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Better Bluetooth

Other sellers usually offer an external Bluetooth receiver that connects with a cable to the radio.  While this can work OK, these receivers run off batteries that you have to recharge with a USB cable, and the audio level is usually pretty weak.  You also may have to tune to a quiet spot on the dial to avoid having a mixture of radio and Bluetooth audio.

My Better Bluetooth is different:
  • Completely enclosed inside the radio (no cables or external modules)
  • Completely self-powered (no batteries that need to be charged)
  • Automatic switching between radio and Bluetooth (just hit "PLAY" on your device, and the radio switches to Bluetooth!)
  • Audio level same as the radio's normal volume
This is Bluetooth done right!  Better Bluetooth is available on any radio I sell for an extra charge of $35.


Atwater Kent 80 (1931)

Atwater Kent 80 (1931)

Atwater Kent cathedrals are among the most attractive and sought-after radios ever made. The cabinet design is impressive, with its twisting carved pilasters supporting an arch with diagonal grained Zebrawood veneer. There are two imperfections on this particular one -- missing circular wood ornaments at the tops of the left and right pilasters, and the dial is a bit faded on the right side. These shortcomings have been taken into account in the price, so if you can overlook them, you can get a real bargain on this model. The six-tube superheterodyne chassis has good sensitivity and selectivity, but like most radios before 1932, it has no AVC. Radios without AVC have a different feel and sound character, and it's a nice experience to see how these earlier radios operated. As with all radios I sell, the chassis has had a full electrical restoration and works as good as new. All paper and electrolytic capacitors have been replaced, as well as most of the resistors. A full RF/IF alignment has been done, and it has a new vintage-style power cord (with original plug). A fuse has been added for improved safety. This radio has a lighted dial and a tone control. 19"H x 16"W x 10"D. $395.00. (1310130)


Atwater Kent 246 (1932)

Atwater Kent 246 (1932)

Here's one for those of you who prefer cabinets in original condition. There is a little veneer missing from the grille scrollwork, but otherwise no major issues. Grille cloth, knobs, escutcheon, and nameplate are all original. The chassis, like every radio I sell, has been restored to like-new condition, with all capacitors replaced, new resistors where needed, a strong set of tubes, and a full RF/IF alignment. A fuse has been added for improved safety and the cord has been replaced with a vintage-style cloth-covered cord, keeping the original round plug. The original 8-inch speaker is in perfect condition. This radio performs beautifully, and has AVC (one of the first, being a 1932 model) for good sound and familiar operation. Lighted dial. My "Better Bluetooth" is available. 16"W x 12"H x 10-1/4"D. $245.00. (1310127)


Fisher 500-C FM Stereo Receiver (1963)

Fisher 500-C FM Stereo Receiver (1963)

The Fisher 500-C is one of the finest tube high fidelity stereo receivers -- period. A favorite with tube audio enthusiasts, this one is in perfect working condition and excellent cosmetic condition as well. It has been meticulously restored to factory-fresh performance with a good set of tubes, a full recap, replacement of selenium rectifiers with silicon, bias adjustment, new resistors where needed, a careful sweep generator alignment of the FM tuner, and a scope alignment of the stereo multiplex unit. In addition, this one is loaded with expensive audiophile capacitors (Alessandro, Solen, and Auri-Cap) in the audio signal lines; a previous owner installed them, and I cleaned up his messy wiring to look very professional. It simply looks and sounds great. 30 watts per channel. It has an aux input and dual phono inputs for both magnetic and ceramic cartridges. The FM tuner is very sensitive. The stereo beacon light and all other functions work perfectly. Original Fisher cord and plug in good condition. 17-1/2"W x 6-3/4"H x 13-1/2"D. $1,295.00. (1310137)


Philco 41-226 "Sled" (1941)

Philco 41-226 "Sled" (1941)

This Philco's nicely sculpted cabinet sets it apart from typical wooden or Bakelite box radios of the time. The veneer is in great shape, and has been refinished to match the original as best possible. The Tenite grille has a lighter color than most of these, but like most others, it has visible shrinkage and waviness. The six-tube chassis has been completely restored, with all new capacitors, new resistors where needed, a strong set of tubes, and a meticulous alignment for perfect reception on both the broadcast and shortwave bands. A new polarized power cord has been installed with switch wiring changes to improve safety. On many of these, the first pushbutton is the on-off switch; on this one, the first button is inactive (and it appears to have been that way from the factory) and the switch is on the volume control. The five other buttons can be set up for quick access to your favorite stations. Lighted dial. 13-1/4"W x 8"H x 7"D. $195.00. (1310138)
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  • Payment by PayPal preferred; money orders and checks also accepted (checks must clear before shipping).

  • Actual shipping costs are paid by buyer. Contact me to determine shipping cost to your address. Shipping overseas is possible, but the customer must be willing to pay for shipping services with delivery verification and insurance. All radios are shipped double boxed, insured, with tracking information.

  • An audio input jack can be provided on any of the radios I sell at no extra charge if you request it, and my "Better Bluetooth" receiver can be installed for $35.

  • All radios and televisions are electrically restored by me. I have many years experience and have restored hundreds of vintage radios, TVs, phonographs, and stereos. If your radio or TV arrives dead or fails within the first 60 days of normal use (and no internal modifications made by the buyer), I will repair for free. Shipping costs for U.S. and Canadian customers for repairs in the first 60 days are split (you pay for shipping to me, I pay for return shipping to you). After 60 days, normal repair and shipping fees (both ways) will apply, although my charges are very reasonable. For customers outside the U.S. and Canada, the customer must pay shipping both ways for repairs, even for those within the first 60 days.

  • If you are unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason, please contact me and I will do my very best to make things right.

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