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Joy-Kelsey Corp. Crystal Detector (1922-24)Philco 42-PT7 (1942)General Electric T-2260H AM/FM (1969-70)Silvertone 3215 (1954)Bendix 526A (1946)Zenith H724 AM/FM (1951)Emerson 522 (1946)Zenith H-845 (1964)Panasonic 782 AM-FM (1963)Stromberg-Carlson 541 (1940s)
Zenith 6-D-815 (1949)Sony ICF-9740W AM/FM (1978)RCA 9X571 "Golden Throat" (1949)Century Mark IV CF1888 Multiband Portable (1969-70)RCA 56X10 (1945)Crosley 66TC "American Overseas" (1946)Packard-Bell 46H AM/SW (1938-39)Arvin 17R11 (1963)Atwater Kent Speaker (1930s)Realistic MTA-8 AM/FM (1978)
Arvin Electro AM/FM (1960s)Majestic 651 (1936)General Electric T-270A AM/FM (1968)Magnavox Mardi Gras Clock Radio (1960s)Sony ICF-9740W AM/FM (1978)Bulova 100 Clock Radio (1957)Zenith 8G005YT(Z1) Trans-Oceanic (1946-47)Arvin 341T (1949)RCA 1AX (1940)Trav-Ler 5170 Clock Radio (1949)
Philco 39-116RX Mystery Control (1939)Realistic DX-160 Shortwave Receiver (1975-80)Realistic 12-1474 AM/FM (1970s)Emerson 888 Transistor (1958)RCA 5X560 "Greenwich" (1954)Zenith 6D2615 (1942)Emerson 510 (1946)Crosley 56TJO (1946)Pilot B-1 (1940)Silvertone 9005 (1949)
Zenith K510Y (1952)Silvertone 1 (1950)Admiral 5X12N (1949)Zenith 5-R-312 (1938)Philco B956 (1953)Zenith 6-D-630 (1942)Silvertone 4567 (1937)Emerson 520 (1946)Shure 55C Microphone (1939)Zenith 5-S-319 "Racetrack" (1939)
Guild 556 "Country Bell" (1955)Musicaire 801 (1938)Crosley CR6004 USB TurntableRCA 9X561 "Golden Throat" (1950)Lafayette "Star-Fire VI" (1968)Zenith T2518 AM-FM (1958)Philco 42KR3 (1942)O'Neil Reproducer-Speaker (1920s)Mitchell 1262 "Lullaby" Bed Lamp Radio (1954)Panasonic RE-7487 (1969)
Coca-Cola '55 Style Vending Machine RadioPackard-Bell 631 (1954)Westinghouse H345T5 (1951)Zenith 5D011 Consoltone (1946)Motorola TC24ES AM/FM (1969)Silvertone 9054 (1948)Admiral 4L2A (1958)Packard-Bell 531 (1953)Motorola 57X11 (1947)RCA 75X11 (1947)
RCA 6BX-6 Portable (1946)Arvin 732 (1941)General Electric 941 Clock Radio (1956)General Electric 941 Clock Radio (1956)Telefunken Gavotte 7 (1956)Sprague Tel-Ohmike TO-5 Capacitor AnalyzerWestinghouse H398T5 Clock Radio (1954)Guild 380-T "The Town Crier" (1956)Zenith 6-G-001Y "Universal" (1946)RCA 65X2 (1946)
Emerson 713-A (1953/54)Philco 48-464 (1948)Zenith H500 Trans-Oceanic (1951-1954)
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