel Master 6503
Detrola 149E Tombstone (1938)Zenith G-510 (1949)Silvertone 8003 (1949)Crosley 11-102U "Dynamic Bullseye" (1951)Zenith 5-R-216 "Cube" (1938)Pilot B-1 (1940)Candle ATR-80AZenith 5-S-29 Tombstone (1936)Stewart-Warner 1231 "Troubadour" (1933)Philco 18 Cathedral (1933)
Emerson AX-212 (1938)Silvertone 4575 (1937)Zenith 7H920 AM/FM (1949)Stromberg-Carlson 225-H (1937)Zenith K731 AM/FM (1963)Delco R-1177 (1941)Zenith 8G005YTZ1 Trans-Oceanic (1947)Emerson 543 (1947)Zenith H725 AM/FM (1951)Emerson 540A "Emersonette" (1947)
GM Sportsman Transistor 6Stromberg-Carlson 1101H (1947)RCA Victor T-1JEEmerson 108 (U5A) Mini Tombstone (1936)Firestone Air Chief S-7402-7 (1941)Columbia 312 portable Record Player (1959)FADA 790 AM/FM (1948)Yaesu FT2400 2-Meter Mobile TransceiverPhilco 42-PT93 (1942)Stromberg-Carlson 561 (1946)
Encore "Transistor 6" (Japan, 1960)Motorola 5T12B (1959)Emerson AC-149 (1937)RCA 128 Cathedral (1935)Zenith 6-D-315 (1939)General Electric L512 (1942)Stromberg-Carlson 130H (1936)General Electric 321 (1946)Zenith 5-S-119 (1937)Philco 48-250 Transitone (1948)
Airline 74BR-1502 (1948)Zenith 6-D-525 (1941)Truetone D-2610 (1946)NEC NTF-901Emerson 330 (1941)Transette TRN-60AMarvel 6YR-02Bendix 65P4U (1949)Trancel TR-81Juliette APB-11H
Yokotsu YRM-6Xonex Replica #8General Electric 200 (1947)Emerson DL1-330 (1940)Airline 62-486 (1937)RCA 1-X-57 (1952)Emerson AW-55 (1932)Motorola 66X1 (1955)
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