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I have actively collected and restored old radios for well over 25 years.  As an amateur radio operator, even my ham equipment is tube operated.  I love old radios that "Glow In The Dark."  Restoring these beautiful old sets brings me a great deal of enjoyment, and being able to share these with other interested parties is certainly very satisfying.  If you happen to be in the Atlanta metropolitan area and would like to view the radios for sale here on my Attic, please e-mail or call me. It would be my pleasure to meet you.   Please click here to read my terms & conditions.


Hallicrafters 5R10A (1951-1954)

Hallicrafters 5R10A (1951-1954)

I sold one of these a while back and kind of regretted selling it, as I had one as a kid and loved it. A wonderful small consumer type communication receiver, with multiple bands (AM broadcast from 540KC to 1650KC, the second band covers from 1.65MHz to 5.1MHz, the third band covers from 5MHz to 14.5MHz, the fourth band covers from 13MHz clear up to 31MHz). Original knobs, cardboard back and bottom with original labels. The metal cabinet has some wear, but less than you would imagine for 70+ year radio. All the capacitors have been replaced with modern types, out of tolerance resistors replaced, tubes checked and replaced where needed and a new fused polarized power cord installed. Plays very nicely on the AM/Shortwave bands using the attached wire antenna. 13"W x 7-1/2"H x 8-1/2"D. $130.00. (1390422)


Howard 901-A (1946)

Howard 901-A (1946)

You just don't see many Howard radios around, even though the company got their start in the 1920's. Original knobs and this is one of the few wooden sets I've seen with a Bakelite louvered grille. The cabinet has been refinished using the very finest toning and finishing lacquers, producing a gorgeous luster. All the capacitors have been replaced with modern types, out of tolerance resistors replaced, tubes checked and replaced where needed, and a new fused polarized power cord installed. It plays very nicely on the AM broadcast band picking up all my local stations. I do accept mailed checks and PayPal as payment. 13"W x 7-3/4"H x 6-1/2"D. $169.00. (1390411)
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Antique radios are very delicate instruments that were designed and manufactured many decades ago.  It normally takes several minutes for a vacuum tube radio to fully 'warm up' and begin receiving signals.  Most antique radios will not receive signals unless you attach a very long, thin wire as an antenna.  Long distance reception is generally better during the evening hours, but strong local stations are typically received well during the daytime.  Buyers should not expect the same sound quality and performance from an antique radio that can be achieved by more modern radios.  Lastly, since these radios are between 60 and 80 years old, they just simply not as reliable as modern radios.  Some household appliances, dimmer switches, monitors, garage door openers and florescent lighting can cause noisy interference.  It is very important to note that antique radios should never remain permanently plugged in, left playing for long periods of time or left unattended.  When you're finished enjoying your radio, unplug it.

I will hold a radio for five (5) calendar days for the first buyer to send an email expressing their intention to purchase the radio.  If payment is not received in full within five (5) calendar days, it will be eligible to be sold to any other potential buyer.  I do not accept partial payments, deposits or monthly payment plans, or hold checks.

If a buyer is not satisfied with a radio, they have seven (7) calendar days after delivery to contact me by e-mail.  If a buyer wants a full purchase price refund, the radio must be returned in as-sold condition.  Any returned item must be shipped at the buyer's expense and fully insured for the original purchase price.  The buyer must promptly return the radio, so the seller receives it within fifteen (15) calendar days after it was initially delivered to the buyer, which would be confirmed by a tracking number.  The seller will refund the full purchase price within ten (10) calendar days after the radio is received and inspected as long as these conditions are satisfied.

All packing, shipping and insurance costs are paid by the buyer.  My radios will be very carefully packed and shipped using FedEx or UPS, as I do not use the services of the Post Office.  Please note that I do not ship outside of the Continental United States, nor do I ship to Canada or to any Post Office box.  If your radio is damaged in shipping and you want a refund, you will have to take the radio and all of the original packaging to your FedEx or UPS location for inspection.  This is FedEx and UPS policy.  In certain cases, FedEx or UPS may retrieve the radio and packing materials from your home upon your request.

Payment Options:
1) Money Order or Bank Cashiers Check.
2) Personal checks (must clear prior to shipping).
3) Cash (in-person local pickup only) 

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  • Hello David, just letting you know the radio is playing well in the UK, and I'm enjoying it very much.
  • I received my '37 Delco R-1126 "The Companion" today. It's really beautiful and plays very well. I almost expected to hear Bennie Goodman play "Sing Sing Sing" or the Count Basie Orchestra playing "One O'Clock Jump" when I turned it on!
  • David, what can I say? Can you hear Louie Armstrong in Georgia? Spectacular looks and SOUND! I can't wait till dark to see the lighted dial. You did a beautiful job and I'm mesmerized!
  • Such a cool little radio. I darkened the room to get the full effect, which is JUST fantastic. It really has soul!
  • Hi David, the radio looks and sounds great! Very happy, thanks for everything!
  • The radio is just beautiful and pulling in local mega station WBZ very strong! Thanks a million!!
  • The Arvin arrived safely. Plays and looks great. Thanks so much!
  • Just wanted to let you know that the radio arrived safe and sound. It's a beauty! And it sounds great—very pleasing and relaxing. It's a joy to look at and listen to!
  • My Emerson arrived safely and wow, what a great packing job! I LOVE it and I'll be back for more of your radios!!!
  • I'm so tickled with this radio. Why oh why did I wait so long to buy one? Its great! Thanks!
  • The package arrived yesterday---and he loved it!!! Thank you so much.
  • Excellent... It plays very well. Your reputation is flawless!
  • Got the radio today. Thanks! I was well packed and looks great.
  • The Sylvania radio just arrived and is a beauty! Thanks!!
  • Received both radios today, in good condition. I think I built up my arm muscles in unpacking them! Well done.
  • Got the General radio last night. Spent the evening unpacking it! Nice job! Beautiful radio, am very happy.
  • Just want to let You know that the Radio was received on Tuesday, and I Love It !! You did a Great Job Restoring the Radio! Thanks for the Nice job on the packing too!
  • The Fada arrived yesterday, but I didn't open it until this morning. It is LOVELY, and the packing was so good that I shall use it to cover my fallout shelter! Thanks for adding yet another radio to my collection of more than several hundred.
  • Just opened the Radio and it sounds great, plugged it in and tuned in my sports station now life is good. Thank you!
  • This is SO beautiful!!! Thank you.
  • The radio arrived safely; great packing! For me, this is a killer radio. The "look" is incredible. I am a sucker for unusual-looking wood. This is a piece of furniture in my eyes. Thanks again!
  • It's in great shape. Thank you!!
  • I wanted to update you on my FADA. It looked too good and sounded too nice. My daughter talked me right out of it so I'll be buying something else from you to take its place!
  • David the radio arrived looks and works great. Thanks.
  • Its good to deal with a nice person in this world of e-bay cheaters and liars. Love the radio and all the attention to detail you put into it… Oh, it plays GREAT!
  • Hi David, I just received your package and the radio works fine. Thank you SO much!
  • Just wanted to let you know the radio arrived safely and looks and sounds great. Thanks!!!
  • Holy cow this thing is awesome!!! Yeah, music all through the house!!! Thank you!!
  • Got it. Great radio. Thanks!!!
  • One word sums it all up: "WOW!"  The R-169 radio both looks and sounds like it literally came out of the factory yesterday,
  • Radio arrived today and it's beautiful. Thank you so much for the speedy shipping and protective packing!
  • The radio came today! No problems. The radio is beautiful. Thank you!
  • Hi I received the radio yesterday and it is beautiful... Thanks!
  • Whoa! That is a cool radio. I gave it to my Dad this morning. He opened it and loved it. We immediately plugged it in and drooled over it. Really cool!! Thank you!
  • The radio came at 11am this morning . It plays great ! Man when you package something you package !! It is very shiny. I want to thank you very much and I plan on getting many listening hours with it!
  • What a sweet radio! It was packed fantastic. I had high expectations from the photos and the Emerson AD-110 Mini-Tombstone exceeded them by far. It is a gem.
  • It is indeed here! Nice packing job. It is exactly what I had hoped for. It is connected and playing well as this is being written. A very special Christmas gift for me. Yep, it takes me back to a very special place in time.
  • I am really enjoying the Fairbanks-Morse 5C radio. It is a beautiful radio and I have been pleased with the reception I am getting with the long wire antenna.
  • The Zenith arrived safe and sound and everything is working great. Thanks very much!
  • Wanted to thank you for the new addition to my collection. She's a real beauty!!!!
  • What a beautiful little desktop! My wife absolutely loves it. It arrived safely and is now playing a local station in our home office. We are both extremely pleased with this radio. Thank you so much!
  • I have never received better-packed radios than the Belmont you sent!
  • It's refreshing to do business with someone of your character that does what they say they'll do, especially in this day and age. Thank you very much! Oh, the radio is lovely, too!
  • As expected, the WG made Airline is superb! Sounds great, playing the great old music that should be playing on it, through my in-house transmitter. When I opened the box, the usual fear of what you might find was quickly put to rest, great packing job.
  • You probably know that I received the Emerson. WOW! It is so beautiful! And it's playing right now. I love that golden dial backplate. It looks very rich!
  • The Phantom Junior arrived safely and works well. This was one occasion when your expert and conservative packaging helped because the box arrived with a gash on one side. The extra interior cardboard really save the day on this one. Great looking set, particularly with the lighted dial on. I feel most fortunate.
  • David - the Zenith 5-S-228 is truly beautiful. I appreciate your detailed workmanship, plus the careful packaging to ensure safe delivery. Thanks very much.
  • Thank you for your attention to details with the radios I purchased. As always, seeing your treasures on Radio Attic is always a real treat.
  • The radio just arrived and it is beautiful!!! I love it and so will my wife. As promised the moment we put it up I will send a few pictures. Thank you so very much. This will make Christmas very special for my wife and I.

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