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Hello. I'm Jeff, and I'm happy to be here at the Radio Attic, bringing you those
sweet-sounding little treasures from the past.  I'm from the suburbs of the great city of Detroit.

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My Restoration Philosophy

Radios are machines.  They're intended to work. Therefore, unless otherwise strictly noted, all of my radios are sold in working order.  I replace all paper and wax caps, put in new electrolytics, new power cords, peak reception and align each set so it works as intended.  I can add an aux input to almost any set with a transformer (if I haven't done so already) for no additional charge.  I can add a Bluetooth receiver to these sets as well for an additional $25.  On the other hand, these are old timers with character marks, and I try to leave some indication of their age.  For plastic sets, I'll clean and polish the cabinets, but tend to leave cracks and flaws as found rather than heavy buffing or repainting, unless the damage is severe and extensive.  Similarly, I don't refinish wood cabinets unless they're absolutely falling apart.  Click here to read about shipping and my guarantee.


Climax "Emerald" (Oval Dial Version)

Climax "Emerald" (Oval Dial Version)

Here's a rare and beautiful gem indeed! A triumph of design and elegant beauty, this Emerald was nearly unrecognizable when found, the cabinet coated with house paint, the chassis scattered in many pieces. The cabinet has been professionally refinished with attention to original details. The chassis has been restored; caps replaced, tubes checked. It sports its original eye tube, still decently strong. This beauty has a few small flaws. There's slight damage on the back of the dial, which shows noticeably only when the radio is on and the dial is backlit. The original clear disc on the tuning system was destroyed; a period repair replaced it with a metal disc, so only 30% of the dial lights up (see photo.) There is also a crack in the bottom fin that is not too noticeable. The radio is much better for looks than performance. That said, it's been aligned to original specs and picks up AM and shortwave across the dial with the attached long wire antenna. I'm offering free shipping on this radio to anywhere in the continental USA. This radio will be very well-packed and insured for the full amount. If you have any questions or would like more photos, please contact me! $1,795.00. (1560028)


Matheson-Bell AC-55-35 Tombstone

Matheson-Bell AC-55-35 Tombstone

Here's a sharp little number, one you're not likely to see again! This radio is so rare that I have found exactly zero documentation for it. The Matheson-Bell company made few radios in any case; an offshoot or new project from one of the people behind Ozarka, they were based in Chicago and only lasted for a few years. I purchased this radio from the original owner, who listened to it when he was a boy and made several attempts at modifying and fixing it, including adding the headphone jack you can see at the rear. It is being sold as-is, as a display piece rather than as a fully functional radio, though it does sort of play. I don't know if the grille cloth is original or a replacement. Power cord is original. It has a nice Deco look to it and will make a great shelf display. I hate to part with this, but I want to send it to someone who has the space to appreciate it. It's a compact little tombstone at 14-1/2"H x 11-1/2"W x 7-1/2"D. Like all of my radios, it will be extremely well-packed and protected for shipping. $195.00. (1560015)


Sonora 100 (1948)

Sonora 100 (1948)

Here's a cute little postwar Bakelite set for a good low price! The case has no cracks and everything except the power cord is original. The set has been re-capped, lubricated, and aligned. The case has been cleaned and polished, as has the plastic dial window. Dig the bright yellow dial backing! The speaker and back have both been repaired. Though this definitely isn't a high-performance set, it's very listenable. This will be packed to my usual high standards. Get this little beauty for yourself or as a gift! $75.00. (1560018)
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Terms and Conditions:  
My Shipping Policy:

I'm new to the Attic, but not new to selling radios.  It's a terrible feeling when you go to unpack some long-awaited treasure, only to find that it's busted because the seller didn't know how to pack it.  I've been there. I know.  And I've resolved that this won't happen to any of my customers.

My shipping rates are probably a bit higher than you're used to, but it's not because I'm padding my estimate.  I'm padding your radio instead.  I use new, industrial-grade packing materials, including lots and lots of heavy duty big-bubble wrap.  I use foam peanuts as space fillers (as they're intended for), not padding (that's what bubble wrap is for).  I use new boxes that are sized to fit your radio, not any old box that's laying around (I will re-use boxes that meet my standards, though, in which case you will get a small discount on your shipping. I believe in recycling and protecting the environment, too).  My shipping prices include the cost of materials but not a penny more.

I've tested my packing system.  How?  I packed a Bakelite radio as I would for shipping, then went up to my attic and hurled the box out of the attic window, three stories down to my driveway.  Then I did it again, and again, and again.  The radio was fine.  I'm confident yours will survive anything FedEx, UPS or the USPS can throw at it (or on top of it).  In my years of selling, I have never had a radio arrive broken.  The only complaint I ever got (I hope facetious) was that I had used too much packing material and their living room was a mess.

I'll get quotes from USPS and a shipping company of your choice.  For larger items, like consoles, I've had great success shipping via Greyhound Bus.  I may also be able to bring your radio to one of the major swap meets in the Midwest.  You can also pick up your purchase at my home.  Just get in touch and we can work something out.

My Guarantee and Return Policy:

I want you to be happy and satisfied with your new treasure.  I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.  If you're unsatisfied for any reason, just send it back (please pack it well) and I'll refund your money or exchange it.  Buyer pays for return shipping.


I sometimes partner with Antique Audio of Plymouth, Michigan.  If you need a knob or other part, or any kind of control made or rebuilt, get in touch and I can connect you.  Also, if you have a set you're looking for, get in touch and I might be able to find it at a swap meet (or in a buddy's basement) for you.

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