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General Electric H600 (1939)

General Electric H600 (1939)

This early Bakelite radio from General Electric was one of the first of a wave of Bakelite table sets that would become the most popular style of radio for the next decade and a half. The rounded shape, ribbed sides, and complex louvered speaker grille demonstrated the versatility of molded plastic. The ivory knobs add a nice accent to the appearance. Unlike most later Bakelite sets, this one has an elaborately molded Bakelite rear cover as well. The six-tube chassis also set a trend with its built-in loop antenna. The sixth tube in this set is not an RF amplifier stage, but rather an extra audio amplifier stage incorporating feedback for reduced distortion, higher fidelity, and very low hum (this radio was designed for both 25 and 60 cycle AC). Sensitivity and sound quality are excellent. Chassis restoration included replacement of all electrolytic and paper capacitors, new resistors where needed, a strong set of tubes, and rewiring of the switch and grounding circuitry for improved safety with the new polarized power cord. Lighted dial. New reproduction dial (I'll give you the original as well). 10-1/4"W x 7-1/4"H x 7-1/2"D.  $175.00. (1310079)


Zenith 6-D-315 "Bullet" (1938)

Zenith 6-D-315 "Bullet" (1938)

The "Bullet" is viewed as one of Zenith's most attractive Bakelite table radios. In 1938, this curvy sculpted design was a stylish statement of what could be done with molded plastic materials. This one is in beautiful condition, with an original Bakelite shine that has not been augmented with polishing or clearcoating. Its only defect is a crack in one of the curved grille louvers (see left side picture). This radio was technically innovative in its day; the thick back cover encloses a shielded loop antenna that Zenith marketed as the "Wave Magnet." Shielded loops, although common on consoles, were rare on table radios, and are the best type of antenna for noisy environments. The chassis has had a full electrical restoration with strong tubes, all paper and electrolytic capacitors replaced, new resistors where needed, and a full alignment. It also has a badly needed safety upgrade with its hot chassis (and exposed bolts on the bottom!) now converted to the much safer floating ground system used by most other AC/DC radios. A new polarized power cord and changes to the power switch wiring further enhance safety. Lighted dial. 11"W x 6"H x 9"D.  $295.00. (1310081)


Zenith 712 "Challenger Line" (1933)

Zenith 712 "Challenger Line" (1933)

Here's an opportunity to own one of these much-sought-after early Zeniths at an affordable price. The ornate cabinet features elaborate scrollwork, raised flourishes, and patterned inlays. This cabinet was refinished by a previous owner and has a nice satin finish which was applied in many coats. It lacks the original burl pattern on the front crest, and the original brass "Zenith" nameplate has been replaced with a decal. Knobs and grille cloth appear to be replacements. The six-tube chassis is a superheterodyne design with AVC, a shadow meter (the left window on the front) and diode detector for low distortion, so it had all the newest technology for 1933. My electrical restoration included all new capacitors, new resistors where needed, a strong set of tubes, and a full RF and IF alignment. The original power cord is in good enough shape to continue using (a rare find!), but if you prefer a new one, I will install at no extra cost. Sensitivity and sound quality are excellent. Lighted dial and shadow meter. 14-1/2"W x 14-1/2"H x 8-1/2"D.  $375.00. (1310066)
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  • An audio input jack can be provided on any of the radios I sell at no extra charge if you request it, and a Bluetooth adaptor can be installed for $25.

  • All radios and televisions are electrically restored by me. I have many years experience and have restored hundreds of vintage radios, TVs, phonographs, and stereos. If your radio or TV arrives dead or fails within the first 60 days of normal use (and no internal modifications made by the buyer), I will repair for free. Shipping costs for U.S. and Canadian customers for repairs in the first 60 days are split (you pay for shipping to me, I pay for return shipping to you). After 60 days, normal repair and shipping fees (both ways) will apply, although my charges are very reasonable. For customers outside the U.S. and Canada, the customer must pay shipping both ways for repairs, even for those within the first 60 days.

  • If you are unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason, please contact me and I will do my very best to make things right.

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