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Ozarka Senior S-1 (1924)

Ozarka Senior S-1 (1924)

This a rare Ozarka Senior S-1 (1924). Ozarka radios are rarely seen and are highly collectable. They represent a neat part of radio history. Here's how Ozarka got started. J.Matheson Bell, Vice President of Montgomery Ward, left in 1922 to form Ozarka. He contracted Tri-City Radio Company to manufacture his sets and quickly set up a network of door-to-door salesman. It was a great opportunity for individuals to own their own business. Not something that was commonly found in the early 1920's. Bell published a weekly newsletter to motivate his sales team and to let them know about new products coming. He also suggested "new" sales techniques to sell more radios. The S-1 was one of their top-of-the-line radios offered by Ozarka. One of great features is the "pop-up" battery storage under the set. This radio sold for $125.00 in 1924 which would cost approximately $1,700 today. It's in very nice original condition. I received it without the tubes, it is complete and original otherwise. Don't miss the opportunity to own this piece of radio history. 22"W x 14"H x 12"D. $295.00. (0150282)


Pilot 213 (1936)

Pilot 213 (1936)

This is a really remarkable radio from one of the finest radio manufactures of the 1930's: Pilot Radio. The radio is a beauty, with a dramatically ornate cabinet with a banding of hand laid inlays contrasting the walnut veneers. This large tombstone radio sports a hugely lit, (four bulbs) 6-inch and highly stationed dial. If you are a nighttime listener, the radio offers a dramatic effect as you change bands and different parts of the dial light up. Everything about this radio speaks quality. This expertly engineered, seven-tube radio (with two multi-purpose tubes), features AM and Shortwave bands. This radio is extremely sensitive and picks up stations all across the dial. The audio quality is outstanding as well coming from the high quality speaker Pilot Radios used. I have completely gone through this radio and electronically restored it. It performs like new. The radio is a tremendous player. Pilot radios are seldom seen and offered for sale. They made superior quality sets and when found collectors tend to hoard these coveted sets. Here is the opportunity to add one to your collection. 24"H x 12"W x 10"D. $1,125.00. (0150280)
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