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Unless specifically stated, buyer pays for shipping and insurance.

I am Ken Smith dba Ken's Electronics and I have been in the business of restoring electronics since 1973.
I have been collecting radios since I was a kid in the late 1950's.  I buy, sell and restore almost all makes of radios.

Now down to business
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Philco 40-125 (1940)

Philco 40-125 (1940)

Real nice AM radio with original handle and pushbuttons. Cabinet was professionally refinished. The chassis has had all new capacitors and resistors and tubes checked and replaced if needed. Has wonderful reception and tone. Buyer pays shipping. Weighs 9 lbs. 11"W x 7-1/2"H x 6-1/2"D. $225.00. (1230826)


RCA 3-BX-671 Leather Portable (1954)

RCA 3-BX-671 Leather Portable (1954)

Very nice multiband portable tube radio. RCA copied Zenith Trans-Oceanic. Great cabinet and chassis. Straight antenna. Good map. Chassis has been serviced overall. Plays great on all bands. Any questions please ask. Buyer pays shipping. Weighs 16 pounds unpacked. 17-1/2"W x 10-1/2"H x 7-3/4"D. $199.00. (1230816)


Sparton 642X (1942)

Sparton 642X (1942)

Very Art Deco. Excellent table radio. It has been refinished and rebuilt. Export model five-band with voltage divider. All bands calibrated for best reception. Plays great. Any questions please ask. Buyer pays shipping. Weighs 25 pounds unpacked. 23"W x 10-1/2"H x 10-1/2"D. $265.00. (1230819)
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My Radios

Most of the radios I am selling are right from my large collection.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I have.   When I restore a chassis I replace all capacitors with orange drop Spragues.  All tubes are checked on my TV-10 tube tester and weak ones replaced.  I replace weak green tuning eyes with new ones.  All switches and controls are cleaned and lubed.  All tube sockets are cleaned.  New AC cord installed and fused where needed.  I align the set to factory specs.  I install iPod connectors where feasible.  That way you can hook up a cassette player, FM tuner, CD player, MP3 player or XM satellite radio receiver.  When you buy a radio I will include instructions on how to use this function.  It makes AM radio much more usable.  The fee to do this $75.00 extra.  I clean the cabinets up inside and out. Refinished professionally when needed.

How to Pay

Payment gladly accepted using PayPal.  Please contact us so we can give you a total including shipping and the email address to pay on PayPal.  You can pay with a major credit card with PayPal .  I also accept cashier's check, money orders or personal check.  Personal check will need three to four days to clear before shipment.  In case of more than one interested party, I will sell to the earliest email received by me stating your intent to buy.  Payment must be received within seven days.  I am located in Eugene, Oregon and local pickup is available, but you must either pay with cash or we can accept credit cards at our location.

Shipping and Warranty

Unless specifically stated, buyer pays all shipping costs.  I will pack using large bubble wrap and packing peanuts and most radios will be double boxed.  Handling fees will be very reasonable and cover new packing material.  We never inflate shipping costs.  What we pay you pay.  E-mail me for a shipping quote.

Our policy is 30 day guarantee on all radios.  If you have a problem please let me know as soon as possible so we can remedy it.  Return policy: no refund until seller receives the item back that is complete and in same condition as when sold.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions.  I want you to be happy with your purchase and look forward to doing business with you.

My Testimonials
  • "I received the Zenith Trans Oceanic D7000Y today! What a stunning piece of Zenith history from the chrome to the dial lights and design not to mention superb audio quality. This is my third transaction with Ken's radio service. thank you for a marvelous radio!"

  • "Purchase went smoothly. Radio came FedEx wrapped in so much bubble wrap that I thought the box contained a Ming vase. Radio as described, no surprises." -- Norm T.

  • "Hey Ken! Just received the radios safe and sound and they are exactly as advertised, beautiful, I really love the both of them. Thank you so much for excellent service, they were packed perfectly and work as stated. Thanks again and I'm sure I'll be looking at your stuff frequently." -- Dave S.

  • "Just wanted to say I received the radio yesterday and I am very satisfied it plays great. And it looks better in person then it did in the pictures. Also you did a great job packing it I think it took me 15 minutes to get all the bubble wrap off." -- Mario G.

  • "Received radio and better than expected. try the rest but buy from Ken." -- Patrick, Ireland

  • "I'm glad to let you know that I've received the items and they are all in perfect shipping condition. I can't thank you without making a special mention about your packing method, which is impeccable. You are one of the very few people I've received shipping items from who has not only packed the items like they promise in their advert but you have gone way beyond what I was expecting. Hence I won't hesitate to doing more business with you in the future." -- Patrick, Seychelles

  • "The Zenith 6S-128 arrived safely and on schedule. Packing was excellent. Wow! What a gorgeous set! I had expressed concerns about a refinished cabinet, but I can see now that my worries were unfounded. This is stunning! And as you indicated, the photos really do not do it justice. I had no difficulties reassembling the set and it worked well right away. The MP3 adapter is something I wasn't expecting, but it's nice to have. Managed to get it connected to my Airport Express Sunday night and was able to listen to the last half of Ed Walker's Big Broadcast on WAMU. Very appropriate. Zenith really put out a product back in the day. It's impressive as heck in 2013; can't imagine what it must have been like in 1937." -- Will W.

  • "Received the Zenith Trans Oceanic 3000-1 today ....what wonderful audio quality just amazing. I have an AM music station here in town and that sounds incredible on the am band! Just like off the factory line back in 1963. Thank you for the fantastic Zenith I purchased from you and one that you repaired for me!" -- Michael M.

  • "I received the radio yesterday which was a gift for my husband. He was really impressed with the care in which you packed the radio with the bubble wrap. He absolutely loves it. It looks and sounds great. He spent last night and this morning listening to it. Thank you for making my first antique radio purchase a pleasure." -- Aimee

  • "Well done on the fix and thank you again for your quick and professional response! Feel free to quote me as a happy customer. It is always the measure of a company's response in a crisis that matters the most - and you handled it perfectly." -- John S.

  • "My Zenith 5-S-119 arrived and all I can say is WOW! It's beautiful and it sounds fantastic. I would echo what everyone has said about your packing, I have never seen better. If I hear of anyone looking for a radio I will definitely send them to you. Thanks again." -- Lonnie F.

  • "I received today, safely and soundly, the GE Long Range.  I have it playing as I write.  Man, that is one powerful radio!  It sounds great. I really like that tone control.  I can't wait to see what I'm able to bring-in tonight.  I would have loved to have had this radio when I was a kid, lying in bed, trying to capture baseball games from far and away." -- Richard J.

  • "Man, you did a tremendous packaging job!  I really appreciate that.  I'm a geology professor who collects and sells various antique scientific instruments, and I pride myself on packaging them for shipping.  Most are very delicate items.  But oh, what a time-consuming, pain in the butt a good packing job can be..." -- Richard

  • "The radio came ok. I've got it unpacked and it works great. A real nice little radio. Good doing business with you. " -- Bob F.

  • "The Zenith 615 is great. Sounds as good as it looks. We couldn't be happier with it, thanks again." -- Bill M.

  • "Our GE 466 radio arrived in excellent shape and it sounds wonderful. Now, it sits proudly on the counter in the kitchen and starts our day every morning while the coffee gets goin'. I'll be needing something for down in the shop pretty soon and on the next one I'll have you rig it up for iPod use." -- Mark/CA

  • "All is well with the Mitchell clock radio which arrived today and all alarm functions work properly right on. The radio plays very well too! I needed a loud racket to get me up. A clock radio can be set to volume above the threshold, and this one plays loud and clear with no distortion. Thanks a million." Robert, central California

  • "I received the RCA radio today safe and sound. It plays perfectly!! Such a great tone and Volume!! Everything is Excellent! Thank You Very Much." -- Mike

  • "I got the radio last week and it is super! Your shipping with the double box and all got it here safe and sound. I plugged her in and she sounds wonderful and gets great reception. And of course I love the way it looks with that huge dial and those big knobs. I have a FM transmitter that transmits my iPod to the radio and that sounds great too. The dial has only a tiny amount of corrosion and the handle is in great shape. Those are the two things on this particular model that usually aren't in good shape. I don't think I could have found a better radio of this model at such a great price. I couldn't be more pleased with my purchase. Thanks again and I can't wait until my next birthday or maybe even Christmas to get another one. You'll be my first stop!" -- Todd

  • "Capitol record player arrived safely, and is playing GREAT!! I cleaned it up just a little bit, and it looks even better than before. I sure wish I could find record players in this condition everyday. This one was in fantastic shape for being 50 years old." -- Larry

  • "Received the radio today: perfect packaging and delivery. It is more beautiful than expected and in full working condition. Many thanks" -- Walter/OR

  • "Your beautiful radio arrived today and after hooking it up to a long wire, I found it to perform even better than I remembered. I was transported back to 1955 when I listened to the original "Gunsmoke." Thanks so much. You are providing a much needed service. The packing was superb: it could have been sent around the world." -- Earl/VA

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