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Coronado 867 (1940)

Coronado 867 (1940)

The Coronado brand was sold by the Gamble department stores. This is a very rare beautiful example of this model. It is a medium sized tombstone and the contrasting veneer tones and maple inlays make it a real stunner. The radio was in excellent condition when I bought it, so I cleaned the chassis and controls. Replaced all wax paper and electrolytic capacitors and tested all other components and any out of tolerance were replaced. All tubes were tested and any weak or defective tubes were replaced. A NOS green eye tube was installed. The original finish was in good shape and was cleaned up and re-sprayed with Mohawk toners and clear lacquer. The grille cloth was rough and replaced with a beautiful period correct cloth. It has a large speaker, eight tubes and AM plus SW bands. It has a very clear and warm sound. The controls left to right are: Tone, Band Switch, Tuning, On/Off/Volume. About 16-1/4"W x 15-1/2"H x 9"D. $475.00. (1610008)


Howard 275 (1937)

Howard 275 (1937)

Howard Radio Co., Chicago, IL only made a limited number of collectible radios and this is one of them. Howard also manufactured radios for Capehart, Sears and Hallicrafters, some of the high end radios of the day. This tombstone with the green tuning in the dial scale looks great at night and for a six-tube set, it really has a great sound and is very sensitive, picking up many stations. It has AM and two SW bands. The chassis had some surface rust and was stripped and repainted with Rustoleum hammered gold. The controls were cleaned and lubricated and the tuning capacitor was cleaned and lubed and the mounting grommets were replaced. All tubes were tested on my Hickok 600A and weak or defective tubes were replaced. All electrolytic and wax paper capacitors were replaced and any resistors out of tolerance were replaced. The cabinet was tight and the finish in excellent condition, so I just shot it with a few coats of nitrocellulose lacquer. 15-1/2"H x 13-1/4"W x 9"D. $375.00. (1610011)


Silvertone 6250 (1939)

Silvertone 6250 (1939)

This Silvertone radio was advertised in the 1939 Spring and Summer catalog. It uses the same chassis as the 1939 6120 and was manufactured by Colonial Radio Corp., Buffalo, NY. This cabinet, like the 6120 cabinet is reported to be made by Ingraham Cabinet, Co., Bristol, CT. This one has vertical bars over the grille cloth and three horizontal maple inlays; I refinished the cabinet to really highlight the inlays. It has six tubes, AM and SW. The chassis was cleaned and all controls were cleaned and lubricated. They work as they should and are very smooth. All of the tubes were tested on my Hickok 600A tube tester and any tubes that tested bad or even weak were replaced with NOS tubes. All the electrolytic and wax paper caps were replaced and as well as out of tolerance resistors. A new polarized AC cord was installed for safety. The cabinet was stripped and there is a small blemish on the top right, but it doesn't detract and just like back when it was built. About 14"W x 8-3/4"H x 7-3/4"D. $375.00. (1610004)
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Terms of Sale

How to Purchase

If you are interested in purchasing a radio, please read all the text about the radio, look closely at the pictures and read all of the Terms and Conditions.  If you have any questions, please ask them as I want you to be confident in your purchase.  When you are ready to purchase, send me an email with Want To Buy and the radio title in the Subject line of the email.  Provide your name, mailing address and phone number.  I accept and prefer PayPal for payment, but will accept check, cashier's check or money order.  If paying with PayPal I will provide instructions when I reply to your email and provide the total including shipping.  If paying by other listed method, I will provide my mailing information when I respond to your email.  Your radio will ship within five days of PayPal payment being received or check clearing the bank.

Prep, Packing and Shipping:

All radios are retested and cleaned at time of sale and are certified to be working when packed.  We will pack all radios to be compliant with the carrier which in most cases will be USPS and to ensure a safe and sound delivery.  We don't charge for packing materials, but customer will pay actual cost of delivery.  We do require the purchase be insured for the full value of the purchase to protect the buyer in the event that you have to file a claim.  We will be putting some console radios up for sale and they will only be shipped by Greyhound Bus Line.  Remember this is my baby I am parting with, and it is very important to me that it gets to you as it was when it left my hands.  In the unlikely event it does sustain any damage, I will assist you in filing a claim if needed.

Warranty and Returns:

I provide a 30 day warranty against defects and workmanship as it relates to components I have replaced that fail and I am notified by email within 30 days from the verified delivery date.  If it cannot be resolved over the phone, I will have you return the radio to me at your expense.  If the problem is covered, I will reimburse your shipping cost and pay the return shipping.  If the problem is not covered, I will notify you of the cost to repair and return shipping.  Once payment is received the repair will be completed and the radio returned within ten days.


These old radios have very high voltages and you should never put your hands inside the back of the radio and never attempt to perform any type of maintenance or repair and consult a qualified repair service for any electronic service on the radio.  The electrolytic capacitors can retain high voltage for long periods of time, even when the radio is not plugged in, you should never attempt to perform any service.  Do not place where children can get in the radio and don't leave your radio on when unattended.

Charlie's Radio Attic Testimonials

"Today I received your 1939 Silvertone and it looks and sounds great! You really did a wonderful job restoring this radio from its electronics to its original classic cabinet."

"I received the [Majestic 60] and it's gorgeous. It looks so good in my living room." -- Theresa

"The Sparton [620M] was delivered this morning. It had more than ample packing, so it made the trip in fine shape. It plays and sounds wonderful. It has a very nice refinish. You can tell that it has more than one coat of clear finish on it. Just a beautiful set!" -- Terry/Ohio

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