Price Guide
The "Price Guide - C"
This page lists all radios with manufacturer names beginning with the letter "C" sold at the Radio Attic since January 1, 2005.  Click on a letter below to see radios for manufacturers beginning with that letter.

The prices shown are the LISTING prices as of the date of the sale; they are not necessarily the prices actually paid for the radios.  Some points to note: (1) these are NOT selling prices; they are "asking" prices (yes, it bears repeating); (2) "values" changed noticeably for some of these radios in the years spanned by this list;  (3) although most of these radios were working and restored to some extent, no indication is given as to the radios' physical and/or operating condition.  For more information on guessing the value of YOUR radio, click here.

Mouseover the dot to the left of a radio's name to display a thumbnail image of the radio; click on the dot to go to a new page with a larger photograph of the radio.  Use your browser's BACK button to return to this page. 

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