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We lived in Phoenix and the surrounding cities for 27 years prior to moving to Rio Rancho NM in 2007.  My exposure to antique radio started in the mid 60's with a console my father brought home that had been set out for the trash man.  It was a 1936 RCA and I acquired a few more smaller sets.  After turning sixteen I became more interested in girls and cars, but a seed had been planted.  I would not revisit antique radio collecting until 1990.  Since then I have handled thousands of radios and speakers.  The collection was meant to stay in one room, but it has been migrating in recent years.  Most of the sets are shown, but there are about 150 inside on display.  I hope you enjoy looking over the pictures of sets I have decided to keep over the years.  I have tried to have examples of radios offered during the depression years with all creative types of materials used in manufacturing.  Click on any photo below for a larger view.

Thank you for your continued business and support.

Happy Collecting,
Mark & Lynn