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Radios sold at the Radio Attic in 2017

Here are the 1,123 radios sold in 2017 at the Radio Attic!

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Marshall Radio (1938)Zenith 5-J-217 "Cube" (1938)Truetone D-711 AM/SW (1938)Atwater Kent 708 Cathedral (1933)DeWald 550 "Dynette" (1933)Zenith 5-S-127 (1937)Atwater Kent 206 Cathedral (1934)Emerson CS-272 w/Ingraham Cabinet (1939)Coors Beer Can (1970s)Guild 6407S Country Belle
General Electric K-64 (1933)Howard 901-A (1946)RCA 65X1 (1948)Atwater Kent 735 (1934)Philco 38-10 "Bullet" (1938)Firestone 3-7403-7 (1941)Knight 83-275 (1946)Kadette 68 (1935)Zenith 6-S-128 Tombstone (1937)Zenith AM/FM
Sparton 628 Tombstone (1938)Zenith 7-S-363 Console (1939)Majestic 460-A (1933)Freshman Masterpiece (1925)King-Hinners Neutrodyne TRF (1925)Airline 93BR-4625A (1940)Grunow 650 Tombstone (1935)Zenith H511Emerson CS-268 (1939)Stewart-Warner 07-512S "Campus" (1939)
Philco 80 (1932)RCA 40X57 "San Francisco Exhibition" (1939)Pacific 658 (branded Imperial) (1939)Crosley CR-37 "Bluebird" Replica (2010)Echophone EC-1 AM/SW (1940-1946)Emerson 138 (1938)Philco 39-25 (1939)Case 715 Tombstone (1936)Crosley 56TD "Duette"Emerson 32C
Crosley F25 60Climax CV-316 "Emerald" (1938)Philco 52-944 AM/FM (1952)Hallicrafters 5R10A AM/SW (1951-1954)Zenith H500 Trans-Oceanic (1951)Philco 48-206 (1948)National SW-54 (1951-58)Philco 70 Cathedral (1932)RCA 96T1 Mantle Radio (1939)Atwater Kent 20
Crosley 62TD AM/SWZenith 12-H-670 "Newport" Console (1941)General Electric 221 (1947)Emerson 653B (1950)Zenith 6-J-322 "Stars & Stripes" (1939)Truetone D-2610 (1946)Westinghouse WR-120 (1937)Radiola 61-1 (1947)Zenith 5-R-312 "Beehive" (1939)Americana Wayfarer ST6X
Arvin Rhythm Queen (1936)G&F Sales "Searchlight" (1936)Emerson 148 (1937)Zenith H511Bendix 556C (1946)Sparton 517E (1936)Emerson PR-365 (1940)Detrola 148-E (1939)Heathkit GR-21 FM Radio (1958)Admiral 717
KLH 21 FM RadioColin B. Kennedy 42 "Coronet" (1931)Zenith 6-D-625Bulova 120 Clock RadioMarilyn AM/FMWollensak T-1500 Tape RecorderEmerson 610AZenith 5-S-218 (1938)Firestone R-1661-A AM/SW (1936)Truetone D2611 (1946)
Coronado 43-8160 "Jewel" (1947)Motorola 77XM22 (1948)Sony ICF-9740W AM/FM (1978)Emerson 852 (1956)RCA 45X11 (1940)Zenith 7-S-53 Console (1936)DeWald Little Giant (1931)Aetna 451 AM/SW (1937)Emerson 510 (1946)Zenith 6-D-312 (1939)
Arvin 702 (1939)Silvertone 4660 AM/SW (1937)Westinghouse 501 (1948)Motorola TT34ES AM/FM (1960s)Atwater Kent 90 Cathedral (1931)Zenith 6-D-127 Tombstone (1936)Macy UA62T AM/SW (1937)Chanticleer 2D570 (1935) AM/SWCrosley 637 "Super Six"RCA T7-5 (1936)
Pilot 18 "The Dragon" Cathedral (1933)Stewart-Warner 07-513H "Campus" (1939)Bendix 636BA (1947)Emerson AM-169 w/Ingraham Cabinet (1937)Arvin 352-PL (1950)Sparton 132 (1950)Sparton 768 AM/SW Radio Chassis (1937)Arvin 153T (1948)General Electric Clock RadioCrosley E20-GN
General Electric L-630 (1941)Philco 48-420Silvertone 4764Zenith G516F Clock Radio (1950)Philco 39-6 (1939)Zenith 5-S-218 (1938)Crosley 515 (1935)Philco 60 Cathedral (1934)Crosley D25CEAirline 62-346 (1939)
Airline 62-97 TombstoneMajestic 49-B "Duo-Modern" AM-SW (1933)Zenith D-611 (1942)Coronado 43-8353 (1947)Philco 116B Tombstone (1933)Crosley 11-124U (1951)Zephyr 232 Boy's Radio in BoxEmerson 888 Explorer (1957)Channel Master 6512 AM/SWCrestline 6T-220
Westinghouse "PowerMate" Portable (1967)Golden Bell Transistor 6Continental Tube PortableMetro TRN-6036Channel Master 6512 AM/SWCandle "Family Radio"General Electric P-808H Transistor (1963)Arvin 61R13Admiral Y2067Admiral Y2068
Fuji Denki TRB-603Bell Products Hit Parade 1-TransistorZenith 7-S-529 (1941)Radiola 526 (1942)Motorola 65X11-A (1946)Zenith 6-S-321 AM/SW (1937)Zenith Royal 1000-D Trans-OceanicGeneral Electric P-808HTrav-Ler 5054 (1947)Truetone D-724
General Electric 115W (1948)Zenith 5-S-319 (1939)Firestone 4-A-78 (1950)General Electric 115 (1948)Howard D15 Tombstone (1935)RCA 9-X-641 (about 1949)DeWald A-501 "Harp" Catalin (1938)RCA RZG104Y 50th Anniversary Transistor RadioZenith 5-S-319 (1939)Cookie Monster Radio
Tune-a-Bulldog RadioRCA 4QR64X (1955)Philco 49-506 "Flying Wedge" (1949)Zenith 5-S-29 Tombstone (1936)Atwater Kent 82 Cathedral (1932)Arvin 617B "Rhythm Maid"  Tombstone (1936)Zenith 6-D-2615 Boomerang (1941)RCA 56X (1946)Trav-Ler 5015 w/Aux InputAmerican Bosch 565 Tombstone
Pacific 52P (1934)RCA R-28 Cathedral (1933)Emerson CS-272 AM/SW w/Ingraham Cabinet (1939)Zenith 7G605 Trans-Oceanic Clipper "Bomber" (1942)Coronado 83-8160 "Jewel" (1938)Zenith 6-D-510 (1941)Emerson AP-173 w/Ingraham Cabinet (1937)Zenith 5-S-126 "Cube" (1936)Zenith H-725 AM/FM (1951)Stromberg-Carlson 1110H (1947)
Silvertone 4565 (1936)Nordmende Transita AM/FM Portable (1960)Motorola VT-71 Television (1947)Motorola X11EMotorola X17BGrunow 460 Tombstone (1934)Viscount VIP-602Stewart-Warner R-1262A "the Stuart" Tombstone (1936)Emerson 713-A (1953/54)Philco 21 Cathedral with Stand
Silvertone 6177-A (1939)Emerson 34C Tombstone w/Ingraham Cabinet (1935)Zenith Royal 200 Transistor (1958)Zenith 6-S-128 Tombstone (1936)Zenith 7H822ZZenith D7000Y Trans-OceanicRCA 9X571 (1949)Zenith D7000Y Trans-OceanicAirline 74WG-1509 (1947)Zenith D7000Y Trans-Oceanic
Motorola X47B Pocket Transistor (1963)Zenith 7-S-232 "Walton" TombstoneCrosley 10-137 (1950)Zenith 12-U-159 Console (1937)Pilot K-110 "Super Wasp" (1929)Airline 62-425 "Indian Head" (1937)Silvertone 4586 Console (1936)Packard-Bell 100A (1949)Packard-Bell 5R1 (1956)Sparton 1268 Console (1938)
Victor RE-45 Console (1929)Detrola 302 "Tear Drop" (1940)Pla-Pal World's Fair Radio Bar (1932)Emerson 888 VanguardChannel Master 6246 Multi-Band PortableZenith 6-S-527Zenith Royal 500E "Owl Eye" Pocket Transistor (1959)Emerson 851BTivoli OneRCA 56X5
Emerson 652 Series BBendix 526A (1946)Zenith 6-S-321 "Stars & Stripes" AM/SW (1939)Zenith Y723G AM-FM (1955)Aria A-460 (1936)Emerson R156 Tombstone (1937)Emerson DB301 (1939)Philco 70B Cathedral (1932)Motorola Concept-90Hallicrafters S-41W Skyrider Jr (1945-47)
Zenith 6-D-525 (1941)RCA 9X641 (1950)Zenith 6-S-229 Tombstone (1938)Atwater Kent 185A Tombstone (1934)Zenith R7000-2 Trans-OceanicStewart-Warner 13-5U3 (1939)Crosley D-25-WEEmerson 616-A w/Ingraham Cabinet (1949)Zenith 4-B-422 (1940)Pioneer SE-50 Headphones (1972)
Grunow 460 "Living Tone" (1934)Bendix 526MC Catalin (1946)RCA "Tubehead" Cameo Doll (1927)Philco 38-93Crosley D-25 Clock Radio (1953)Crosley D-25GNStromberg-Carlson 140-H AM/SW (1936)Transistor Pup RadioSonora RBU-175 (1946)Yaou Transistor 6
Thomas "Sparton Bluebird" Replica AM/FM/CassetteChannel Master 6505 PortableZenith 6-D-219 (1938)Channel Master 6509Zenith Royal 500EZenith 808 Tombstone (1934)Channel Master 6509 Pocket Transistor (1960)Philco 51-532Zenith K412-W "Owl Eyes" Portable (1953)Revere 400 Portable (1950s)
Packard-Bell 35A (1934)Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Dinner Novelty AM/FM (1992)Jewel 5057U "Wakemaster" Clock Radio (1950)Stewart-Warner R-1461 AM/SW (1936)McMurdo Silver 139 (1937)Detrola 146 (1937)Airline 62-198 Tombstone (by Belmont)Kenwood TM-281A FM Transceiver (Package)Firestone 7405-2/R-1651AS (1936)Detrola 154E AM/SW (1937)
Zenith Royal 59 (1965)Toshiba 8TM-294 (1959)Zenith 6-S-27 Tombstone (1936)Silvertone 6177 (1939)DeForest F5-M DC Radio (1925)Kolster 6D Battery Radio (1926)Toshiba IC-310 TransistorPower Tronics "Money Talks" AM/FM TransistorGeneral Electric C2418A "Mickey" Clock Radio (1960)Zenith 6-D-410 (1939)
Zenith 10-S-130 Tombstone (1937)Zenith 6-S-222 "Cube" (1937)Panasonic RE-7487 AM/FMWestinghouse H645T6 Clock RadioBulova 100 Clock RadioRCA 8X681 AM/SW (1948)Tesla 308U AM/SWPhilco D736 Clock Radio (1956)Wilcox-Gay 6AC5 AM/SW (1939)RCA 2-C-514 Clock Radio (1952)
Philco T7-126Emerson 888 PioneerZenith J504 (1953)Airline 62-425 (1937)E.H. Scott Philharmonic (1936)Zenith 6-D-614-W (1942)Sony TR-84Detrola 148E AM/SW (1937)Silvertone 4403 AM/SW (1937)Panasonic RE6137E (1969-70)
Emerson Auxiliary SpeakerRCA Victor 1-TP-2EGeneral Electric 402Bendix 526C (1946)Zenith 715 TombstoneThomas "Sparton Bluebird" Replica AM/FMRealistic DX-440 AM/FM/SW PortableWeltron 2001 AM/FM/8-TrackBulova 120 Clock RadioZenith 5-S-29 Tombstone (1935)
RCA 5X3 AM/SWAddison 2 (Canada)Crosley CR-47 Reproduction PhonographKnight R-100A Communications Receiver (by Allied Radio, 1965)Truetone D-2616Crosley 10-138 (1950)Zenith 5-S-319Atwater Kent 82 Cathedral (1932)Arvin 60R79Crosley 51
Zenith 6-S-229 Tombstone (1938)Zenith 6-D-525 (1941)Motorola 67X12 (1949)Stromberg-Carlson AWP-8Emerson CG268 (1939-40)B.F. Goodrich 11-701 (1950)Philco 42-340 AM/SW (1942)Packard-Bell 46G (1939)Westinghouse 501 (1948)Coca Cola Cooler Radio
Motorola 50XEmerson 812BMotorola 6X12C (1950s)Crosley 56TD "Duette"Avalon 2302 (1934)Emerson A130 (1937)Zenith D7000Y Trans-OceanicZenith 6-D-311 (1938)Zenith 6-S-439 (1940)Westinghouse H-126 (1946)
Emerson FP422 (1941)Philco 48-200 (1948)Olympic Opta Bella 5700WWendell-West CR-18Channel Master 6514 Portable (1959)Homestead R44RCA Victor 1-TP-1JEAdmiral 5R11-N (1949)Simplex NT-5 Tombstone (1939)Crosley ACE Type V (1923)
Zenith 6-S-152 Console (1937)Clarion C100XEmerson 706B (1952)Emerson 33AW (1933)Stewart-Warner  300 (1925)Crosley 10-135 (1950)Philco 90 Cathedral (1931)Emerson 888 PioneerRCA 86T1 (1937)Philco PT65
Motorola 63C Clock Radio (1955)Motorola 5H11 (1950)Emerson 507 (1946)Westinghouse H-436T5 (1955)Zenith 6-S-527Kadette 90 CameoZenith 6-V-27 Tombstone (1936)RCA 103 Tapestry SpeakerZenith 6-D-525 (1941)Zenith D7000Y Trans-Oceanic
Zenith K515 Clock RadioMotorola X14EEmerson 541 (1948)Zenith 6-S-52 Console (1937)Zenith Royal 500B "Owl Eye" Transistor (1956/57)Channel Master 6509 Transistor (1960)Emerson R156 Tombstone (1937)General Electric E61 Tombstone (1936)Silvertone 2024Zenith R7000-2 Trans-Oceanic
Zenith R7000-1 Trans-OceanicZenith Royal 1000 Trans-Oceanic (1960)Zenith J-733 AM/FM Clock Radio (1955)Bendix 526C (1946)Zenith H724Z2 AM/FM (1951)Arvin 840T (1954)Airline 62-306 (1939)Zenith 8-S-359 Console (1939)Philco 90L Lowboy (1931)Admiral Y2063
RCA 110K Console (1940)Trav-Ler 5028-A (1948)Emerson 581AZenith 8G005YT(Z1) Trans-Oceanic (1946-47)Emerson 811 (1955)Philco 70 Cathedral (1933)General Electric J-80 Cathedral (1932)Zenith 5-D-625Rogers-Majestic "The Madelaine" (Canada)Magnavox 2-AM-80
Emerson 888 ExplorerAmerican Bosch 430-T (1936)Zenith 11-S-474 ConsolePhilco 45C "Butterfly"Sparton 506 "Bluebird" (1935)Zenith 5-R-312 "Beehive" (1938)Airline 15GCB-1583 (1951)Grundig FR-200 Emergency RadioAmerican Bosch 5A (1931)Drake R8 Communications Receiver
Motorola 53H (1954)Stewart-Warner 9164 Clock Radio (1952)ITT 871 AM/SWZenith G510Y (1950)Sonora RCU-208 (1946)Westinghouse WR-260 (1939)FADA 790 Series B AM/FM (1949)Emerson A-130 (1937)Zenith 6-S-229 Tombstone (1938)Westinghouse H-124 "Little Jewel" (1945)
Silvertone Neutrodyne (1924)Joy-Kelsey Corp. Crystal Detector (1922-24)Toshiba 7TP30 Micro Transistor (1960)Toshiba 8TM-294 TransistorChannel Master 6515A Transistor (1960s)Emerson 610 (1949)Silvertone 4763 (1936)RCA 56X3 (1946)Gem Chrome Escutcheon TombstoneITT 6406
Setchell-Carlson 416 (1946)Zenith 6-S-152 Console (1937)Philco 38-12 (1938)Melody Cruiser 920 (General Radio)Howard 256 AM/SW (1937)Clarion 400 "Auburn" (1934)Emerson DB-314 Portable w/Ingraham Cabinet (1939)Grunow 670 (Homebrew Tombstone Cabinet)Truetone D-2611 (1946)Emerson 888 Explorer
Westinghouse H-796P6Zenith Royal 500Zephyr 4-TransistorPhilco T803-124 PortableMotorola 57XSilvertone Mantel Radio (1930s)Northern Electric 56 (Canada, 1934)Zenith H511 (1951)Arvin 851T (1954)General Electric K-43
General Electric T-2260H AM/FM (1969-70)Philco 42-PT7 (1942)RCA 6T Tombstone (1937)Silvertone 3215 (1954)Zenith 6-S-27 Tombstone (1936)Stromberg-Carlson 130-J (1937)Detrola 429Majestic 5A410Philco 41-221 (1941)Westinghouse H-130 (1946)
Philco 40-74 PortableSilvertone 113.7PCIBendix 526A (1946)General Electric P1704BJensen D-44 Electric Speaker (1926?)Zenith H500 Trans-OceanicZephyr TR-64Zenith 6-D-526Zenith 6-D-015Z "Consoltone" (1946)Arvin 544 (1946)
Emerson 511 "Moderne" (1947)Philco 90 Cathedral (1932)General Electric 467Electrohome PMU 51-437 (1946)Zenith H724 AM/FM (1951)Zenith H-845 (1964)Stromberg-Carlson H225Emerson 522 (1946)Toshiba 6TP-385Zenith 7-S-323 (1939)
Emerson 511 "Moderne" (1947)Michigan M-10 DC Radio (1923)Arvin 61R35Trancel TR-80Arvin 417 "Rhythm Baby" Tombstone (1936)Jupiter 6T-330Silvertone 2002 (1950)Zenith 5-S-126 "Cube" (1936) AM/SWZenith 9-S-30A Tombstone (1936)Westinghouse WR209
Panasonic 782 AM-FM (1963)Air Castle 41-13EA (1937)Arvin 540T "Metal Midget" (1946)Crosley D-25-BE Clock Radio (1953)Emerson 988 Rambler Pocket Transistor (1960)Zenith Royal 500E "Owl Eye" Pocket Transistor (1959)Emerson DB315 w/Ingraham Cabinet (1939)Stromberg-Carlson 541 (1940s)Silvertone 2016 (1953)RCA 9X571 "Golden Throat" (1949)
Sony ICF-9740W AM/FM (1978)Gilfillan 56 (1947)Electromatic Radio PhonographZenith 6-D-815 (1949)Airline 62-325 (1934)Century Mark IV CF1888 Multiband Portable (1969-70)Emerson 343 AM/SW (1940)Remler 51 (1936)Crosley D25 "Dashboard" Clock RadioRCA 56X10 (1945)
Silver 139 AM/SW (1937)Montgomery Ward 15KR-1520-B (1948)Emerson CS270 AM/SW (1939)Philco 49-506Heathkit AJ-31 FM Tuner (1962)General Electric K-53 (1933)Zenith 6-S-152 AM/SW Console (1937)RCA 128 Shouldered Tombstone (1934)Emerson "Bookcase/Library" (1947)Stewart-Warner 03-5A1 "Varsity" (1939)
Silvertone 9000 (1949)Crosley 66TC "American Overseas" (1946)Farrand Junior Cone Speaker (1920s)Zenith 6-S-27 Tombstone (1936)Brunswick 15 (1930) ConsoleGeneral Electric P-8501 Pocket Transistor (1961)RCA 118 "Globe Trotter"Regency TR-1Packard-Bell 46H AM/SW (1938-39)Arvin 17R11 (1963)
Philco PT-44 (1940)B&K ThingieMotorola 77XM22 AM/FMCrosley D25WEEmerson 588AFADA 38 Portable (1940)Zenith 5-J-217 AM/SW (1938)Zenith 5-S-218 AM/SW (1938)FADA 790 Series B AM/FMSilvertone 7025 (1947)
General Electric 212 (1948)Emerson R-153 w/Ingraham Cabinet (1937)Philco 84 Cathedral (1937)General Electric L633 w/Ingraham Cabinet (1942)National Panasonic RF5000A Multiband PortableMitchell 1250 Bedside Lamp RadioZenith K731 AM/FM (1963)Trancel TR60 (1962)Bang & Olufsen Oh YeahGeneral Electric H-530 (1939)
Silvertone 6120A (1939)Philco G-681 "Scantenna" Portable (1959)Sony TRW-621Crosley D-25CECrosley 6H2 (1936)Silvertone 1905 Tombstone (1936)Gloritone 99 CathedralSilvertone 1705 (1933)Grunow 500 Tombstone (1933)Atwater Kent Speaker (1930s)
RCA 6-RF-9 AM/FM (1953)Realistic MTA-8 AM/FM (1978)Arvin Electro AM/FM (1960s)Crosley D-25MNCoradio Coin-Op (1948)RCA 9X641 (1950)Truetone D1012 (1941)General Electric 102 (1948)Tom Thumb Portable (1947)RCA 1-TP-2J
Zenith 5-R-136 Tombstone (1937)Detrola 3043 (1939)Penney's 41-6TP-408 (by Toshiba)Motorola 55X15Westinghouse Portable RadioMotorola 57CS Clock RadioStromberg-Carlson 69 Shortwave ConverterZenith 6-S-229 Tombstone (1938)Sony 3R-68 (New in Box)Arvin 61R13
Zenith 827 (1935)Sony TFM-850W AM/FMMajestic 651 (1936)Cunningham "Moderne" by Climax (1936)Arvin 417 "Rhythm Baby" AM/SW (1936)Zenith K412-R "Owl Eyes" Portable (1953)Radiola 61-6 (1946)General Electric 414 (1950)Stewart-Warner R-180-A (1938)Zenith 15-U-269 Console (1938)
Ritz Nabisco 411A Cathedral ReplicaGeneral Electric T-270A AM/FM (1968)Zenith Royal 1000 Trans-Oceanic (1960)Zenith 7C05 AM/FMZenith 6-S-229 Tombstone (1937)Zenith K731 AM/FM (1960s)Capehart C14 Clock RadioMagnavox Mardi Gras Clock Radio (1960s)Emerson 888 Explorer (1957)Hemisphere 655 Pocket Transistor (mid-1960s)
Philco 46-1201 "Bing Crosby" Radio-PhonoSony ICF-9740W AM/FM (1978)Airline 62-150 Tombstone (1934)RCA 16T2 (1940)Channel Master 6511 Transistor (1961)Zenith Royal 500E (1958-59)RCA 128 Tombstone (1934)Silvertone 1205Crosley JT3Crosley JC-3
Airline 62-317 (1936)Packard-Bell 48B (1938)Sparton 620M (1939)Zenith R-512V "Broadway" (1954)Bulova D100 Clock Radio (Canada)Sparton 537 TombstonePhilco 37-610Motorola PortableArvin 7401Channel Master 6515 Transistor
Zenith 6-D-525 (1941)Trancel TR-81 by ToshibaZenith 7H822 AM/FM (1949)Crosley 124 "Play Boy" Cathedral (1931)Zenith 6-D-2615 "Boomerang" (1941)Crosley 669American Bosch 660TGrunow 501FADA 790 Series B AM/FMStewart-Warner 07-5R5 w/Ingraham Cabinet (1940)
Philco 54CMcClure Picturephone (Model N)Majestic 60 (1937)Zenith Royal 16 R-16Y3 Transistor (1960s)Crosley 817 "Super 8"Zenith "Bomber" Trans-Oceanic (1942)Blaupunkt Sultan 2623Crosley 11-101UZenith 6-D-311 (1939)Atwater Kent 184 Tombstone
Crosley 11-105UPlay-Rite T8-110 TransistorJuliette APB-11H AM/PB TransistorGeneral Electric C3300 Clock RadioAtwater Kent 82 Cathedral (1932)Midwest HH7 "The Moderne" Tombstone (1936)RCA 5T AM/SW Tombstone (1936)Zenith 8-S-463 Console (1939)Eric 357 FM TunerAtwater Kent 165 Cathedral (1933)
Philco T67 (1963)Global GRC-715 (1960s)Zenith Royal 500DAirline 350Motorola A-17Philco 46-250Bulova 190 Clock RadioClarion C104A (1946)Channel Master 6515 Transistor (1960)Zenith Royal 1000 Trans-Oceanic (1960)
Crosley 11-100 "Bullseye" (1951)Herald Cone Speaker (1920s)Westinghouse 501 (1948)Truetone D2610Zenith 5-S-319General Electric P783A "Long Range" Portable (1965)Sony TR-752Emerson 578AZenith 6-D-512 (1941)Motorola 6T (1937)
Emerson 652 (1950)General Electric "Atomic" Radio (1959)Majestic 7TU11 (1942)Grebe MU-1 Synchrophase Late Version (1927)Crosley 56PA Portable (1946)Bulova 100 Clock Radio (1957)Zenith 5-F-134 Tombstone (1936)Truetone D2611 (1946)Silvertone 6050 (1947)Detrola 105A Rome (1936)
Emerson 613A (1950)Crosley 66TARCA 99T (1938)Motorola A12N25Zenith 808 Tombstone (1935)Emerson 824Zenith 5-R-216Westinghouse 501 "Kitchen" (1948)RCA RZC261S AM/FMStromberg-Carlson 235H (1937)
Sparton 252 (Canada) (1935)Electronic Research Labs "Angelus" Cathedral (1930)Grunow 572RCA 56X10 (1945)Grunow 470 Tombstone (1935)Majestic 156 "Sherwood" Grandfather Clock Radio (1932)Crosley 11-100U "Dynamic Bullseye" (1951)Zenith Royal 500HRCA 14XCrosley 11-115U "Bulls Eye" (1951)
Emerson CW279Zenith Royal 500B "Owl Eye" Transistor (1956)Bulova 100 Clock RadioBulova 100 Clock RadioZenith Royal 500D (1958)General Electric Clock RadioMitchell Bedlamp RadioCrosley 124 "Play Boy" Cathedral (1931)Airline 62-228 AM/SWRCA 14X
Philco 49-506Unknown Tombstone (1930s)Emerson 707 Tube Portable (1954)Philco 84 Cathedral (1935)Blaupunkt Derby Deluxe Multiband PortableZenith 6-S-226 "Cube" (1936)Climax "Cunningham" (1936)Airline 04WG-610 (1940)Detrola 149 (1936)Detrola 148CP (1937)
Silvertone 4564 (1936)Silvertone 4563 (1937)Atwater Kent 165 Cathedral (1933)Croydon 136 by Detrola (1937)Arvin 547A (1948)Zenith Royal 7000Y Trans-OceanicFirestone S-7398-1Philco TH-16 Transitone (1940)Emerson 330 (1941)Philco 620
Jackson-Bell 62 "Swan" (1930)Goodyear 749 (1938)Packard-Bell 5R1 (1957)Stewart-Warner R1301A Tombstone (1935)FADA 605 (1946)Bendix 626C (1947)Truetone D-727 AM/SW (1937)Zenith L600 Trans-OceanicCroydon 136X (1937)Zenith 8-S-154 Console (1936)
Bulova 100 Clock RadioKres-tone 75-1 (1948)General Electric Mickey Mouse Clock RadioEmerson 778BStromberg-Carlson 325-J (1938)Zenith 908 Tombstone (1935)General Electric P2753 "Centennial" NOSCrosley Repro of Belmont 6D111General Electric H-600 BeetleAirline 62-147 Tombstone (1935)
Astoria RK-513Clarion 11802Atwater Kent 708 Cathedral (1933)Zenith 8G005YT(Z1) Trans-Oceanic (1946-47)Stewart-Warner 9160 (1952)Silvertone 4529 TombstoneZenith Royal 500Stromberg-Carlson 420H (1940)Crosley D-25-GN Clock Radio (1953)Emerson EP-367 (1937)
Universal PTR-62B Pocket TransistorAirline GEN-1157A Transistor Boxed SetEmerson 106 (1935)Tempest 666Arvin 518 "Phantom Baby" AM/SW (1937)Grunow 750 Tombstone (1934)Detrola 139 (1936)Wilcox-Gay A46 AM/SW (1938)Emerson 544 (1947)Emerson 642A (1950)
Zenith 8G005 Trans-Oceanic (1949)Zenith 8G005 Trans-Oceanic (1948)Freshman Masterpiece 675 Tombstone (1934)Juliette MicroArvin 444 (1946)Farnsworth ET-064 (1946)Zenith TombstoneRCA R-7-AChannel Master 6518Zenith 5-S-29 Tombstone (1936)
Emerson CR262 (1939)Stromberg-Carlson 561 (1946)Pilot T1424Guild Spice Chest (1956)Zenith H500 Trans-OceanicBulova 100 Clock RadioCraftsman 933 Multiband PortableBulova 100 Clock RadioRCA 1AX (1940)Arvin 341T (1949)
Emerson 561 (1949)Hitachi TH-627R Boxed Set (1960)Silvertone 1954 Tombstone (1936)Toshiba 6TP-309ASilvertone 9005 (1949)Westinghouse 501 (1948)Zenith 6-D-525 (1941)General Electric 6D62 (1938-39)Stromberg-Carlson 1100 Series 12 (1947)Grunow 654 Tombstone
General Electric 107 (1948)Westinghouse WR-101 (1936)Detrola C-1941 FM ConverterEmerson 540A "Emersonette"Motorola XT18S Portable (1961)Zenith K511C Clock Radio (1963)Coronado 93RA31-43-8115A "Cub" (1950)Edison Standard Cylinder Phonograph (1905)General Electric 114W (1947)FADA 855 (1950)
Channel Master 6512 AM/SWMonitor TA56M (1946)RCA 45X1 "Little Nipper" (1940)Orion 8 TransistorZenith Royal 51Crosley 10-135 (1950)Zenith Royal 500E "Owl Eye"Channel Master 6515 TransistorAtwater Kent 20 (1924)Crosley E-15SL "Buick Front" (1953)
FADA L96 (1939)Sentinel 1U338 (1952)Bendix 300 (1949)RCA X-551 (1951)Bendix Advertising Banner (1950s)Goldentone 7H (1938)FADA 1000 "Streamliner" Catalin (1946)RCA 7T1 Tombstone (1936)Zenith 6-S-229 Tombstone (1938)Olympic 6-501-W (1946)
Admiral 69C60 (1951)Arvin 417 "Rhythm Baby" (1937)Trav-Ler 5170 Clock Radio (1949)Radiola RA248A (France-1958)Delco R-1229 (1940s)Channel Master 6510CBS T-202Stewart-Warner 03-5C1 (1939)Summit HS-81Delco R1174 (1941)
Sparton 589 Console (1930)Firestone S-7403-4 "Air Chief" (1940)General Electric E-50 (1937)Sparton 141XX AM/FM/Phono (1951)Realistic DX-160 Shortwave Receiver (1975-80)Motorola 53H (1954)Philco 48-225 (1948)Zenith 6-D-311 (1938)Stromberg-Carlson 1101-HPhilco 40-155 (1940)
Arvin 58 (1939)Zenith 6-D-316 (1939)Zenith H-615Z (1951)Realistic 12-1474 AM/FM (1970s)RCA 15X (1940)Arvin 451T (1950)Airline 57 (1933)Zenith D7000Y Trans-OceanicSilvertone 8004Zenith 829 Tombstone (1935)
Crosley 10-138 "Coloradio" (1950)Philco 46-200Zenith K412R (1940)Zenith 6D2615 (1942)Philco 52-941Philco 40-135General Electric GD-60RCA 5X560 "Greenwich" (1954)Philco 40-115CSentinel 313W (1948)
Emerson 888 Transistor (1958)General Electric 100Sony ICF-2010Zenith Y600 Trans-Oceanic (1957)Silvertone 9014Stromberg-Carlson 420-HPhilco 60 Cathedral (1934)Silvertone 15 (1951)Lyric 546T (1946)Panasonic RF-2200 (1976)
General Electric Superadio II (1987)RCA 121 CathedralCrosley 56TJO (1946)Pilot T-502 (1946-47)Emerson 510 (1946)Majestic 5A410 (1946)Sparton 68 (1934)Philco NT900-BKGEmerson 330 (1940)FADA 790 Series B AM/FM (1949)
Zenith 6-D-615 (1942)Emerson 587A (1949)Philco PT-43 (1939)Zenith 9-S-30 Tombstone (1936)Kadette 86 (International Radio, 1936)Philco PT-46 (1939)General Electric JCP-562RCA 118 Tombstone (1934)Wagner RadioPhilco 38-5 (1938)
Thomas BD-110 Replica RadioRCA 9X571 "Bullhorn"General Electric H-600Stewart-Warner 9160General Electric G-53DeWald 618 AM/SW (1936)Zenith 7H822 AM/FM (1949)Emerson 587A (1950)Air King A-520 Portable (1948)Admiral 5X12N (1949)
RCA 7-BX-9H "Yachtsman" Portable (1957)Silvertone 1 (1950)Zenith K510Y (1952)Silvertone 9005 (1949)General Electric HB-402 Suitcase Portable (1939)Pilot B-1 (1940)Zenith H-615 (1951)Philco 38-12 (1938)Packard-Bell 36 (1934)Delco 1102 Tombstone (1935)
Coronado 43-8330 (1947)Crosley "Quick-Tune Fiver" Tombstone (1936)Farnsworth AT-23Telefunken K3291 "Kavalier" (1961)General Electric 440 AM/FMTivoli OnePiggy Bank RadioOlympic 6-502P (1946)Detrola 568 "Aria" AM/SW (1946)Sparton 67 Tombstone (1935)
Philco 70 Cathedral (1931)Philco 42-350Philco Jr. 80 Cathedral (1932)Truetone D-723 (1939)Belmont 6-D-111 "Rabbit" (1946)Channel Master 6515Zenith 5-R-312 (1938)Whelco A11 (1939)Zenith H-500 Trans-Oceanic (1951)RCA T6-11 Tombstone (1936)
Sparton 104 Console (1934)RCA T64 (1940)General Electric C65 Clock RadioFADA L-96W (1939)Crosley 10-135Philco 38-62Airline 93BR-508A (1939)Wilcox-Gay A-35 (1937)Knight 351 Tombstone by Admiral (1938)Detrola 175E (1937)
Airline 62-702Silvertone 9000 (1949)Silvertone 9005 (1949)Motorola 65X11A (1946)Stewart-Warner R1301A (1935)Truetone D-1014 (1940)General Television 1A5Philco 49-506General Electric L-660 (1941)Crosley D-25-WE Clock Radio (1953)
RCA T6-1 Tombstone (1936)Majestic 5LA70Mirror Tone 850 Deluxe (1947)Philco 40-140 (1940)American Bosch 440T "Around the Globe" (1935)Majestic 651 "Triple Fin" (1937)Stromberg-Carlson 60T Tombstone (1934)Lyric 546T (1946)Arkay S5E (1950)Philco B956 (1953)
Airline 64BR-1501A (1941)Trav-Ler 5015 (1948)Marvel 6YR-15AGrand Prix GP-21Omegas 7Hitachi TH-862R "Marie"Empire 8TP-802M AM/SW/MarineEmerson 888 "Explorer"Seminole 1100 AM/FMFuji Denki TRB-603
Nanaola 6 TransistorStandard Micronic Ruby SR-Q460FAladdin AL-65Olson RA-355 Tube PortableAirline "Transistor Six"Continental TR-683Truetone DC-3050Golden Shield 7188 in BoxEmerson 911 "Eldorado"Arvin 540T (1951)
General Electric P780 Portable (1959)Halson 53X (1934)Majestic 55 "Duette" (1933)Atwater Kent 90 Cathedral (1931)Galaxie RadioCrosley 11-105-U (1951)Arvin 732 (1941)RCA 96T (1938)Zenith 5-R-226 "Child's Console" (1937)Zenith 5-D-611W (1942)
Pilot 193 (1936)Atlas Radio (Late 1960s, Japan)Westinghouse WR-169 (1939)Westinghouse WR-224 (1939)Zenith G516 "Owl Eyes" (1950)General Electric RadioAtwater Kent 82 Cathedral (1932)Motorola 53-L-C2 Portable (1953)Philco 90A Cathedral (1932)Toshiba 8TP-90
Automatic C-60X Suitcase Portable (1947)Philco PT-87 Suitcase Portable (1941)Westinghouse H-318T5 (1950)Hallicrafters TW-1000A Multiband PortableMajestic 370 CathedralRCA 75X11 (1947)Emerson 141 w/Ingraham Cabinet (1937)Sears 250-21300200 AM/FM 8-Track PlayerPanasonic R-47A Cube (1970s)Arvin 402A (1939)
Motorola 52X-13U (1952)Philco 37-89Delco R1156 (1939)Sentinel 294TDetrola 740 (1938)Silvertone 6424 AM/SW (1939)Philco 46-420Silvertone 6252Zenith 6-D-630 (1942)Zenith H511-W (1951)
RCA 9TX50 (1938)Philco 40-130 (1940)Stewart-Warner R180A (1938)Majestic 44B "Duo Chief" Tombstone (1933)Majestic 49B "Duo Modern" Tombstone (1933)General Electric P-2710C (1961)Zenith Royal 1000-1 Trans-OceanicPhilco 40-120 (1939)Trav-Ler 549 (1937)Crosley D-25 MN Clock Radio (1953)
Philco 20 Cathedral (1931)Delco R1231A "Ribbon Candy" (1948)Detrola 320 AM/SW (1940)Philco 38-17 (1938)Silvertone 7008 "Candy Cane" (1941)Emerson 813BMagnavox AW-100 AM/SWMajestic 215 "Croydon" Console (1932)Zenith 5-S-228 Tombstone (1938)Philco PT-46 (1939)
Zenith 6-S-128 Tombstone (1936)Zenith M403 "Zenette" Portable (1953)Philco 38-12 (1938)Unknown AM/SW RadioStromberg-Carlson 1200-H (1948)Airline 62-425Sentinel 332 (1949)Zenith 8G005 Trans-Oceanic (1946)Zenith 6-S-222 "Cube" (1936)Stromberg-Carlson 1101-H (1947)
Emerson 653 (1950)RCA 9-X-641Zenith 7-S-232 "Walton" TombstoneGeneral Electric F-53 (1937)Emerson DP-332 AM/SW (1939)Philco 40-125Silvertone 4567 (1937)DeWald C-800Franklin Mint "Air King" TransistorZenith 5-S-218 "Cube" (1937)
Zenith 5-S-220 (1938)General Electric 202 (1946)Zenith 5-S-127 Tombstone (1936)Setchell-Carlson 427 (1947)RCA 9X641 (1950)Philco 37-610T (1937)Freed-Eisemann NR-6 Neutrodyne (1924)Sonora RBU-176 (1946)Philco 39-7 (1939)Admiral 5-J22
Truetone D-2634Emerson 520 (1946)Emerson 347 w/Ingraham Cabinet (1940)Sears Clock RadioMotorola 56HWebcor B300-1 Clock RadioAdmiral 398-6M BeetleGarod 5A-2 (1946)Motorola C1N Clock Radio (1963)Silvertone 7054 (1947)
Sentinel 226W (1941)Philco T7-126 (1956)Emerson 336 (1940)FADA 454 (1938)Truetone D-724Zenith 5-S-319 "Racetrack" (1939)Motorola A4W "Custom6" (1956)Crosley 10-311 Portable (1950)Arvin 618 "Phantom Junior" (1938)Stromberg-Carlson 60 (1935)
Emerson 156 TombstonePhilco 84 Cathedral (1934)Zenith 6-S-27 Tombstone (1936)Silvertone 15 (1942)Marlboro CD-V1 Cigarette Radio (Late 1950s?)Philip Morris CD-V2 Cigarette Radio (Late 1950s?)Zenith Royal B21 Transistor (1965)Zenith 12-S-232 "Walton" Tombstone (1938)Zenith 5-R-316 (1938)Zenith 808 Tombstone (1935)
Motorola 50XW (1940)Zenith 6G801 "Pop-Open" (1948)Sentinel 312P Portable (1950)General Electric H-600 (1939)RCA 75X11 (1948)Echophone 70 Tombstone (1931)Air Castle 136F1T Multiband PortablePhilco 39-652 (Canada, 1939)General Electric P780A PortableMotorola 56H "Torpedo" (1956)
Zenith K412-W "Owl Eyes" Portable (1953)Zenith 7H822 AM/FM (1949)Emerson 587A (1949)Emerson 652 Series B (1950)Silvertone 6125
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