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I like to collect radios and I have been learning to repair them since 2012.  Antique radios have always intrigued me and once I restored my first radio, I got the bug.  I tend to gravitate toward unique radios and novelty/advertising type radios.  Although I have not been in the business of radio restoration as some have for 20-30 years (you have to start somewhere), I have learned a lot and belong to a local radio society.  I have plenty of access to help for those difficult problems that show up from time to time.  The radios I have for sale are not specifically for sale as a business to make large profits.  I am enjoying learning the restoration process and I have accumulated more radios than I can keep.  I also have several duplicates.  Ultimately, I have to sell some to buy more.  I read a post in a radio forum not to long ago that said something like "radios are like raccoons, if one gets in …you will have a whole house full."  My favorite quote (not sure who to credit it to) that I have seen was "If it glows in the dark and heats up the house, then it is my kind of radio."  I hope you enjoy your purchase.
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Terms of Sale

General.  Generally, repairs include replacing all the capacitors, out of tolerance resistors, new power cords, replacing wiring, cleaning, lubing, and may include cabinet restoration.  Feel free to contact me with any questions about a restoration or for additional photos.  I usually have photos of the radio cabinet before and after and the chassis.  A lot of hours go into the restoration process.

Warranty.  Radios listed as working will be guaranteed for 30 days from the date of receipt.  If the radio fails during that time, please contact me and we will work together to resolve the issue (a tube can come loose during shipment).  New parts related to the restoration will be covered such as capacitors, resistors, and cords, etc.  Radios are old and items like transformers can go out.  Those type items (used parts) are generally not covered under warranty.  If a customer is not satisfied with a working radio, I may choose to offer a refund with a re-stocking/shipping fee on a case by case basis if I am notified within seven days.  Ultimately, I want you to be happy with your purchase.

Purchasing.  I will consider a radio sold upon receipt of the first email with an offer to buy.  If full payment is not received within a reasonable time frame, the radio will be listed for sale again.  I prefer payment through PayPal and will accept personal checks (must clear prior to shipping), money orders or bank cashier checks.

Playing Your Radio.  Antique radios are old and require more careful handling than radios of today.  I do play each radio listed for sale for a time to make sure they are not going to immediately fail.  The tubes do take time to power up.  They run on high voltages that may present a shock hazard if handled carelessly.  I do not recommend working on the radio yourself if you don't have any experience with tube radios.  For best reception, you will need a long wire attached to the antenna.  Some of the newer tube radios (40s-50s) have a loop antenna that will pick up stations without the long wire.  Older radios (30s+) may need one to even pick up a station.  Devices such as dimmer switches, computer monitors, fluorescent lights and microwave ovens can cause static in the line.  Some radios play better than others.  I once heard someone ask how a nicely restored radio sounded.  The response was "it sounds like an old radio."

I don't recommend leaving your radio on for long periods of time (such as all day) or unattended, especially certain novelty type radios of the bottle or baseball type that have little ventilation.  The heat can eventually damage the labels.  Generally, you should not experience any issues playing a few hours at a time.  When you're finished playing your radio, be sure to unplug it.  Lastly, I would recommend playing your radio at least once or twice a year, even if it is only used for display, to keep the electrolytic capacitors from drying out.

Shipping.  Shipping charges are not included in the price of the radio.  Please email with the delivery location for costs.  The radio will be insured for the sale price.  As FYI, I don't use USPS.  If your radio is damaged during shipping and you want a refund, you will need to take the radio and all of the original packaging to your FedEx or UPS location for inspection.  Do not try to repair any damage until the shipper inspects the item and packaging.  This is the FedEx and UPS policy.

P.S.: I also collect unique radios.  If you have one that you think I might be interested in, feel free to contact me.  Some rarer radios of interest as example are: GE M-63, GE M-41, Ebony Detrola 139 or Sparton 517, Majestic 59, Majestic 463, Majestic 161, RCA 114, GE L53, General Tire Radio, Wings Cigarettes, Dr Pepper, Trophy Bowling Ball.

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