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Radios sold at the Radio Attic in 2008

Here are the 836 radios sold in 2008 at the Radio Attic!

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Zenith 712 "Challenger Line" (1934)Air King 4000Fender Sidekick Reverb 20 Guitar AmplifierWestinghouse H663P4 (1957)General Electric GD-60Kent PortableSetchell-Carlson 58A-375 "The Jet" (1949)Emerson 575A (1950)Philco 48-225 (1948)Jesse French & Son Junior Cathedral (1930)
Emerson 504Motorola 65T21Clago Radio 531 "Mayflower" Cathedral (1931)Philco 48-206 (1948)Emerson Radio (model unknown)Crosley 66TADrake R8A Communications ReceiverGrundig 97 (1958)Truetone D-2616 (1946)Zenith 5-S-622 Tombstone (1937)
Western Air Patrol 263 (1935)Emerson 541B (1951)Midland M6A (1946)Spirit of St. Louis Entertainment CenterEchophone S-5 Cathedral (1932)Stewart-Warner R304-3 (1939)Victor Radio Corporation Operetta V Tombstone (1934)Airline 84KR-1520A (1948)MirrorTone 830 (1947)Philco 46-420 (1946)
Silvertone 4025 Clock Radio (early 1950s)Philco 42PT94 (1942)Airline 54BR-1504 (1946)RCA 8X541 (1949)Airline WG-1804 (1949)Stromberg-Carlson 320-H (1938)FADA 790 Series B (1948)Philco 42-PT91 (1942) Philco 38-14 (1938)General Electric 422
Air King 335 "Atlas" Tombstone (1935)Stewart-Warner 1262A "Stuart" Tombstone (1933)Zenith 5-S-127 Tombstone (1936)Emerson 414 (1941)Zenith 701 Mantel Radio (1933)Edison Home Phonograph with Morning Glory Horn (1906)Locomotive Radio (1960)Stewart-Warner 13-5U ( 1939 )Sentinel 249W (1941)Delco R-1235 (1946)
Philco B572 (1954)Motorola 51X12 (1939)General Electric C415 Clock Radio (1958)Jackson-Bell 82 "Tulip" Cathedral (1932)Bendix 753M Clock/Radio (1953)Emerson 1003 (1947)Silvertone 202BPhilco 48-200 TransitoneFederal 1040TB (1947)Arrow Mini Cathedral Transistor Radio
Miniature AM/FM Receiver SystemThomas Home Phonograph (Replica)Philco 48-460 (1948)Philco 77 Lowboy (1930)Emerson 25A (1933)Philco 90 Cathedral (1931)R.L. Labs "Radio Keg" (1949)RCA 121 Cathedral (1933)Sparton 132 (1950)Zenith H-615 (1952)
Tele-Tone 135 "Dynamite" (1947)Zenith 6-S-528 (1941)Emerson 179 (1937)Emerson Ingraham 804B (1949)Old Parr Scotch Whisky Bottle RadioZenith Royal 400 (1961)RCA Solid State Transistor RadioRCA Victor 36X (1941)Howard 375 (1938)Herald B Horn Speaker (1924)
Sparton Jr. 410 Tombstone (1930)RCA 75-X-11 (1948)Air Castle 5011 (1947)Atwater Kent 226 Tombstone (1936)Atwater Kent 184 Tombstone (1936)Grundig 88 (1955)Grebe MU-1 Synchrophase w/o Chains (1925)Victor-Lumiere Loud Speaker No. 1 (1925)Emerson 217 (1938)Arrow 30A Tombstone
Zenith 5-R-216 (1938)Universal Radio 1403 Tombstone (1935)Crosley 61AF Tombstone (1934)Zenith Trans-Oceanic 3000-1 (1965)Stromberg-Carlson 130-R (1936)Stromberg-Carlson 323H (1937)Tower Cast Iron SpeakerZenith 8-S-451 ChairsideFairbanks-Morse 58 (1937)Sparton 325C Clock Radio (1954)
Sponge Bob Squarepants Treasure Chest Clock RadioZenith Y-600 Leather Trans-Oceanic (1957)Zenith Royal 85 Complete Set (1966)Electrohome 51-418 "Music Box"Stewart-Warner Console Radio (Early 1930s)Atwater Kent 82 Cathedral (1931)Aetna Radio 451 (1936)Coronado 45RA33-43-8148A (1949)Trav-ler "Power-Mite" Super SixZenith Circle of Sound Electric Clock Radio
Atwater Kent Radio 708 Cathedral (1933)Admiral 5A33 Clock Radio (1952)Grunow 700 Tombstone (1934)Zenith 5-R-216 (1938)Air Castle 5001 (1937)Herald Cone SpeakerPhilco 20 Deluxe Cathedral (1930)Apex Cathedral (1931)Voice of Music 216 Record PlayerAtwater Kent 80 Cathedral (1932)
Stewart-Warner 1301 Tombstone (1935)Packard-Bell 5R1 (1956)Americana TransistorPhilco 90B Cathedral (1932)Zenith 5-S-127 Tombstone (1937)Guild "Teakettle" Novelty RadioCub RadioAutomatic 612XIsophon Extension SpeakersDictogrand Horn Speaker
Silvertone 6356 (1940)Pacific Radio 37-6322 (1937)Silvertone 6262 (1939)Olympic 7-421 (1949)Master Crafters "Radio Cruiser" (1941)Blaupunkt Florenz (1960/61)RCA 6X6A (1955)Air King Radio 721 (1938)Coronado 7J Tombstone (1937)Stewart-Warner R-3042-A
Philco 60B Cathedral (1936)Tonfunk Westar W226 (1961)Philco 90A Cathedral (1931)Stromberg-Carlson 1101-H (1946)Emerson Ingraham BJ-214 (1938)Stromberg-Carlson C-1 Clock Radio (1951)General Electric E-61 Tombstone (1936)Zenith 6-S-229 Tombstone (1938)RCA (Westinghouse) FH Horn SpeakerWestern Electric 10-D Horn Speaker (1921)
Atwater Kent M Horn SpeakerZenith Royal 21 (1967)Grunow 580 Tombstone (1935)Bulova 620 "Comet" (1957)Bulova 620 "Comet" Set (1957)General Electric F51 (1937)Emerson 321 (1933-34)Airline 62-177 Tombstone (1936)Philco TH-4 Transitone (1939)Philco TH-1 Transitone (1939)
Jewel Clock RadioZenith Royal 500D (1958)General Electric G61 (1938)Zenith Y825 (1956)Airline 93BR-715B Tombstone (1939)Empress 55"Chalet" (1946)Zenith Royal 700 (1957)Zenith Royal 500 (1956)Zenith Royal 500B "Owl" (1957)Zenith Royal 300 (1957)
Zenith Royal 50 (1961)SAAL Horn SpeakerArvin Radio 417 "Rhythm Baby" Tombstone (1936)Panasonic 7367-9 (1964)Sentinel 309W (1947)Airline 04BR-729A (1941)Emerson 642A (1950)Coca-Cola Cooler AM/FM Radio/Cassette PlayerWood SpeakerPhilco PT43 (1940)
Westinghouse H-355T5 (1951)Tower Meistersinger Horn SpeakerKnight A10865Astoria 583Airline 04BR-513A (1946)Emerson 547ARCA 75X11 (1948)Emerson 511 "Moderne" (1946)Admiral 5X12 (1949)Zenith B615F (1959)
International Kadette 120 (1936)General Electric A-63 Tombstone (1937)Silvertone 4564 Tombstone (1936)Motorola 6X-11U (1950)Telefunken Gavotte 6 (1956)Atwater Kent 627 Cathedral (1932)Silvertone 1908 Tombstone (1936)Majestic "Melody Cruiser" (1941)Elvis Presley RadioTrav-Ler 5061 (1949)
Pabst Blue Ribbon RadioEmerson 503 (1946)Federal 1042 (1944)Telefunken Gavotte 7  (1957)Guild 556 "Country Belle" (1956)Crosley 11-103U (1951)Zenith A-600L Trans-Oceanic  (1958)Telefunken Jubilate 5261WFADA 790 Series BGrundig 3265
SABA Villingen 12Stromberg-Carlson 635ABendix 526BPaco SA-40 AmplifierHarman-Kardon TA5000X ReceiverZenith 7-S-240 ChairsideZenith 5-D-610Zenith H-715Telefunken Caprice 5051WMagnavox M-1 Horn Speaker
Zenith 807 Tombstone (1938)Zenith H845 (1960)Stromberg-Carlson 125-H (1936)Philco 370 Console (1937)RCA 118 Tombstone (1934)Arvin 68 (1939)Stewart-Warner 1163 (1934)Deforest-Crosley DD-531 "Meteor" Tombstone (1937)Emerson 511Crosley 181 Tombstone (1934)
Addison 5 (1942)Fairbanks-Morse 6AT4 (1938)Detrola 100 (1937)Zenith 6-S-128 Tombstone (1937)Knight Radio A9871 (1937)Majestic 195 Cathedral (1933)Atwater Kent 206 Tombstone (1934)Pathe Universal (1935)Emerson 53 Cathedral (1932)General Electric M-61 Tombstone (1935)
Sparton BluebirdZenith 5-S-228 Tombstone (1938)Zenith 5-R-216 (1938)Philco PT-44 (1941)Silvertone 833 (1935)Zenith 5-S-327 Tombstone (1939)Rogers-Majestic 4511 (1933)Northern Electric M-500 Tombstone (1936)Northern Electric 414A (1934)Silvertone 1953 (1936)
Atwater Kent 145 Tombstone (1934)Blaupunkt Sultan 2420 Export (1957)Coronado Radio 740 (1936)Westinghouse H-547T5 Clock RadioZenith 6-S-222 CubePhilco PT2 (1939)Sentinel 284-I (1946)National HRO-M (1938- 1943)Emerson 267 (1938/39)Atwater Kent E3 Speaker (1927)
Zenith G-510Y (1950) Crosley 63TA (1946)Cadillac (1963) Car RadioZenith Royal 500E (1959)Zenith Royal 59-1 Boxed Set (1965)Zenith Royal 300 with Case (1957)Crosley 9-120W (1948)Atwater Kent 33Philmore "Selective" Crystal Set (1931)Grebe CR-9 (1921)
Sylvania 543RE Clock RadioFairbanks-Morse "Skyscraper" Tombstone (1935)Philco 70 Cathedral (1931)Trav-ler D Cathedral (1931)Guild 638B "Buccaneer Chest" (1965)Sonora RZU-222 (1946)Atwater Kent E2 Speaker (1926)RCA 45X18 (1940)Loewe Opta Bella Modern (1961)Silvertone 6050 (1939)
Belmont Radio 550 "Sky Rover" (1934)Japan Radio Corp. NRD-525 & NVA-88 (1988)Philco 40-120 (1940)Detrola 320 (1940)Sentinel X Portable (1938)Zenith 6-D-512 (1942)Motorola 56L1, 56L2, 56L4 (three radios)Philco 70 "Baby Grand" Cathedral (1931)Atwater Kent 82 Cathedral (1931)Atwater Kent 10C Breadboard (1924)
Curtis Cathedral (1933)Atwater Kent 627 Cathedral (1932)Ware Electric B-1 "The Bantam" (1931)Stewart-Warner 102A "Apartment" Cathedral (1933)RCA R-8 "Superette" (1933)Atwater Kent 217 Cathedral (1933)Jesse French & Son Model Jr. (1930)Climax "Conquistador" (1935)Majestic 60 (1937)RCA Victor 75X17 "Oriental"
Graetz Polka 1213RCA 103 Tapestry Speaker Rogers-Majestic 2621 (1936)Heinz Bottle Radio (1980)Jewel PortableLadybug RadioTony the Tiger RadioTexaco & Motorcraft RadiosPanasonic Portable (1971)Stewart-Warner 1691 Cube (1937)
RCA 128 Tombstone (1934)Magnavox R3 Horn SpeakerArvin 851T (1954)Philco 41-290 ConsoleInterocean Radio "Sky Rover" P-71E Cathedral (1933)General Electric 518 Clock Radio (1951)Westinghouse H-338T5U (1951)Delco R-1238 (1948)Rola Re-Creator Cone SpeakerContinental 1600NL Clock Radio (1948)
FADA Bullet ReplicaFADA 855 (1949)General Electric 114W (1946)Panasonic RF-B300 (1984)Radiola 100A SpeakerPackard-Bell RadioHallicrafters S-38 Receiver (1946)Zenith 5G40 Trans-OceanicRCA 85T1Packard-Bell 5D-DL
Zenith 6-D-612Zenith 8-S-129 Tombstone (1937)Marconi 66 Tombstone (1936)Republic RP-10 TransistorAdmiral 4L21 (1958)Coca-Cola Crate Style Clock RadioPhilco 40-140Delco R1230A (1946)Zenith 6-D-221 Cube (1938)Aviola 511 (1946)
Telefunken Jubilate Deluxe 5461W (1963)Emerson 504 (1946)RCA Victor 9TX33Emerson 581A (1948)RCA 55XEmerson 707B (1952)Tele-Tone 195 (1949)Philco 41-226 (1941)General Electric L-660 (1941)Crosley 148 "Library Deluxe" Cathedral (1932)
Coronado 43-8212 (1946)Aria 175 (Detrola made) (1938)Crosley 527 Tombstone (1937)Heinz Bottle RadioTele-Tone 109 (1946)Emerson 31L-85 Clock RadioZenith 10-S-669 Console (1942)RCA Victor 65-X-2Radiola 100 Drum Speaker (1925)Radiola UZ-1325 Horn Speaker (1923)
Atwater Kent H Speaker (1924)Motorola A10-N25 (1961)Eddie Rabbitt RadioZenith 5S-29 Tombstone (1937)Philco Radio 16 Tombstone (1935)Zenith 5-S-218 Cube (1938)Philco Transitone 42-PT93Zenith 6-D-526Philco PT-44 TransitoneAtwater Kent  545 Tombstone (1934)
Packard-Bell 5DARCA 8X-541 (1949)KLH 21 (1965-70)Atwater Kent E Speaker (1926)Emerson 140 "The Cyclops" Tombstone (1937)Sparton 4-8 Tombstone (1937)Zenith 6-S-229 Tombstone (1938)Trav-Ler 5170 Clock Radio (1949)Atwater Kent E3 Speaker (1928)RCA Radiola 100 Speaker (1925)
RCA Radiola 100A Speaker (1926)Crosley 52HHalson 50S Mini-Tombstone (1936)Zenith Trans-Oceanic A600LNorthern Electric 5700 Baby Champ (1953)RCA 4QB (1940)Atwater Kent 84BNordMende Tannhauser Full Stereo (1964-65)Zenith 6-D-526 (1938)Philco 50A Cathedral (1935)
Packard-Bell 5AC (1939)Truetone D-723 (1937)Parmak 734 "Masterpiece" Tombstone(1937)RCA 6T2 Tombstone (1937)Zenith Trans-Oceanic Royal 7000 (1969) Emerson 610 (1949)Philco 42KR3Airline 74BR-1507General Electric GD-51Olympic 7-421
Packard-Bell 5DACoronado 761AViscount 1660 Portable (1960s)Imperial 6-107 Tombstone (1937)Clinton 194 (1937)Philco 70 CathedralSonora RQU-222 (1946)Jackson-Bell 62 CathedralLafayette Radio B-21 (1936)Crosley 181 (1934)
Atwater Kent 456 Tombstone (1934)Philco 66 Tombstone (1934)Philco 38-12CBI (1938)Silvertone 6372 (1939)Zenith FM Table Radio (1950)Zenith 5-R-135 Tombstone (1937)RCA 65X1 (1948)Majestic 5LA50 (1951)KLH 21-2 (1971)Silvertone 8217
Admiral 4L26ARola-Cone SpeakerGrebe 63Motorola 52-RLunavox Microphone RadioLeningrad GramophoneWilcox-Gay A-15 Tombstone (1936)DeForest Crosley 504 (1934)Majestic 15 Tombstone (1934)R. L. Drake SW-4A & MS-4 (1969)
Grundig-Majestic 4019-USparton Junior 410 Tombstone (1930)Airline 94BR-1525A (1949)FADA 790 (1949)Crosley 56PB AC/Portable (1946)Silvertone 2016 (1954)General Electric 402 (1950)Arvin 850T (1955)Westinghouse H398-T5 Clock Radio (1954)Crosley 516 Tombstone (1936)
Philco 37-600 (1937)Zenith 5-R-312 (1938)Zenith 715 Tombstone (1935)Belmont 6D111 (1946)Halton 92-1 (1945)Zenith 705 (1934)Philco B-578 (1954)Zenith Trans-Oceanic 3000 (1964)General Electric 415 (1953)Emerson 587A (1949)
Philco 41-841 (1941)Zenith 6-D-525 Philco 635B Tombstone (1936)Zenith 6-D-525 (1942)KLH 21 (1965-70)Howard 232 (1936)Climax 256 "Monarch" (1937)Zenith 5G01 (1949)Zenith R615Y (1954)Cavalcade RS1A (1947)
Crosley CR48 1940s Style Turntable/CabinetCBS-Columbia 517A (1953)Zenith 7-J-232 "Walton" Tombstone (1938)Zenith 6-D-516Realistic 12-759A "Patrolman 9" Multiband Portable (1980)Western Royal (Belmont 636 series B)Zenith 6-D-030Sherwood (International Kadette) (1937)SAAL Horn Speaker (1924)Atwater Kent 84 Cathedral (1931)
Zenith 288 Tombstone (1933)Pilot 103 TombstoneMotorola 55X11A (1946)Crosley 11AB (1940)Crosley 9-122W (1949)National NC-88  Receiver (1955)Zenith 6-D-525 (1941)Airline 62-306 (1938)Jewel 955 (1950)Stromberg-Carlson 1500H (1951)
RCA X511 (1951)Atwater Kent 46 (1928)Coronado 136 Tombstone (1937)Zenith 6-S-322 (1939)Air King 911 (1937)Sparton 132 (1950)Emerson 594Jackson-Bell 60 "Sunburst" Cathedral (1929)Philips B7X82A Bi-AmpliSony ICF-9740W (1978)
General Electric RadioCapehart C14 Clock RadioZenith C730E (1953)Emerson 267A (1940)Silvertone 1955 Tombstone (1936)Stewart-Warner 1361A Tombstone (1936)Mohawk A-5 (1925)Atwater Kent 82 Cathedral (1932)Philco 89 Cathedral (1932)Stewart-Warner 142 (1936)
Homebrew Schnell ReceiverPackard-Bell 46D (1939)Philco 42-PT-96 (1941)Emerson 707B (1952)Philco D595 (1954)Zenith Royal 300 (1957)Arvin R23 (1963)Detrola 140Philco 54C (1935)Firestone Radio (1939)
Packard-Bell 48 (1948)Stromberg-Carlson 1100HWImperial 625 (1934)Telefunken Concertino 53 Anniversary ModelTeletone 3 Cathedral (1931)Emerson 543 (1947)Sparton BluebirdSilvertone 4500APhilco PT-30 (1941)Philco 20 Cathedral (1930)
World Radio Corp. Type D-5 (1927)Philco 90 CathedralPhilco 20 Baby Grand DeLuxe Cathedral (1930)Emerson CH-256 "The Stradavarius" (1939)Zenith Royal 500 Model D (1958)Newcomb EDT-30MV Portable Record PlayerStewart-Warner 1802 (1938)Sparton Radio 538-2 (1938)Allied Multiband PortablePhilco PT-61 "Jewel Case"
Philco Radio (1953)Zenith R-600L Trans-Oceanic  (1955)Crosley 11-108U (1958)Zenith Trans-Oceanic Royal D7000Y (1975)Emerson 522 (1946)Panasonic RE-6137 (1970s)RCA Strato-World (1970s)RCA 114 Tombstone (1934)Zenith 715 Tombstone (1935)Colonial 700 "Mephisto" New World Globe
American Bosch 510 (1936)Westinghouse H125 (1948)Emerson 503 (1946)Silvertone 3351 (1940)RCA 55X (1942)Sonora RCU-208 (1946)Sentinel Radio (1947)Zenith H725 (1951)Zenith 7-H-820 (1948)Spirit of St. Louis Commemorative Radio (1977)
Zenith 6-D-539Grundig 2440Air Castle 629 "Lobster"Lafayette C-48Setchell-Carlson 427 (1947)Emud Rekord 60Philco 84B CathedralZenith 5-S-29 Tombstone (1937)Sonora F2 Tombstone (1936)Arkay 321 (1938)
Airline 1703Silvertone 6050Philco 90 Cathedral (1931)Zenith 5-R-312Stromberg-Carlson 1101 (1946)Westinghouse H-122-A (1946)FADA 790 Series B (1948)Arvin 444 Metal (1946)Delco R-1238 (1948)The John Radio (1958)
Emerson 615 (1936)Crosley CR82 HarcoZenith 330 Tombstone (1939)DeWald A-514 "Bantam" (1948)Zenith Royal 500 Model D (1958)Channel Master Trans-World 6248 (1970s)Farnsworth ET-064 (1946)Zenith 5-S-29 TombstoneColonial 310 (1933)Deluxe Masterpiece Tombstone (1934)
Climax Emerald (1938)Motorola 5R1Jackson-Bell 62 Cathedral (1930)Temple E-514 (1946)Halson 43B (1937)Philco Radiobar (1936)General Electric K-50P (1933)Zenith T-600 Trans-Oceanic  (1955)Victor Radio Corporation Operetta V Tombstone (1934)Westinghouse H-540T4A Clock Radio
Truetone D-723 (1939)Delco 1156 (1939)Philco 610 (1936)Belmont 525 "Skyrover" (1933)Telefunken Opus 6 (1956)Airline 734ARCA T60Silvertone 4585A (1936)Bradford 91041A Clock Radio (1958)RCA Victor 1X (1941)
Majestic 5A410 (1946)Edison Amberola 30 "Cylinder Machine" (1918)Zenith 6-S-222 "Cube" (1937)Viking RM278 (1957)General Electric 321 (1946)Brandes Console (1920s)Airline 406 (1937)Stromberg-Carlson 61H (1935)Telefunken Allegro 5183WThomas "Sparton Bluebird" Replica
Crosley "Sparton Sled" ReplicaWestinghouse H-630T4APhilco 52-538Emerson 511 (1946)Emerson 301 (1940)Bulova 300 (1957)RCA 5T Tombstone (1936)Emerson 700 (1946)Emerson 851A (1957)Zenith 6D-625 (1941)
Detrola 114 (1936)Motorola 56X11 (1947)Zenith Trans-Oceanic Royal 3000 (1964)Crosley CR47 1940s Era 3-Speed TurntableConsole ReplicaCathedral Console (1935) ReplicaPhilco 40-125 (1940)Silvertone 2016 (1953)Zenith 6-D-625 (1942)Siemens E-9 Standardsuper
Zenith 6-S-321 (1939)Emerson 561 (1949)Philco 46-420 (1946)Zenith K725Sentinel 309 (1940)Sparton Radio 255A (Canadian) (1935)Howard Radio 20 Cathedral (1931)Skyrover 615 (1934)Grunow 450 Chrome Grille (1934)Brunswick 1680 End Table Radio
Zenith 6-D-612 (1941)Zenith 9-S-367 Zephyr (1939)Emerson 587 (1949)Jewel 960URCA Radiola 61-8 (1946)Arvin 540T (1951)Zenith 5-S-127 (1936)Zenith 7-S-363Duval AC5 Cathedral (1931)RCA 95T (1938)
International Kadette 53 Tombstone (1936)Philco 551 "Colonial Clock" (1932)American Bosch 200 (1932)Philco 84B Cathedral (1935)Zenith 4-B-314 (1939)Packard-Bell 5F (1941)Sylvania 593 Clock Radio (1955)Admiral 6P32-6E1N Portable (1951)Zenith 5-D-610 (1940)Philco 52-542 (1952)
Zenith 6-S-527 (1941)Zenith 705 Mantle Radio (1933)Lafayette 438 (1940)Electone Radio (1947)Zenith 6-S-229 Tombstone (1937)Arvin 518 (1937)Radiola 61-8 (1947)Emerson 425 (1942)Coronado 43-8178 (1947)Atwater Kent 854 Tombstone (1935)
Bendix 676B Radio-Phono (1946)Zenith 8-S-359 (1939)Zenith 5-S-29 (1935)Trav-Ler 5091-A Karenol (1954)Zenith R615 (1954)RCA 4X647 Dricel (1954)Western Air Patrol 257 (1938)Philco 54C (1933)Stewart-Warner 1940 (1938)Zenith M722 (1956)
Jewel 5100Zenith R-512-RZenith 6-S-511 (1942)Crosley 11-120U "The Dashboard" (1951)Zenith 730 (1946)Elvis Radio (1960)Emerson 713 "Sunburst" (1955)Packard-Bell RadioSABA Freudenstadt 100 (1959)Maguire 571 (1948)
Loewe Opta Venus Luxus type 2791W (1957)Crosley 11-100U (1951)RCA 9TX31Mantola 92-503 (1947)Empress Chalet Radio (1946)Zenith Royal 500 (1956)Philco 41-225 (1941)Philco TH-14 Transitone (1939)National Panasonic R-7 "Hideaway"Colin Kennedy 20
Zenith 5-S-228 Tombstone (1937)Western Air Patrol 36AW Tombstone (1935)Motorola C4P-55 Clock RadioEmerson CQ 273 (1939)Trav-Ler 5022 PortableWestern Auto 268 (1939)FADA 170 Console (1936)Truetone D-914 (1939)Setchell-Carlson 485R (1948)Airline 326W Cathedral (1934)
Zenith 6-S-229 Tombstone (1937)Radiola RS (1922)Stewart-Warner 1811 (1938)Philco 42-PT-93 (1941)Emerson 425 (1942)Automatic 614X-616X (1946)Philco 38-7 ConsoleWestinghouse H-125 (1945)Philco 53-701 Clock RadioRCA Victor 40X55
Zenith 5-S-126 Cube (1937)Channel Master 6512 (1960)Sony 2R-27Sears 10 Transistor RadioZenith Royal 500H (1961)Belmont 6D111 (1946)Wilcox-Gay A-15 Tombstone (1936)Admiral 5X11 (1947)Dow Westernaire CathedralAmerican Bosch 430T Tombstone (1936)
Zenith 6-S-332 (1939)Belmont 519 (1939)Philco 49-506 (1949)RCA 56X3 (1946)Bendix 75P6U (1949)Emerson 544 Type 1 (1947)Silvertone 5 (1952)Packard-Bell 572 "Northwest" (1947)General Electric 202 (1947)Emerson BF266
Brewster S 9-1085 or S 9-1084Stewart-Warner R3043 Tombstone (1936)General Electric H-530 Tombstone (1939)Packard-Bell 5A Kompak (1938)General Motors 250 "Little General" Cathedral (1932)Zenith G-511 (1950)Garod 5A2Y (1946)Unknown Crystal Set (1922)Airline 337 Movie Dial (1937)American Bosch 440T Tombstone (1935)
Westinghouse H-188 Oriental (1948)Mystery TRF RadioHallicrafters S-108 ReceiverEmerson 336 (1940)Zenith 6-D-625 (1941)Philco 53-706 (1953)Lafayette B-61 Tombstone (1935)Zenith Royal 500E (1959)Zenith Royal 500 (1957)Standard Micronic Ruby SR-H438 (1965)
Sony 2R-31Atwater Kent 165 Cathedral (1933)Stewart-Warner 1272 "Prado" Tombstone (1933)Westinghouse Columnette Tombstone (1932)Melody Cruiser Ship Radio (1946)Motorola 68X11 (1949)Emerson 556 Cathedral (1933)Emerson Ingraham 262 (1939)Capehart TC62 Clock Radio (1953)Sony TFM-9740W (1978)
Sony TFM-9450W (1977)General Electric 7-2971A "Monitor 10" (1980)General Television Grand PianoPhilco 16B Tombstone (1933-34)H.F. Scott Short Wave Adapter (1929)Meck Mirror-Tone (1947)Tele-Tone RadioPhilco 46-420 (1946)Zenith 5-S-218 Cube (1938)Atwater Kent 145 Tombstone (1934)
Philco 70 Cathedral (1932)Wurlitzer Lyric SA-5 TombstoneTruetone D-2615 "the Stratoscope" (1946)Packard-Bell 5R1 (1956)Silvertone 1Crosley Corsair CR-612Westinghouse WR-14 Cathedral (1935)Ross Electronics Corp. RE-8000 (1970s)R.L. Drake SSR-1 (1975)National Pfanstiel Radio Keg (1938)
RCA 6X-D (1946)Airline GEN-1703A (1962)Radio International "Skylark" Mantle Radio (1933)Airline 64WG-1801 (1946)Atwater Kent 165 Cathedral (1933)Motorola 68X (1949)Philco 51 Cathedral (1933)Philco PT-49 (1941)Silvertone 1826A Tombstone (1936)Truetone D-2624 (1946)
Atwater Kent 10 BreadboardZenith 5-S-127Radiola 61-3 (1947)Atwater Kent 165 Cathedral (1933)Midwest S8Guild "Country Belle" (1956)Firestone Air Chief S-7398Zenith 7-J-323 ConvertPhilco 48-214 (1948)RCA 9-X-641 (1950)
Arvin 451TVEmerson 507Zenith G500 Trans-Oceanic (1950)Philco 89 Cathedral (1932)Philco 91B Grand Cathedral (1932)RCA 110 Cathedral (1932)Crosley 56TV-O (1947)General Electric 410 (1951)Temple E-514 (1946)Zenith 6-S-229 Tombstone (1937)
Blaupunkt Super Granada US (1956-57)Blaupunkt GranadaGrundig-Majestic 3086General Electric L-652Philco 89B Cathedral (1933)Acme RadioSonora 358 Book Radio (1936)Crosley 5V2 Tombstone (1934)Westinghouse H-6673T (1952)Crosley CR-5 Emerson Patriot / Aristocrat Replica
Philco 37-38 (1937)Bendix 65P4U (1949)Airline 04BR-514B (1940)Detrola 304Thomas "Museum Series" Cathedral ReplicaThomas "Museum Series" Tabletop Replica
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