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I have been running a radio repair & restoration business (Radio Revival) for twenty years.  I am the son of an old time Radio & TV repairman and grew up helping in the business.  I am still using a lot of his inventory.  Every radio that is saved from the land fill and put back to work is a piece of American History!  My collection has gotten out of hand and it is time to thin the herd and share the wealth.  Click here for my seller's terms and to learn about my restorations.


Airline 74BR-1502B (1947)

Airline 74BR-1502B (1947)

Here is a very small five-tube radio that is AM only. I call it a "Mini Toaster" as late 40's radios all seem to look like toasters to me! It has an ivory painted Bakelite case with no chips, cracks or hairlines. The matching ivory bullet knobs are not original but streamline the case a bit in front. It has the original metal back that also acts like an antenna, but it picks up a lot more with a long wire antenna attached. I went through the chassis and all caps and filters are replaced as well as weak tubes. It has a replacement cord for safety. It was aligned as well. Don't expect it to play like a 15-tube Zenith, but it does fine for its size! 7-1/2"W x 5-1/2"H x 5-1/4"D. $95.00. (1700058)


Arvin 540T (1951)

Arvin 540T (1951)

A little metal Arvin four-tube set. It is AM only and has a light beige painted case. There are a few paint spots on it and nicks but no bad scratches or chips. It has the original knobs and back. The cord was replaced with a new polarized one for safety (which is needed on these metal sets!). It needs a long wire antenna to work but is sensitive to just about any length added. It picks up local stations and depending on the antenna, can reach out further. I went through the chassis and replaced weak tubes, filters, and caps. It has been aligned as well. It has a nice sound through its 4-inch speaker. This little set would look nice on your desk at home or office. 8-1/4"W x 5-1/2"H x 4-1/4"D. $100.00. (1700075)


Emerson 587B (1949)

Emerson 587B (1949)

A nice little Deco styled radio! Five-tube AM only. Has a built-in antenna and provision for a long wire attachment. The white ivory Plaskon case has no cracks, chips, or hairlines. The radio has a dial light, original knobs and back. I went through the chassis, cleaned & lubed the controls, replaced filters, weak tubes and caps. It has been aligned as well. It plays out with a nice mellow tube sound. This radio would look good at your home or office! 9"W x 5-3/4"H x 5-1/2"D. $200.00. (1700074)


RCA 66X9 (1946)

RCA 66X9 (1946)

Here is a six-tube AM-SW Catalin radio known as the "Tuna Boat." It has a very impressive architectural look about it. Having a large RCA "Golden Throat" speaker it has very good tone with a bass & treble control. The case is black with yellow & orange swirling. There is a hairline crack on the left column near the dial. There is some speckling on the top as well. The entire case could use a good polishing which would eliminate this and really make it pop. It has the original knobs, grille cloth and back. It has a built-in antenna which picks up well on both AM and Short Wave. It has two dial lights. I went through it and replaced weak tubes, filters and caps, lubed and cleaned controls, and aligned it as well. It plays out fine. A nice addition to your Catalin radio collection or play at home or office. 15"W x 9"H x 7"D. $425.00. (1700078)
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My Terms of Sale

Prices listed do not include shipping.  If you value the radio you just bought, please insure it.  I ship by USPS (my wife is a Postmaster!) and you will pay actual shipping costs to your location.  I do not charge for safe packing and handling.

I accept PayPal (preferred), personal checks, or money orders.  I will wait for checks to clear before shipping, otherwise I will ship as soon as I get your funds.  If you don't pay after five days, the radio will be relisted for sale again on the website.

I will ship to US addresses only unless a prior arrangement has been made.

Radios are as described and photographed.  Buyers are encouraged to ask any and all questions about my radios.  If the radio does not suit you upon arrival and use, I will accept a return within seven days.  It must be sent back in original packing and in the same condition that I sent it to you.  Buyers are responsible for return shipping and insurance costs.

I have been packing and shipping radios for twenty years.  Depending on weight and size, they will normally be wrapped in bubble wrap, boxed, placed in another box surrounded by peanuts at least 1"-2" on all sides.

Refinishing and Restoration

"Professionally refinished" in my descriptions means that I have had my radios refinished by refinishers that have been doing radios for me for many years.  The cabinets and knobs (if wood) have been stripped.  The cabinets are repaired and veneer replaced if needed.  The wood grain is filled, color matched as close to original as possible.  A matte or semi-gloss finish is used depending on the radios.  Original grille cloth is used if good, otherwise a older replacement or reproduction is used.  Dial covers are replaced if discolored or cracked.

"Electronically restored" in my descriptions means that I have checked all the tubes and lights and replaced them if needed.  I replace the filters, high voltage and audio capacitors, and out of tolerance resistors.  The controls are cleaned and lubricated or replaced if needed.  Speakers are repaired or re-coned if needed.  The cord and plug are checked for safety and replaced if needed.  I align the sets as well.  I do not restore or repaint the chassis or remove original parts mounted on it.  I repair radios for sale the exact way I repair them for customers that come in the door and for my collection as well.

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