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I have been tinkering with old electronic equipment for most of my life and have been collecting tube and transistor radios for over 30 years.  When I first started collecting transistor radios, I didn't know of anyone else that collected them.  I thought I was the only one.  This was in the pre-internet days.  Slowly I began to discover a few other collectors through the Antique Radio Classifieds and Transistor Network publications.  Eventually I realized there were many collectors and many different transistor radio models to collect.  Most of what I will be selling on Radio Attic are transistor radios that I have collected over the years that are either from my personal collection or are duplicates or radios that I have decided to sell in order to downsize my collection.  In addition to transistor radios there may be an occasional tube radio offered as well.  If there's anything in particular that you're looking for let me know, I just might have it.


Although I have the capability, experience, and equipment to restore both tube and transistor radios I unfortunately don't have the time to do much restoration work anymore.  My restoration philosophy differs depending on the type of radio it is.  For tube radios to even be presentable many times a full cosmetic and electrical restoration is required, including cabinet refinishing, capacitor and tube replacement, etc.  My goal was always to put the radio back into a condition as close as possible to how it looked and played when it was new.  However I always tried to maintain an original appearance with everything that was done.  With transistor radios I tend to value originality over functionality.  Therefore most of the restoration I would do on transistor radios consisted of cleaning, polishing, crack repairs if necessary to stabilize the cabinet and prevent further damage, working the dents and dings out of metal grilles and trim pieces, etc.  As for the electronics I prefer to leave them totally original except for maybe repairing broken battery wires or cleaning, lubricating, and adjusting as necessary.  Functionality is just not that important to me vs. keeping all the original components intact, because let's face it -- most transistor radios were poor performers even when they were new.  And the quality of how they play today is very dependent on your geographical location, distance to radio stations, time of day, weather, etc.  So most of the transistor radios I sell are not electronically restored.  I do test every one and will note in the description if they work or not and how well they play for me in my geographical location.  Keep in mind they may play better or worse in your location.


Payments:  Payments are accepted only through PayPal, and PayPal charges a 3% fee, which will be shown as a handling charge, unless you pay through PayPal funded from your checking account or PayPal balance.  Then I will not charge you a handling fee.  No credit card payments accepted.

Packing:  All items will be expertly packed to greatly minimize the potential for damage during shipping.  I have many years of packing and shipping experience, and have successfully shipped thousands of items all over the world with very few issues.

Shipping:  All shipping and insurance costs are paid by the buyer.  I only ship insured and via Priority Mail or Priority Mail International with tracking provided.  I only charge for the actual cost of the shipping and insurance.  No extra fees for supplies or handling (except for PayPal fees).  And I do not ship Flat Rate as it usually costs more for the buyer that way.  I usually ship within a day or two of receiving payment.  Contact me ( determine shipping cost to your address.

Returns:  I want you to be happy with your purchase, so I make every effort to accurately describe every item I sell.  If you have any questions about an item, please ask them before making the purchase.  I have sold literally thousands of items over the past 35 years going all the way back to the pre-Internet days, and have shipped all sorts of different things all over the world.  And during that time I have had very few returns due to my ethical and honest ways of doing business.  However, if you are unhappy with your item and we cannot come to resolution, I will accept returns under the following conditions: (1) Buyer must contact me before returning the item, and it must be shipped back within three days after you receive it; (2) Returns should be shipped back to me in the original packaging using the original packing materials; (3) The item must arrive in the same condition as I sent it, with no alterations, damage, parts removed, etc.; (4) Return shipping and insurance costs are at buyer expense and shipping charges will not be refunded unless I've made an error in my description and then I will refund entire purchase price and all shipping costs; (5) If the buyer returns an item for no cause, or where there was no error in the description, I will only refund the purchase price, NOT the shipping costs too; (6) If an item has been altered, damaged, had parts removed, etc. by the buyer then there will be no refund issued.
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